The Chinese Traveller: Containing a Geographical, Commercial, and Political History of China. With a Particular Account of Their Customs, Manners, Religion ... To which is Prefixed the Life of Confucius, the Celebrated Chinese Philosopher ...

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E. and C. Dilly, 1772

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Стр. 5 - came to us from heaven pure and perfect ; but in process of time, ignorance, the passions, and evil examples have corrupted it. All consists in restoring it to its primitive beauty ; and to be perfect, we must re-ascend to that point from which we have fallen. Obey heaven, and follow the orders of him who governs it. Love your neighbour as yourself.
Стр. 5 - Confucius in the mean time, though he 'had withdrawn himself from kings and palaces, did not cease to travel about and do what good he could among the people, and among mankind in general. He had often in his mouth the maxims and examples of their ancient heroes, Yao, Chun, Yu, Tischin tang, &c.
Стр. viii - Lord of heaven. One day, while he was a child, he heard his grandfather fetch a deep sigh ; and going up to him with many bowings and much reverence, " May I presume," says he, " without losing the respect I owe you, to inquire into the occasion of your grief?
Стр. 7 - He seems rather to speak like a doctor of a revealed law, than like a man who had no light but what the law of nature afforded him : and what convinces us of his sincerity is, that he taught as forcibly by example as by precept.
Стр. 222 - ... of pyramidal figures, and dark greens, with brighter, interspersing among them such as produce flowers; of which they have some that flourish a great part of the year. The Weeping- willow is one of their favourite trees, and...
Стр. 218 - Chinese are not fond of walking, we seldom meet with avenues or spacious walks, as in our European plantations. The whole ground is laid out in a variety of scenes, and you are led, by winding passages cut in the groves, to the different points of view, each of which is marked by a seat, a building, or some other object.
Стр. 8 - ... parts of the world. Kings have built palaces for him in all the provinces, whither the learned go at certain times to pay him homage. There are to be seen upon several edifices, raised in honour of him. inscriptions in large characters, " To the great master.''
Стр. 1 - This rebuke had indeed the good effect of silencing the mandarin, and bringing him to a better opinion of the learning of his country ; yet vexed him so at the same time, as it came from almost a boy, that he would have revenged it by violence, if he had not been prevented. At the age of nineteen he took a wife, who brought him a son, called Pe yu.
Стр. 8 - To the saint." " To the teacher of emperors and kings." They built his sepulchre near the city Kio fou, on the banks of the river Su, where he was wont to...
Стр. 222 - When they are large they make in them caves and grottos, with openings, through which you discover distant prospects. They cover them, in different places, with trees, shrubs, briars, and moss; placing on their tops little temples, or other buildings, to which you ascend by rugged and irregular steps cut in the rock. WHEN there is a sufficient supply of water, and proper ground, the Chinese never fail to form cascades in their gardens.

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