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VII. Astor Seeks an Interview
VIII. Life at the “Bulls Head” Tavern
IX. Pioneer Cattle Driving

X. Farewell to a Drover's Life.
XI. Early Steamboat Days on the Hudson
XII. Commodore Vanderbilt Loses a Steamboat


XIII. Wall Street

XIV. The Church on Mulberry Street

XV. The Erie Railroad

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XXI. Meets "Jim" Fisk

XXII. War with Vanderbilt

XXIII. The Printing Press

XXIV. Escape to Jersey City

XXV. “Fort" Taylor

XXVI. End of the War and Treaty of Peace
XXVII. Drew Theological Seminary .

XXVIII. A Red Letter Day

XXIX. A Wreck on the Erie

XXX. Prosperity.

XXXI. Trade Secrets
XXXII. The Lock Up of Greenbacks
XXXIII. Light Women
XXXIV. Golden Wedding

XXXV. Inside History
XXXVI. A Prayer That Went Wrong
XXXVII. Shooting of Fisk by Ed. Stokes

XXXVIII. Outwitted by Gould

XXXIX. Panic of '73

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XL, The End






The Book of Daniel Drew



put down.

EMORIES — that's what this thing is going

to be. What I remember I'll
What I don't remember I won't


down. Or else I'll put it down cautious-like, so you'll know it isn't real gospel but only a sort of think-so. For after going on eighty years, a fellow gets a little mite rusty as to some of the goods packed away in his upper story. Whenever I talked with people I didn't jot it down word for word. Therefore it's only the gist of it that you get here in these papers.

Anyhow I never was much at writer-work. Jay was the boy for that. I mean Jason Gould. (He got to calling himself “ Jay,” and so the rest of us called him by that name, too.) In our doings - I mean, the doings of Jim Fisk, Jay Gould and me, for we were in a partnership together a long time Jay would do most of the writer-work. “ Jay, you're the ink slinger,” Jimmy would say to him, and would pull him up to the table and slap a pen in his hand. He would do it so rough that Jay, who is a slip of a man, would wince. But Jimmy

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