The Power of Poetry for School Leadership: Leading with Attention and Insight

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Scarecrow Press, 2003 - Всего страниц: 127
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In times of uncertainty, people are primarily concerned with meaning and tend to intensify the quest for meaning in life and in work. An important area of need in schools is for hands-on tools that can help leaders to create meaning for themselves and those they lead. This book is an attempt to highlight issues of human need in work, particularly in schools, and to suggest some ways in which they can be attended to. Combining the craft and artistry of poetry with the needs of people in organizations, Richardson delineates ways in which school leaders can use aspects of the poet's craft to: - enhance their ability to read and interpret their environment - develop insights - sharpen their communications - help meet some of the needs within their schools Intended for leaders who want to continually explore new ways of dealing with the challenges inherent in leadership today and those who want to serve their organizations by increasing their ability to be attentive to the needs of their followers, insightful in interpreting the environment, and effective in their communication.

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Challenges of School Leadership
The Value of Poetry
The Relevance of Poetry in School Leadership
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Lystra M. Richardson is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at Southern Connecticut State University.

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