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and opens up new fields for its usefulness. Lecithin has beein given with satisfactory effects in anemia, rachitis, tuberculosis, diabetes, and in nervous breakdown, and recent reports show that much is to be expected of it in syphilis and locomotor ataxia. In the latter ailment, pains were alleviated and other signs disappeared, and one author comes to the conclusion that the loss of lecithin due to syphilitic toxin might bring on general paralysis and phthisis. Lecithin in its best form is furnished under the name Lecithol (Armour), a palatable emulsion, containing one grain of pure lecithin to the drachm. Lecithol is superior to the hypophosphites, glycerophosphates and other inorganic combinations, which are not converted into lecithin in the system and which are excreted as phosphates.

WHERE THERE IS A BURNING sensation when urinating, sanmetto in teaspoonful doses three or four times a day usually gives relief. If the urine is alkaline, ammonium benzoate in connection with sanmetto will prove helpful, and citrate of potash when the urine is acid.

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THE VARIETIES OF DYSMENORRHOEA.—In an article on Dysmenorrhoea, Solomon Henry Secoy, M.D., of Jeffersonville, Ind., refers especially to its causes and treatment, and offers some valuable suggestions as follows: “I am in the habit of regarding dysmenorrhoea as capable of division into three varieties. They are the neuralgic, the obstructive, and the membranous. The neuralgic form is a pure neuralgia, and its subjects, in all cases, will give a history upon which we can base its cause. These patients will tell us that never, prior to the attacks which they have recently undergone, have they had dysmenorrhoea. It is caused generally by malaria and other influences which tend to lower the general health. The treatment of dysmenorrhoea very naturally comprises such remedies and procedures as will correct the cause, and the administration of anodynes to relieve the pain. In the neuralgic form we must correct the cause. It that be malaria, quinine must be given. In nost cases where the neuralgic form is presented, there is anemia, and no relief will be secured till this factor is overcome.

Iron in some araula able form must, therefore, be given. During the period of menstruation the administration of antikamnia and codeine tablets

For COUGHS and



Each fluid drachm contains :--Codeine phosphate & gr. combined
with Pinus Strobus, Prunus Virgioiana, Sanguinaria
Canadensis, Populus Balsamifera and Chloroform.

As a routine expectorant, it is the same reliable product that has had the support of the profession

for the past eight years. STOPS COUGHING,


ASSISTS EXPECTORATION Perfectly safe with patients of any age.



Elixir Digitalin Co. “Frosst”

Each fluid drachm contains :—Digitalin 1-100 gr.

Nitroglycerine 1-100 gr. Strychnine 1-50 gr. The original product that has created the demand for this

energetic stimulant.



in doses of two tablets every two hours, will relieve the pain. If these tablets are given at the beginning of the attack, we can often entirely prevent pain.”

THE NEUTRALIZATION OF DYSCRASIA.-In a very excellent article on ** Various Forms of Headache,” which appeared in Medical Progress, a short time ago, Dr. J. U. Ray, of Blocton, Ala., states that “We must not only be particular to give a remedy intended to counteract the cause which produces headache, but we must also give an anodyne which will relieve the pain until the constitutional dyscrasia, to which this trouble is due, has been neutralized. To answer this purpose, two antikamnia tablets will be found a safe and convenient remedy. Usually they relieve the pain within twenty minutes. When we have a a patient subject to sick headaches, we should caution him to keep his bowels regular, and when he feels the first premonition of an attack, he should take two antikamnia tablets. Most all patients tell us they know by certain symptoms when an attack is about to come. To these patients we can do nothing better than give them antikamnia tablets to be carried around with them, always ready for use. They are prompt in action, and can be depended upon to produce the most soothing anodyne action. In this country, and also in England, these tablets, are largely employed, with results that have caused them to be depended upon by the best observers in both countries. The remedy having none of the drawbacks common to other agents of this class, it is eminently fitted to be applied in the treatment of the cases just described."


years past this preparation has been one of my mainstays in disease of the mucous membranes, and it has held its place despite the trials of many other agents warranted to supplant it by the advocates who decried Glyco-Thymoline when I spoke of its virtues. Space is now getting too valuable to waste with long detailed descriptions of separate cases, and anyhow I never did write in that manner—I think general remarks about agents is the better way and we need this more than stories of symptoms and temperatures, with daily alterations. No class of maladies is more troublesome than disorders of the mucous membranes, and none more difficult to eradicate thoroughly, and we have been put to our wit's end many times for remedial agents in such cases. The local treatment of catarrhs is frequently

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disappointing, and none more so than the prevalent one-post-nasal catarrh. Unless we can get an alterative condition established little good is done, and nothing has been of greater service to me than Glyco-Thymoline, locally and internally. In several hundreds of long standing and severe cases of this intractable and common affliction I have come to regard this preparation as a standard and almost routine remedy. I seldom care for a post-nasal trouble without prescribing it at the onset, and if I don't it is not long before it comes into use. It is just alkaline enough, just so as to the dialysis (the action locally, with exactly the right amount of fluid excretion through the diseased membrane), just enough astringent without drying the parts, and just the right thing in the direct line of reparative work; it sets up tissue-building soon after the membrane gets somewhere near its right shape. Many things are employed in catarrh, but I firmly believe that if I was confined to one agent only, that would be Glyco-Thymoline. For years I used the so called antiseptic tablets of boric acid and glycerin, etc., with good results, but for a long time past this is thrown aside and the Glyco-Thymoline takes its place. I use it in about half strength with a K. &0. Nasal Douehe, and from twice to four times daily. With this, in bad cases I give it internally, adding to it or giving separately, mercuric bichloride, and if done separately the menstrum is compound syrup of stillingia. In presumed syphilitic persons I always do this. In gastritis, chronic enteritis, vaginitis, gonorrhea and in recurring attacks of what in many instances is deemed appendicitis, I use this agent freely, and always with good results. As a local application to foul ulcers and especially to hemorrhoids I think this preparation is very good. In the nasty leg ulcers, which now and then defy all remedies, Glyco-Thymoline does wonders—it can't do harm any time, and I am almost persuaded to give it in all instances. In bronchitis and asthma it is fine; in spasmodic croup it fills the bill nicely; it does well in venereal disorders locally, and in balanitis it stops the trouble at once.-W. R. D. Blackwood, M.D., Philadelphia, Pa.

PROPHYLACTIC PRACTICE.-Some think that the therapy of the future will be mainly preventive or prophylactic practice, and adherence to only those remedial agents that have proved particularly efficacious. Sanmetto, if kept at hand, and always used upon the slightest manifestation of a threatening enlargement of the prostate gland, will prove prophylactic. It is particularly efficacious in prostatitis and in all inflammatory conditions of the genito-urinary tract.


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