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where it would have endangered the patient's life to prolong the operation even a few minutes. Owing to gradual improvements in the technique, we can do the operation of appendectomy in less than six minutes in such a safe way that it does not add even one per cent. of risk to the average abdominal section. When I have done this in addition to the dilatation and curetting, amputation of the cervix and anterior and posterior colporrhaphy, then removed the tubes and ovaries, explored the gall bladder and done ventrofixation, I feel that I have done thorough work and that I will be spared the mortification of having my patients going to another operator to have my work completed. 238 Bishop Street.

Physician's Library.

State Board Questions and Answers. By R. Max GOEPP, M.D.,

Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Philadelphia Polyclinic. Octavo volume of 684 pages. Philadelphia and London: W. B. Saunders Company, 1908. Canadian Agents, Toronto: J. A. Carveth & Co., Ltd. Cloth, $4.00 net. Half Morocco, $5.50 net.

Students of medicine in Canadian Universities who propose going to some of the States of the American union will welcome this volume, which is decidedly comprehensive and embraces the entire range of examinations. It is in fact a compend on a large scale. It has been gotten together from sifting the wheat from the chaff—the chaff being repetitions—from state board examinations of the past four years. We find the definitions so practical that we can as well recommend it to Canadian students of all grades.

Subcutaneous Hydrocarbon Protheses. BY F. STRANGE KOLLE,

M.D., author of the Recent Roentgen Discovery; the X-Rays, Their Production and Application; Medio-Surgical Radiography, etc., etc. The Grafton Press, New York.

The aim of the author in this book has been accomplished. He has placed before the medical profession a clear, practical and concise treatise on the subcutaneous employment of hydrocarbons for the correction of defects about the face, neck and shoulders. The book is nicely illustrated.

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Handbook of Medicine and Therapeutics. WHEELER AND JACK.

Edinburgh: E. and S. Livingstone. Price, 8s.

The student of medicine will find in this book much to enable him to receive and digest the main features of the various diseases. That it has now attained to its third edition speaks for itself. It will be found very helpful just prior to an examination in getting together as many salient points as possible in the least possible time.

Protective Association

Under the Auspices of the Canadian Medical Association

HE objects of this Association are to unite the profession of the

or harassing cases of malpractice brought against a member who is not guilty of wrong-doing, and who frequently suffers owing to want of assistance at the right time; and rather than submit to exposure in the courts, and thus gain unenviable notoriety, he is forced to endure black mailing.

The Association affords a ready channel where even those who feel that they are perfectly safe (which no one is) can for a small fee enroll themselves and so assist a professional brother in distress.

Experience has abundantly shown how useful the Association has been since its organization.

The Association has not lost a single case that it has agreed to defend.

The annual fee is only $3.00 at present, payable in January of

each year.

The Association expects and hopes for the united support of the profession.

We have a bright and useful future if the profession will unite and join our ranks.

President-R, W. POWELL, M.D., Ottawa.
Vice-President-J. O. CAMARIND, M.D., Sherbrooko.

Secretary-Treasurer-J.F. ARGUE, M.D., Oitawa.

F. H. CHRYSLER, K.C., Ottawa.

Send feos to the Secretary-Treasurer by Express Order, Money Order, Postal Noto or Registered lotter. If cheques are sent please add commission.

PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVES. ONTARIO-E. E. King, Toronto; 1. Olmsted, Hamilton; D. H. Arnott, London: J. C.

Connell, Kingston; J. D. Courtenay, Ottawa. QUEBEC-H. S. Birkett, Montreal ; E. P. Lachapell", Montreal; J. E. Dube, Montreal:

H. R. Ross, Quebec; Russell Thomas, Lennoxville. NEW BRUNSWICK-T. D. Walker, St. John; A. B. Atherton, Fredericton; Murray

MacLaren, St. John. NOVA SCOTIA-John Stewart, Halifax; J. W. T. Patton, Truro; H. Kendall, Sydnoy. PRINCE EDWARD 18LAND-S. R. Jenkins, Charlottetown. MANITOBA-Harvey Smith, Winnipeg; J. A. MacArthur, Winnipeg; J. Hardy, Mordon. NORTH-WEST TERRITORIES–J. D. Lafferty, Calgary; M. Seymour, Regina. BRITISH COLUMBIA-S. J. Tunstall, Vancouver; 0. M. Jones, Victoria; Dr. King,


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Published on the 15th of each month. Address all Communications and make all Cheques, Post Office Orders and Postal Notes payable to the Publisher, George Elliott, 203 Beverley St., Toronto, Canada

Vol. XXXI.


No. 1.


The Canadian Medical Association's forty-first annual meeting at Ottawa on the 9th, 10th and 11th of June, was in every way a pronounced success. The new constitution seemed to work out easily and smoothly, and it was encouraging that three provinces interested themselves and sent delegates to the Executive Council. From Ontario the following were elected, but unfortunately not one was able to be present. Drs. F. N. G. Starr, A. R. Gordon, R. D. Rudolf, D. J. G. Wishart and Chas. P. Lusk, all of Toronto. British Columbia delegated Dr. S. J. Tunstall, Vancouver, and Dr. R. Eden Walker, New Westminster; the latter was present. Prince Edward Island Medical Society sent its President, Dr. Alex. McNeill of Summerside, and Dr. S. R. Jenkins, Charlottetown. The fifteen members of the Executive elected in open session were: Dr. R. W. Powell, Ottawa ; Dr. A. T. Shillington, Ottawa; Dr. W. J. Bradley, Ottawa; Dr. R. A. Reeve, Toronto; Dr. C. J. C. 0. llastings, Toronto; Dr. J. T. Fotheringham, Toronto; Dr. J. II. Elliott, Toronto; Dr. Wm. Hackney, Ottawa; Dr. James Bell, Montreal; Dr. George E. Armstrong, Montreal; Dr. F. A. L. Lockhart, Montreal; Dr. J. C. Mitchell, Brockville ; Dr. E. P. Lachapelle, Montreal; Dr. G. Carleton Jones, Ottawa ; Dr. A. B. Atherton, Fredericton; President, Treasurer and General Secretary, ex-officio.

The Finance Committee elected by the Executive Council were: Dr. J. T. Fotheringham, Dr. F. N. G. Starr, Dr. Geo. E. Armstrong, Dr. James Bell and Dr. R. W. Powell. Dr. Fotheringham was elected Chairman.

The Report of Special Committee on a Journal, signed by Dr. A. Macphail, Montreal, read as follows: We, the under signed, the only members present of a committee (Dr. Murray McLaren, St. John, N.B., being present) appointed to consider the advisability of publishing a journal of the Canadian Medical Association, beg to report that, after a correspondence with the other members and a full consideration of the matter, in our judgment the undertaking is feasible, provided that all members pay a fee of five dollars, of which three dollars will be assigned from each member for the purposes of a journal. We estimate that with 1,500 subscribers the undertaking would be a success. We recommend that the matter be now referred to the Finance Committee.

Reference Committees.- The Chairmen of these were appointed by the Executive Council with power to add to their number: Dr. A. T. Shillington, Ottawa, Chairman of Committee on Medical Legislation ; Dr. R. A. Reeve, Toronto, Chairman of Committee on Medical Education; Dr. C. J. Hastings, Toronto, Chairman of Committee on Public Health and Hygiene; Dr. H. B. Small, Ottawa, Chairman of Committee on Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws; Dr. F. A. L. Lockhart, Montreal, Chairman of Committee on Reports of Officers; Dr. J. H. Elliott, Toronto, Chairman of Committee on Necrology.

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