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when the Lord looketh upon them.

168. No heart can think upon these things worthily; and who is able to conceive his ways!

169. My son, hearken unto me and learn knowledge, and mark

my words with thy heart. 170. I will shew forth doctrine in weight, and declare his knowledge exactly.

171. The works of the Lord are done in judgment from the beginning; and from the time he made them he disposed the

parts thereof.

172. He garnished his works for ever, and in his hand are the chief of them unto all generations; they neither labour, nor are weary, nor cease from their works.

173. None of them hindereth another, and they shall never disobey his word.

174. After this the Lord looked

upon the earth, and filled it with his blessings.

175. With all manner of living things hath he covered the face thereof; and they shall return into it again.

176. The Lord created man of the earth, and turned him into it again.

177. He gave them few days, and a short time; and power also over the things therein.

178. He endowed them with strength by themselves, and made them according to his image.

179. And put the fear of man upon all flesh, and gave him dominion over beasts and fowls.

180. Withal he filled them with the knowledge of understanding, and shewed them good and evil.

181. He set his eye upon their hearts, that he might shew them the greatness of his works.

182. He gave them to glory

in his marvellous acts for ever, that they might declare his works with understanding.

183. And the elect shall praise his holy name.

184. Besides this, he gave them knowledge, and the law of life for an heritage.

185. He made an everlasting covenant with them, and shewed them his judgments.

186. Their eyes saw the majesty of his glory, and their ears heard his glorious voice.

187. And he said unto them, “ Beware of all unrighteousness ;” and he gave every man

commandment concerning his neighbour

188. Their ways are ever before him, and shall not be hid

from his eyes.

189. Therefore all their works arė as the sun before him, and his eyes are continually upon

their ways.

190. None of their unrighteous deeds are hid from him, but all their sins are before the Lord.

191. The alms of a man is as a signet with him, and he will keep the good deeds of man as the apple of the eye, and give


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