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126. There can no good come to him that is always occupied in evil, nor to him that giveth

no alms.

127. Let it not grieve thee to bow down thine ear to the poor, and give him a friendly answer with meekness,

128. He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled therewith ; and he that hath fellowship with a proud man, shall be like unto him.

129. The heart of a changeth his countenance, whether it be for good or evil; and a merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.


130. A cheerful countenance is a token of a contented mind.

131. Blessed is the man whose conscience hath not condemned him, and who is not fallen from his

his hope in the Lord.

132. All flesh waxeth old as a garment, for the covenant from the beginning is, Thou shalt die the death.

133. As, of the green leaves on a thick tree, some fall, and some grow; so is the generation of flesh and blood, one cometh to an end, and another is born.

134. Every work rotteth and

consumeth away, and the worker thereof shall go withal.

135. Blessed is the man that doth meditate good things in wisdom, and that reasoneth of holy things by his understanding

136. He that considereth her ways in his heart, shall also have understanding in her secrets.

137. Go after her as one that traceth, and lie in wait in her ways.

138. He that prieth in at her windows, shall also hearken at her doors.

139. He that doth lodge near her house, shall also fasten a pin in her walls.

140. He shall pitch his tent nigh unto her, and shall lodge in a lodging where good things are.

141. He shall set his children under her shelter, and shall lodge under her branches.

142. By her shall he be covered from heat, and in her glory shall he dwell.

143. He that feareth the Lord shall do good; and he that hath the knowledge of the law shall obtain her:

144. With the bread of un

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