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The Pinnacle of Therapeutic Success only be
Attained by the Timely Use of Proper Remedial Agents

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affords the most scientific method of combating
Inflammation and Congestion. It is of especial b.nefit
in the conditions incident to the summer season.

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In ENTERO-COLITIS, and other inflammations of the abdominal and pelvic viscera, Antiphlogistine proves a satisfactory adjuvant to treatment, as it produces a depletion of the enteric and peritoneal vessels, stimulates the reflexes and relieves the pain, tenesmus and muscular rigidity.

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In SPRAINS and WRENCHES, the stretching or tearing of the ligaments, contusion of the synovial membrane and damage to vessels and nerves are best controlled by Antiphlogistine, which distinctly aids in the reconstruction of the part. The absorption of th: liquid exudate from the swo'le i tissues and the free circulation of blood in the seat of the injury greatly hastens the process of repair.


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"Soured milk, because of the lactic acid in it, can impede the putrefaction of meat.”.

-Metchnikoff. As lactic fermentation serves so well to arrest putrefaction in general, why should it not be used for the same purpose within the digestive tube?”—Metchninoff.

• The action of 'Kephyr' in preventing intestinal putrefaction depends on the lactic acid bacilli which it contains."-Metchnikoff.

* Metchnikoff believes that the inherited structure of the human large intestine and the customary diet of civilized man are specially favorable to the multiplication of a large number of microbes that cause putrefaction. "The avoidance of alcohol and the rigid exclusion from diet of foods that favor putrefaction, such as rich meats, and of raw or badly cooked substances contaiping microbes, do much to remedy the evils. But the special introduction of the microbes which cause lactic fermentation has the effect of inhibiting putrefaction. By such measures Metchnikoff believes that life will be greatly prolonged, and that the chief evils of senility will be avoided.”—P. Chalmers Mitchell.

Kephyr is sterilized cow's milk that has undergone special fermentation through the introduction of a mushroom, called Kephyr-seed, or Dispora Caucasia, and a yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. One of these ferments affects the lactose and produces lactic and carbonic acids and a small amount of alcohol : the other acts on the albuminoid substances, on the casein in particular, which latter undergoes partial precipitation and digestion producing both peptones and propeptones.

Physicians are prescribing Kephyr with great benefit in cases of Anemia, Chlorosis, Tuberculosis, Kidney and Liver diseases and affections of the Stomach and Intestines. Professor Hoppe, M.D., of Basel, Switzerland, says “ Kephyr is milk and wine at the same time." It is specially beneficial in building up the strength after acute illness such as Typhoid Fever, Inflamation of the Lungs, and all infectious diseases, and after grave operations.

Kephyr is similar to Buttermilk in taste and appearance, it is however, very different, being prepared along scientific lines, and is more nutritious as it contains all the butter fat of Whole Milk.

Kephyr can be used quite freely and at any time.
The following comments from Toronto Physicians are used by permission :

“I have had the opportunity of ordering for several patients ‘Pumer's Swiss Kephyr,' and they have found it uniformly satisfactory for the purpose for which it was prescribed.” Dr. W. H. B. Aikins.

“I have used Mrs. Pumer's 'Kephyr'in my practice with very good results: It is of fine quality and the best thing of its kind I have seen.”--Dr. A. H. Garratt.

“I have no hesitancy in stating that Kephyr' is a valuable preparation. In evidence, I have recommended it twice to-day--once to a physician.'

- Dr. Jno. B. Hall “It is certainly a most excellent food (Kephyr) and it differs very largely from Koumis, being a different ferment. I know Mrs. Pumer and she is thoroughly reliable in this regard.”—Dr. Edmund E. King.

“Mrs. Pumer makes an excellent preparation of Kephyr.'. I am able to say so, having made trial of it in my own family, and those patients to whom I recommended it were highly pleased with the article.”—Dr. W. J. Wagner.

We are preparing Kephyr daily at our Dairy under the direction of Mrs. F. Pumer, of Zurich, Switzerland.

Price per Pint Bottle, 15c., or 3 Milk Tickets DAILY DELIVERY THROUGHOUT THE CITY Phone College 2040.

Spadina Crescent

City Dairy Company, Limited

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