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Frederick Brigham De Berard
Bodleian Society, 1905

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Стр. 97 - SAY, I fly for refuge unto the LORD of men, the king of men, the GOD of men, that he may deliver me from the mischief of the whisperer who slily witbdraweth,'J who whispereth evil suggestions into the breasts of men; from genii and men.
Стр. 33 - And when he saw the sun rising, he said, This is my Lord, this is the greatest; but when it set, he said, O my people...
Стр. 14 - Hans, the two elder brothers, were very ugly men, with over-hanging eyebrows and small dull eyes, which were always half shut, so that you couldn't see into them, and always fancied they saw very far into you. They lived by farming the Treasure Valley, and very good farmers they were. They killed everything that did not pay for its eating. They shot the blackbirds, because they pecked the fruit ; and killed the hedgehogs, lest they should...
Стр. 18 - You'll soon dry there, sir," said Gluck, and sat down again to turn the mutton. But the old gentleman did not dry there, but went on drip, drip, dripping among the cinders, and the fire fizzed, and sputtered, and began to look very black and uncomfortable; never was such a cloak; every fold in it ran like a gutter. "I beg pardon, sir," said Gluck at length, after watching the water spreading in long, quicksilver-like streams over the floor for a quarter of an hour; "mayn't I take your cloak?" "No,...
Стр. 33 - Why didn't you come before," continued the dwarf, "instead of sending me those rascally brothers of yours for me to have the trouble of turning into stones? Very hard stones they make too." "Oh dear me!" said Gluck. "Have you really been so cruel?" "Cruel!" said the dwarf. "They poured unholy water into my stream; do you suppose I'm going to allow that?" "Why," said Gluck, "I am sure, sir — your Majesty, I mean — they got the water out of the church font." "Very probably,
Стр. 32 - ... gentians, more blue than the sky at its deepest, and pure white transparent lilies. And crimson and purple butterflies darted hither and thither, and the sky sent down such pure light that Gluck had never felt so happy in his life. Yet, when he had climbed for another hour, his thirst became intolerable again; and, when he looked at his bottle, he saw that there were only five or six drops left in it, and he could not venture to drink. And as he was hanging the flask to his belt again, he saw...
Стр. 26 - Hans' eyes and thoughts were fixed; forgetting the distance he had to traverse, he set off at an imprudent rate of walking, which greatly exhausted him before he had scaled the first range of the green and low hills. He was, moreover, surprised, on surmounting them, to find that a large glacier, of whose existence, notwithstanding his previous knowledge of the mountains, he had been absolutely ignorant, lay between him and the source of the Golden River.
Стр. 20 - ... top of it. Then Schwartz was very angry, and ran at the old gentleman to turn him out;, but he also had hardly touched him when away he went after Hans and the rollingpin, and hit his head against the wall as he tumbled into the corner. And so there they lay, all three.
Стр. 26 - ... above all these, fainter than the morning cloud, but purer and changeless, slept, in the blue sky, the utmost peaks of the eternal snow. The Golden River, which sprang from one of the lower and snowless elevations, was now nearly in shadow; all but the uppermost jets of spray, which rose like slow smoke above the undulating line of the cataract, and floated away in feeble wreaths upon the morning wind. On this object, and on this alone, Hans...
Стр. 29 - The day was cloudless, but not bright; a heavy purple haze was hanging over the sky, and the hills looked lowering and gloomy. And as Schwartz climbed the steep rock path, the thirst came upon him, as it had upon his brother, until he lifted his flask to his lips to drink. Then he saw the fair child lying near him on the rocks, and it cried to him, and moaned for water. "Water, indeed," said Schwartz; "I haven't half "V enough for myself,

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