Sulphur Cycling on the Continents: Wetlands, Terrestrial Ecosystems and Associated Water Bodies

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R. W. Howarth, J. W. B. Stewart, M. V. Ivanov
Wiley, 30 апр. 1992 г. - Всего страниц: 372
Addresses such key issues as sulphur cycling in wetlands, terrestrial ecosystems and lakes; the effects of acid sulphur inputs to these ecosystems; the cycling of sulphur through the atmosphere including both natural and industrial sources of sulphur; the latest controls on biogenic sulphur gas fluxes from tropical ecosystems to the atmosphere; a theoretical approach for viewing sulphur interactions with other element cycles in diverse ecosystems and much more.

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An Overview of the Atmospheric Sulphur Cycle
Exchange of Sulphur between Biosphere and Atmosphere over
The Interactions of Sulphur with other Element Cycles in Eco
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