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33. My son, defraud not the poor of his living, and make not the needy eyes to wait long.

34. Make not an hungry soul sorrowful, neither provoke a man in his distress.

35. Add not more trouble to a heart that is vexed; and defer not to give to him that is in need.

36. Reject not the supplication of the afflicted; neither turn away thy face from a poor man.

37. Strive for the truth unto death, and the Lord shall fight for thee.

38. Be not hasty in thy tongue, and thy deeds slack and remiss.

39. Be not as a lion in thine house, nor frantic among thy servants.

40. Let not thyhand be stretched out to receive; and shut when thou shouldest give.

41. Set not thy heart upon thy goods, and say not, “ I have enough for my life.”

42. Follow not thine own mind and thy strength, to walk in the ways of thy heart.

43. And say not, shall controul me for my works?" for the Lord will surely revenge thy pride.

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44. Say not, “ I have sinned, and what harm hath happened unto me?" for the Lord is longsuffering, he will in no wise let

thee go.

45. Be stedfast in thy understanding, and let thy word be the same.

46. Sweet language will multiply friends; and a fair-speaking tongue will increase kind greetings.

47. Be in peace with many; nevertheless have but one counseller of a thousand.

48. A faithful friend is a strong defence, and he that hath found such an one, hath found a trea


49. Nothing doth countervail a faithful friend, and his excellency is invaluable.

50. A faithful friend is the medicine of life, and they that fear the Lord shall find him.

51. Whoso feareth the Lord shall direct his friendship aright; for as he is, so shall his neighbour be also.

52. My son, gather instruction from thy youth up; so shalt thou find wisdom in thine old age.

53. Come unto her as one that ploweth and soweth, and wait for her good fruits; for thou shalt not toil much in labouring

about her, but thou shalt eat of her fruits right soon.

54. She is very unpleasant to the unlearned; he that is without understanding will not remain with her.

55. Give ear, my son, receive my advice, and refuse not my counsel.

56. And put thy feet into her fetters, and thy neck into her chain.

57. Bow down thy shoulder, and bear her, and be not grieved with her bonds.

58. Come unto her with thy whole heart, and keep her ways with all thy power.

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