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To Educate School Children from the beginning of their school lives seems to be proper and right, in matters of sanitary science. Indeed, we have long ago pointed out that physiology should be abolished in connection where it is taught in ordinary school curricua, and sanitary science substituted. Good reswts will only accrue in years to come when the children are brought up to the right principles of hygiene. All this emphasizes the importance of leadership. Leadership means governmental departments of health.

Were Confederation again to be inaugurated a Minister of Ilealth would be, as he should be, one of the very first of the Ministers to be chosen. A Minister of Ilealth should walk hand in hand with a Minister of Finance. He is of far more importance than a Minister of Justice or any subordinate Minister. If, in a given household, a member is to die, say of tuberculosis, the head of that household would willingly give up all his financial increment for the health of the individual threatened with destruction. If health in a household is of more importance than finances, in the unit of society, the home, is it not of just as much value in the congregation of households, the state? Given good health and finances to all, the importance of a Department of Justice is greatly diminished. Give the people good health and finances, and crime will diminish.

Anything New in Appendicitis is Always Interesting ---Now it is discovered that our method of defication is the cause. short time ago the introduction of steel rollers for the milling of flour, and the small particles of steel which got into the Hour, and in process of time got into the appendix, with resultant irritation and inflammation, was cited as the cause. This is scouted, however, by the new aspirant to appendicitis fame. We are taken to India and are told how they do it in India and the new suggestion as to cause may have it measure of truth in it, is it seems to be wellestablished that in India there is very little appendicitis. There are said to be two factors at work in India, namely, the free pairgation for everyone with anything and the posture assumed in de fication. To appreciate the latter, the method of defeating hy the native needs to be described. Ilere is the description in the words of The Lancet: The native gather's up the fringes of his cloth into a ball and presses it upon the ilio-hypogastrie region. He then squats down, the right foot pressed firmly on the ground

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and the right thigh pressing firmly on the right ilio-hypogastric region. The left foot is placed behind, resting on the toes, so that the left thigh forms a large angle with the left abdominal wall. In this attitude the cecum is well compressed, the regurgitation of fæces or gas from the bowel prevented, and a stimulus to downward peristalsis is kept up; thus the cecum is thoroughly emptied and the contents are driven lower. Then the native changes so that the position of the lower limbs is reversed, the left thigh being sharply flexed and the right thigh extended; in this way the lower bowel is emptied." If there is any weight to this theory—and we have heard of it before in connection with hernia, that the sitting rather than the squatting posture favored hernia-then, another field opens itself up for preventive medicine. The sitting urinal will have to be abolished, and one to facilitate squatting, as they do it in India, substituted.

The Splendid Programme the Committee on Papers of the Ontario Medical Association, which meets in Hamilton on May 26th, 27th and 28th, reflects a great deal of credit on the energy and ability of the Committee to provide a programme rarely excelled in medical society work in Canada. We printed this programme and other particulars in our Mareh issue. The scientific side promises so well that it will be difficult to equal it in coming years. Then the Entertainment Committee has not allowed themselves to be outshone by the other aggregation. The entertainments of the social side are going to be of a high order. The two combined cannot afford to be missed by anyone. Remember in purchasing a single first-class ticket to Ilamilton to ask the ticket agent for a Standard Convention Certificate, and as soon as you get to the meeting and register, your next duty is to hand that certificate to the General Secretary who will do the rest.

The Provisional Programme of the Coming Forty-first Annual Meeting of the Canadian Medical Association will be sent out early in May in the General Secretary's annual circular. Keep the dates in mind, 9th, 10th and 11th of June.


News Items.

WEST Toronto is to have a new hospital in the near future.

NORTH Vancouver is to have a new hospital to cost $10,000 and accommodate 12 patients.

The British Columbia Government has granted $15,000 to the Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, for the current hospital year.

The death is announced of Dr. James Stephenson, of Iroquois, Ont., at the age of 73 years. At one time he enjoyed one of the largest practices in Eastern Ontario.

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WINNIPEG City Council, believing it would be acting outside its powers, has refused to submit a by-law for $225,000 for the purposes of the Winnipeg General Hospital.

LT.-COL J. T. FOTIIERINGHAM, M.D., Toronto, will represent the Canadian Army Medical Corps at the Navy, Army and Ambulance section of the British Medical Association in Sheffield, England, in July.

Dr. McNeill, of Prince Edward Island, was recently proceeded against under the Prohibition Act, for writing prescriptions for alcohol alleged to be for other than medicinal purposes. This is the first case of its kind ever before the Canadian Courts.

The new I'niversity of Alberta has been organized, the seat of same to be at Edmonton. Prof. H. M. Tory, LL.D., formerly of McGill, is the President. Work will be commenced in September with forty students. There will be a course in arts and one in applied science.

Dr. R. TAIT MCKENZIE, Director of Physical Education at the University of Pennsylvania, has an exhibition of statuettes, basreliefs and medals in bronze in the Art Gallery in Montreal. This same work has been exhibited in most of the large cities of the United States and in Europe.

Publishers' Department

INFECTIOUS DISEASES.— As the kidneys are the most active channel of elimination, not only of leucomaines and ptomaines, but also the micro-organisms of infectious and other diseases, it is specially important that elimination be constantly favored by the administration of a soothing and healing diuretic resolvent. This indication is met by administering sanmetto in teaspoonful doses four times a day. This explains why this remedy is so valuable as adjuvant treatment in la grippe, scarlet fever, gonorrhea and other diseases.

INSTEAD OF MORPHIA OR OPIUM.—We meet with many cases in practice suffering intensely from pain, where because of an idiosyncrasy or some other reason it is not advisable to give morphine or opium by the mouth, or morphine hypodermically, but frequently these very cases take kindly to codeia, and when assisted by antikamnia its action is all that could be desired. In the grinding pains which precede and follow labor, and the uterine contractions which often lead to abortion, in tic douloureux, brachialagia, cardialgia, gastralgia, hepatalgia, nephralgia and dysmenorrhoea, immediate relief is afforded by the use of this combination, and the relief is not merely temporary and palliative but in very many cases curative. The most available form in which to exhibit these remedies is in antikamnia and codeine tablets. The physician cannot be too careful in the selection of the kind of codeia he administers. The manufacturers of antikamnia and codeine tablets guarantee the purity of every grain of codeia which enters into their tablets. This not only prevents habit and the consequent irritation which follows the use of impure codeia, but it does away with constipation or any other untoward effect.

THE NECESSITY FOR HEMATICS AFTER MISCARRIAGES.—The more one studies the pathological conditions which follow premature expulsion of a fetus, the more evident it becomes that changes and complications which result from such unnatural termination of a natural process, are little appreciated. There can be little wonder, therefore, that abortions and miscarriages so often give rise to countless female ills, and so frequently lead to lives of more or less chronic invalidism.

Take, for instance, the average case. The whole female organism, as soon as conception takes place, makes preparations to

For COUGHS and



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Canadensis, Populus Balsamifera and Chloroform. As a routine expectorant, it is the same reliable product that has had the support of the profession

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