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derstanding shall she feed him, and give him the water of Wisdom to drink.

145. He shall be stayed upon her, and shall not be moved ; and shall rely upon her, and shall not be confounded. b. 146. She shall exalt him above his neighbours, and in the midst of the congregation shall she open his mouth.

147. He shall find joy, and a crown of gladness; and she shall cause him to inherit an everlasting name.

148. But foolish men shall not attain unto her, and sinners shall not see her.

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149. For she is far from pride, and men that are liars cannot remember her.

150. Praise is not seemly in the mouth of a sinner, for it was not sent him of the Lord.

151. For praise shall be uttered in wisdom, and the Lord will prosper it.

152. Say not thou, “ It is through the Lord that I fell away;" for thou oughtest not to do the things that he hateth.

153. Say not thou, “ He hath caused me to err;" for he hath no need of the sinful man.

154. The Lord hateth all abo

mination; and they that fear. God, love it not.

155. He himself made man from the beginning, and left him in the hand of his counsel :

156. If thou wilt, to keep the commandments, and to perform acceptable faithfulness.

157. He hath set fire and water before thee; stretch forth thy hand unto whether thou wilt.

158. And his eyes are upon them that fear him, and he kņoweth every work of man.

159. He hath commanded no man to do wickedly, neither hath he given any man licence to sin.

160. It is better to die without children, than to have them that are ungodly; and one that is just is better than a thousand.

161. Say not thou, “ I will hide myself from the Lord; shall any remember me from above? I shall not be remembered among so many people : for what is my soul among such an infinite number of creatures ?"

162. Mercy and wrath are with him; he is mighty to forgive, and to pour out displea


163. As his mercy is great, so is his correction also ; he judg

for every

eth a

man according to his works.

164. The sinner shall not escape with spoils, and the patience of the godly shall not be frustrate. 165. Make

way work of mercy; for every man shall find according to his works.

166. Behold, the heaven, and the heaven of heavens, the deep and the earth, and all that therein is, shall be moved when he shall visit.

167. The mountains also, and foundations of the earth, shall be shaken with trembling

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