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Our Associate Editor is a very happy man just now. This time it's a boy.

DR. INGERSOLL OLMSTEAD, Hamilton, is spending a few months in Germany.

DR. JOHNSON; of Millbank, Ont., has been paying a visit to friends in Toronto.

Drs. R. W. Bruce Smith and J. N. E. Brown, Toronto, have returned from a European trip.

DR. PATRICK C. MURPHY, Tignish, P.E.I., has been elected President of the Maritime Medical Association.

Dr. F. MONTIZAMBERT, Director General of Public Health, has been inspecting quarantine stations on the Pacific coast.

DR. CLARENCE L. STARR, Toronto, announces he will hereafter confine his practice to general and orthopoedic surgery.

DR. ALGERNON WOLVERTON, Hamilton, who was stricken with paralysis on the Victorian, is now in a Montreal hospital.

DR. A. E. ROBERTSON, of the resident staff of the General Hospital, Toronto, has left for a three months' sojourn in Scotland and England.

DR. BRICK, of Palermo, probably the oldest medical practitioner in Halton County, was stricken with paralysis last week and is in a critical condition.

PROF. DR. LANDOUZY, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, of Paris, will pay a visit to Toronto, shortly after his arrival in New York on the 17th September.

DR. ED. WILFORD, of Blyth, has left for Edinburgh, where he will pursue his studies before entering on his work as a medical missionary in China.

Dr. R. D. RUDOLF, Toronto, has been appointed Professor of Therapeutics in the University of Toronto, and has become a consulting physician.

Dr. John McCULLOCH, who recently disposed of his practice at Janetville, leaves shortly for Scotland, where he will take an advanced post-graduate course at Edinburgh.

“THE Great Fight,” the title of one of the poems in a collection of poems and sketches by the late Dr. W. H. Drummond, is in press and will soon appear.

The book will also contain a biography, written by the habitant poet's wife.

MONTREAL will hereafter have twelve medical school inspectors instead of thirty as formerly. They will be on duty during the school year, and each man will be responsible for his district.

DR. Editu BEATTY, who has been appointed Superintendent of Grace Hospital, to succeed Miss Patton, who has resigned, graduated in medicine at the University of Toronto in 1905, and since then she has practised her profession in Guelph.

DR. J. CURRY SMth, one of the best known physicians in Simcoe County, died on July 30th of typhoid at Barrie, after three days' illness. He was attacked with appendicitis and later with typhoid. He was a prominent Mason and a member of the School Board.

DR. GEORGE HODGE, Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Western Medical School, and one of the best known physicians in Ontario, died at St. Joseph's Hospital on August 26th from an attack of pneumonia. Dr. Hodge was 68 years old, and graduated from Queen's University in 1870.

THE American Public Health Association met in Winnipeg on the 25th, 26th and 27th of August. Seventy-three new members were added to the roll. Several Canadian practitioners took part, including Drs. P. H. Bryce, Chas. A. Hodgetts, Roberts, Hamilton; Amyot, Toronto; and W. T. Connell, Kingston.

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AMONG the probable visitors to Toronto are, Dr. Triboulet, of Paris, Prof. Calmette, Director of the Pasteur Institute at Lille, Prof. Arloing, of Lyons; Pro. Courmont, of Lyons; Prof. Tissier, of Paris; Prof. Crespin, of Algiers; Mlle. Chaptal, Philanthropist, of Paris; M. Lenne, of Paris; Viot Bey, of Cairo; Dr. de Fournier, of Paris; Dr. Leon Bernard, of Paris; M. Augustin Rey, of Paris, and others.

BRITISH Columbia Medical Association met in Vancouver on the 20th and 21st of August, under the Presidency of Dr. J. M. Pearson, Vancouver. Dr. Jos. Price, Philadelphia, was present and took part in the discussions. Amongst the papers, all of which on the word of the President, were of a high order, those which attracted the keenest discussions were those on the Medical Inspection of Schools, by Dr. W. D. Brydon-Jack, Vancouver; a Plea for the More Rational Conception of Appendicitis, by Dr. R. V. Dolbey, Victoria ; Relation of the General Practitioner to the Inebriate, by Dr. G. H. Manchester, New Westminster; Pure Milk, by Dr. Arthur L. Kendall, Vancouver, and Selection of Cases for Sanatarium Treatment, by Dr. R. W. Irving, Medical Superintendent of the Tuberculosis Hospital at Tranquille, B.C. Dr. C. J. Fagan, Provincial Health Officer, was elected President; Dr. J. H. Hogle, Nanaimo, Vice-President, and Drs. J. D. Helmcken, Victoria, and R. Eden Walker, New Westminster, re-elected Treasurer and Secretary.

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