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Assures Normal Opsonic Index, Full Elimi.

nation of Waste. Rich Red Blood. Cell

Stimulation and Complete Nutrition. BOVININE. Internally it establishes a normal balance between elimi

nation and nutrition, result being health. BOVININE. Contains every element in a full and proper proportion

necessary to completely feed every tissue of the human body. BOVININE. Has no competition, as all other prepared and liquid

foods feed only in part, hence their field of usefulness is limited and

nature must accomplish the rest, and this she can seldom do. BOVININE. Is pot antagonistic to any medication, but greatly aids

the therapeutic action of drugs. It is indicated at all ages and in all

conditions. BOVININE. Locally as a dressing in all forms of ulceration or any

peripheral starvation is ideal. BOVININE. ls ready for immediate assimilation, does not disturb, but

gives the gastro-intestinal tract full and complete rest.
BOVININE. Is rich in assimilable organic iron and is sterile.

75 West Houston St., New York City

Vital Principles


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LEEMING, MILES & CO., Montreal, Quebec, Sole Agents for the Dominion of Canada

For Literature apply direct to the Bovinine Co., New York,

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cor. Yonge and Alexander Sts.,

Toronto, Ont.

Trains Young Men and Women for Business Life


HE Business World is full of tempting

opportunities for the earnest, energetic,
educated and persevering.
The ignorant are crowded to the wall to make
way for live, active young men and women
who possess the keenness of intellect result-
ing from a practical business education.
Thoroughness" is the Keynote of this Popular College.
Students may enter at any time. Write for
magnificent catalogue, if interested. OPEN THE

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The Blood Current

of the Aged.


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General muscular flaccidity, the inevitable consequcace of advanced age, is the result of a sluggish blood current. The heart loses its pumping capacity, the arterial walls soften and the blood stream lacks sufficient force to properly circuit the lungs and receive oxygen.

lacrease the hemoglobin and the red
corpuscles in the blood of the aged subjects
and nutrition can be maintained at the

proper standard,

blood rich in hemoglobin and red corpuscles,
intensifies its affinity for oxygen and in-

vigorates arterial circulation.
PEPTO-MANGAN (GUDE) exhibits its

blood-enriching, strength-imparting and re-
generative properties most conspicuously

when administered to persons of advanced age.

bination of organic iron and manganese, and
is free from the objectionable features of

inorganic iron preparations,
PEPTO-MANGAN (GUDE) is ready for

quick absorption and rapid infusion into the
blood and is consequently of marked and
certain value in the debility and infirmity of


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old age.

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BACTERIOLOGICAL WALL CHART FOR THE PHYSICIAN'S OFFice.-One of our scientific, and artistically, produced, bacteriological charts in colors, exhibiting 60 different pathogenic microorganisms, will be mailed free to any regular medical practitioner, upon request, mentioning this journal. This chart has received the highest praise from leadiag bacteriologists and pathologists, in this and other countries, not only for its scientific accuracy, but for the artistic and skillfui inanner in which it has been executed. It exhibits more illustrations of the different micro-organisms than can be found in any one text-book published. M. J. BREITENBACH CO., NEW YORK,

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A palatable emulsion of lecithin. Rich in
organic phosphorus. Stimulates nutrition,
increases hemoglobin and leucocytes and im-
proves the appetite. LECITHOL is indicated
in rickets, infantile atrophy, pancreatic dia-
betes, chlorosis, tuberculosis, and as a tonic
for the aged and overworked.



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Rest, Recuperation and Health at the Battle Creek Sanitarium



An examination of their illustrated booklet hows show different the Battle Creek Sanitarium is from other health resorts. Its cuisine, conducted according to the Caloric system is different. Its remarkable system of baths including Nauheim is different. Its system of manual Swedish movements is different. Its school of nealth is unique and fascinating. Its care and treatment of guests, especially invalids, are preculiarly its own. Indeed, the whole vast institution, its atmosphere and environments are suffused with what has beccme known the world over as “The Battle Creek Idea."

Its main building, at solutely fire proof, contains seven acres of ideal indoors. It has over 100 suites with
private baths, telephone in every room, model kitchen and sunny dining rooms on top floor with 50-mile view,
great palm garden, delightful sun parlors, elegant lobbies, parlors and rest foyers, wide porches and spacious
home-like rooms. It employs the most elaborate and costly scientific equipment for phototherapy, electricity,
X-ray electric light, baths, Finson rays, etc.

The Rates are Moderate. Board and room, including baths, services of bath attendants and necessary
medical attention, cost less at the Battle Creek Sanitarium than board and room alone at many resort hotels not
so elegantly appointed.

Those desiring absolute quiet and rest can have it at any time. For those desiring them, there are marches,
lectures, stereopticons, musicales, contests, exhibitions, walking, driving, tally-ho a d picnic parties and other
indoor and outdoor entertainments and amusements. Write for copy of their catalogue. Address-

Box 402, THE SANITARIUM, Battle Creek, Mich.
All through railroad tickets have stop-over privilege at Battle Creek.

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Author of “Songs by the Wayside," " Winona and Other Stories," "The Toiler and Other Poems."

“I am not anxious about my children, but in their doing well in this world. I would rather make them feel one moral virtue than read libraries of all the dead and living languages.”—John HUNTER.

In the whole history of medicine it is almost impossible to find a more striking personality than John Hunter. Great man of science and surgeon that he was, we love to look back a few centuries, with pleasure and satisfaction, upon the eventful years that covered his life. “It is impossible," writes one, “to include in one view the multitudinous forms of Hunter's work; you cannot see the wood for the trees.

Picture Hunter going around as physician, surgeon, anatomist, biologist, pathologist and naturalist-all these faculties developed to a high degree-and your mind's eye can form a picture of the strong, versatile talent of this great and wonderful man. John Hunter was not an idle dreamer, sitting by the wayside, thinking and spinning out his wonderful theories, his fancy rearing strange castles in the air. No, far from it. Hunter was a builder. He

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