Lectures on Art, and Poems

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Baker and Scribner, 1850 - Всего страниц: 380

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Стр. 115 - And mine shall Hast thou, which art but air, a touch, a feeling Of their afflictions, and shall not myself, One of their kind, that relish all as sharply, Passion as they, be kindlier...
Стр. 98 - As wicked dew as e'er my mother brushed With raven's feather from unwholesome fen Drop on you both!
Стр. 174 - It is a hard matter for a man to lie all over Nature having provided king's evidence in almost every member. The hand will sometimes act as a vane, to show which way the wind blows, when every feature is set the other way ; the knees smite together and sound the alarm of fear under a fierce countenance ; the legs shake with anger, when all above is calm.* 18.
Стр. 205 - Or heard from branch of flowering thorn The song of friendly cuckoo warn The tardy-moving swain ; Hast bid the purple swallow hail, And seen him now through ether sail, Now sweeping downward o'er the vale, And skimming now the plain ; " Then, catching with a sudden glance The bright and silver-clear expanse Of some broad river's stream, Beheld the boats adown it glide, And motion wind again the tide, Where...
Стр. 256 - Like a sailor she seem'd on a desolate shore, With nor house, nor a tree, nor a sound but the roar Of breakers high dashing around. From object to object still, still would she veer, Though nothing, alas, could she find...
Стр. 213 - If e'er with fearful ear at eve Hast heard the wailing tempests grieve Through chink of shattered wall, The while it conjured o'er thy brain Of wandering ghosts a mournful train, That low in fitful sobs complain Of Death's untimely call ; " Or feeling, as the storm increased, The love of terror nerve thy breast, Didst venture to the coast, To see the mighty war-ship leap From wave to wave upon the deep, Like chamois goat from steep to steep, Till low...
Стр. 292 - While the manners, while the arts, That mould a nation's soul, Still cling around our hearts, — Between let Ocean roll, Our joint communion breaking with the Sun : Yet still from either beach The voice of blood shall reach, More audible than speech, "We are One.
Стр. 169 - Fame does not depend on the will of any man, but Reputation may be given or taken away. Fame is the sympathy of kindred intellects, and sympathy is not a subject of willing, while Reputation, having its source in the popular voice, is a sentence which may either be uttered or suppressed at pleasure. Reputation, being essentially contemporaneous, is always at the mercy of the envious and the ignorant; but Fame, whose very birth...
Стр. 330 - O, what charm or magic numbers Can give me back the gentle slumbers Those weary, happy days did leave ? When by my bed I saw my mother kneel, And with her blessing took her nightly kiss ; Whatever time destroys, he cannot this ; — E'en now that nameless kiss I feel.
Стр. 206 - Twas I to these the magick gave, That made thy heart, a willing slave, To gentle Nature bend; And taught thee how with tree and flower, And whispering gale, and dropping shower, In converse sweet to pass the hour, As with an early friend...

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