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THE PERIODICAL NERVOUS HEADACHE.—Among the most common ailments, especially among the young, are the periodical nervous headaches, and three or four times as many females as males are afflicted with them. Dr. A. F. Schellschmidt, of Louisville, Ky., states that "they generally manifest themselves about the time of puberty and are very severe for a few years, but with increasing age the attacks become less frequent, until at the age of forty they seem to almost disappear, and are seldom or never seen after fifty. They are associated with vertigo, nausea and vomiting. The pain is in and around the eyes, and while the attack lasts there frequently is partial or total blindness. Those who complain of this trouble suffer from prodromal symptoms for several days before the attack shows itself in an active form, which symptoms differ in different patients. When treatment is demanded it is more for the pain than anything else. Opium will relieve, but does more harm than good, as it leaves the system in a worse condition to resist a subsequent attack. Antikamnia tablets give great relief and act quickly. An emetic will sometimes abort an attack. The bowels should be kept open, and those diuretics which hasten the elimination of the urea should be administered. If the attacks are due to a reflex nervous condition the cause must be sought and treated. The adult dose of Antikamnia tablets best suited for the relief of these headaches is two every three or four hours.”

THE ANEMIAS OF CHILDHOOD.—The anemias of early life are usually sequels of the acute diseases common to this period. The exanthemata are especially liable to be followed by a depreciation of blood quality and a protracted convalescence often depends on this one condition alone. Moreover, the frequency with which physical stigmata or infirmities actually date from an attack of measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria or any of the other similar diseases of childhood, can often be properly laid at the door of insufficient or improper care during the very important stage of convalescence from these diseases. It should be recognized that the hematogenic function, while exceedingly active in childhood, is yet very susceptible to all inhibitory influences, among which the toxins generated in the course of the acute diseases are most common. When a storm infection of measles, scarlet fever or any of these similar ailments is passed, there must follow a period of reconstruction. If

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the damage has been slight as a result of a light storm or an unusually strong structure, the reconstructive process places little demand on the resources of the individual. But if the storm has been unusually severe and the structure ill-prepared to meet its fury, the rebuilding process is certain to be long and laborious. Deficiency in the quality of the blood is one of the greatest handicaps at this time, and the clinician should recognize this as one of the most important indications for therapeutic assistance. The action of Pepto-Mangan (Gude) is always very marked in these cases, and it is interesting to note how rapidly children respond to its upbuilding influence. A marked increase in hemoglobin at once follows its use, and the red cells multiply rapidly. With improvement in the blood constituents there is a corresponding increase in the whole bodily tone, and it only takes a few days to carry the average patient safely away from the dangers of a trying period. PeptoMangan (Gude) is, therefore, a very valuable tonic in childhood, and, unlike so many of the ordinary hematinics, it can be given with impunity to the youngest infant. It has marked alterative properties, and in strumous or marasmic conditions it is especially valuable. It is absorbed rapidly, and is never rejected by even the weakest stomach. In early life its administration is best effected by giving it in milk, and the dose should range from ten drops to two teaspoonfuls, depending, of course, on the age of the patient.

Nutrition in Chronic Pathological Processes. The area of nutrition is indeed a large one, and the number of subjects embraced therein are many. Before classifying these elements, we must define a general cell tonic, offering in part the following definitions: Any agent or measure which directly or indirectly increases to a more or less permanent degree the textual resistance and normal functional tone of the cellular structure. This classification will in part distinguish the true cell tonic from all stimulants, as well as from agents which influence abnormally and incompletely certain features of the cell function, such as agents which increase cell disintegration without proportionately increasing cell reconstruction. The true cell tonic must increase in all proportions the constructive, destructive, and eliminative functioning of cell nutrition, and in doing so, it will supply a complete and adequate nutrition, thereby increasing the resistance of the normal vital functional capacity of all the body cells. The knowledge at hand to-day of physiology and histology justifies the conclusion that the vital functional capacity of the non-connective tissue cells can only be permanently benefited by increasing their

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nutritional supply and functioning. The special functions of nonconnective tissue cells are directly dependent upon the protoplasmic, intricate, and nutritional functioning of those cells. If a specialized cell is fully nourished and normal nutrition is continued, together with proper elimination, the special function of that cell will be normal. Consequently, the true general cell tonic must be able to perform those intrinsic, nutritive processes which are given to all cells, whether interstitial or specialized. In addition to general cell tonics, we have many agents which increase the special functions of certain organic cells, such as the bitter tonics, iron and various foods; but the increase of special functional tone supplied by these elements is not permanent, and cannot be properly classified as true cell tonics. The newly proliferated cells which have resulted from their stimulating effects do not, in the majority, ever reach maturity. They are, more properly speaking, special cell stimulants, because they do not supply proper nutrition or tend to treat the new, or fixed, cells. The various classes of cells are made to live, and more able to perform their several functions through proper and complete nutrition, and whenever malnutrition or other causes impair the special functions of cells, they do so by producing some intrinsic metabolic defect. There are no drugs which seem to possess the property of supplying full nutrition to the cellular structure. There are many so-called cell tonics, but their field of usefulness is limited. To effectually treat chronic diseases, due to defective cell metabolism, the only tonic to be considered as a curative one is that which goes under the definition of complete nutrition. Agents which increase the special function of certain cells are valuable, but they are in no sense curative, since they are treating the effect and not the cause of the cell disturbance. In all chronic organic diseases, the main function of treatment, the only possible means of permanent benefit, is to restore the normal tone of cells not yet destroyed or texturally changed, and to increase resistance and functional capacity of all intact cells, in order that the organic lesion may be confined, and its effects on involved structure compensated. In this class of cases it has been demonstrated by a large clinical experience that Bovinine ideally fills a much-felt want for a proper food tonic. It supplies not only proper stimulation, but gives to the cellular structure every element in a proper proportion of a full and complete nutrition. It may be classified as a complete food, a direct and indirect cell tonic.

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