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SESSION 1908-09

The Faculty wish to announce that, notwithstanding the fire of April 16th, 1907, which destroyed a part of their building, complete arrangements have been made for carrying on the work f the College without interruption. The new building at the corner of Pine Ave. and University Street has been begun and will be ready for the session of 1909-10.

REGULAR COURSES. The regular course of study for the degrees of M.D., C.M., covers five sessions of eight months each. Double courses leading to the degrees of B.A., or B.Sc. and M.D., C.M., may be taken in seven years. ADVANCED COURSES. Advanced Courses are open to graduates and others desiring to pursue special or research work in the laboratories of the University, and in the Clinical and Pathological laboratories of the Royal Victoria Hospital and Montreal General Hospital. POST GRADUATE COURSES. A Post Graduate Course is offered to graduates in Medicine during the months of June, July and August of each year. This course consists of practical laboratory classes, special classes in Operative Surgery and Gynecology, and special clinical work in Medicine, Surgery, an the specialties in the Royal Victoria and Montreal General Hospitals. DIPLOMA OF PUBLIC HEALTH. A practical course of lectures is offered to graduates in Medicine and Public Health officers, of from six to twelve months duration, for the Diploma of Public Health. The course includes Bacteriology. Sanitary Chemistry, and Practical Sanitation.

HOSPITALS. The Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal General Hospital, Montreal Maternity Hospital, and the Alexandra Hospital for Contagious Diseases, are utilized for the purposes of clinical instruction. The physicians and surgeons connected with these are the clinical professors of the University. DENTISTRY. The course of the Department of Dentistry, established in 1903, embraces four years, the work of the first two being almost identical with that of students in Medicine. Th: course leads to the degree of D.D.S. MATRICULATION. Matriculation Examinations for Entrance are held in June and September of each year.

Full particulars of the Examinations, Fees, Courses, etc., are furnished by the Calendar of the Faculty, which may be obtained from



J. W. SCANE, M.D.,


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Duncan, Flockhart & Co.'s (Flexible)

Blaud Pill Capsules


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Guaranteed equal in Ferrous Carbonate to freshly prepared Blaud Pills, with this distinct advantage over Pills, that they neither oxidize nor harden.

“Chemical examination shows that the iron is in the ferrous condition, and, therefore, that capsules retain full efficacy of fresh made Blaud Pills.”British Medical Journal.

D., F. & Co.'s Capsule No. 92, equivalent to 1 Blaud Pill (5 grs.).

Capsule No. 93, equivalent to 2 Blaud Pills (10 grs.).
Capsule No. 104, equivalent to 1 Blaud Pill C Arsenic 1-50 gr.
Capsule No. 105, equivalent to 2 Blaud Pills ĉ Arsenic 1-50 gr.

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By Royal Warrant to

His Majesty King Edward


also to
His Majesty King of Spain and His Majesty King of the Belgians.


The following suggestions for the use of “ BOVRIL” have been made at various times by leading members of the Medical Profession.

In Alcoholi-m it is satisiying and stimulating and thus takes the place of alcoholic stimulants to a very great degree.

In Anaemia its stimulating and nourishing effects are very apparent.

Ante-sickness in Anaesthesia is invariably obviated by the administration of "BOVRIL"1" to 2 hours before the operation.

In cases of collapse its action is very rapid and a spoonful stirred into hot milk is recommended. This form of use is very beneficial in cases of debility and lassitude.

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ERTAIN as it is that a single

acting cause can bring about any

one of the several anomalies of menstruation, just so certain is it that a single remedial agent-if properly administered-can effect the relief of any one of those anomalies. I The singular efficacy of Ergoapiol (Smith) in the various menstrual irregularities is manifestly due to its prompt and direct analgesic, antispasmodic and tonic action upon the entire female reproductive system. g Ergoapiol (Smith) is of special, indeed extraordinary, value in such menstrual irregularities as amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia and metrorrhagia. I The creators of the preparation, the Martin H. Smith Company, of New York, will send samples and exhaustive literature, post paid, to any member of the medical profession.

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