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cal Association, asking for a National Department of Public Health, under one of the existing Ministers.

On behalf of the Canadian Medical Association.

The Committee: E. P. LACHAPELLE, M.D., Convener.


Dr. R. W. Powell, Ottawa, the General Secretary of the Association, Lieut.-Col. Carleton Jones, M.D., Dr. Schaffner, M.P., and Dr. Wilbert McIntyre addressed the Premier and his Minister.

The Prime Minister and Mr. Fisher were very much interested in the different addresses, at the close of which Mr. Fisher, in response to the query of Sir Wilfrid, as to whether it were feasible, stated in his opinion it was, but that he could foresee some difficulties in the way of an immediate re-organization and consolidation of the different medical services of the Government.


The 28th annual meeting of the Ontario Medical Association will be held in the Normal College Building, Victoria Avenue South, Hamilton, May 26th, 27th and 28th, 1908.


President-Dr. Ingersoll Olmsted, Hamilton.
Vice-Presidents-Dr. H. J. Hamilton, Toronto; Dr. D. E.

— Mundell, Kingston ; Dr. C. E. Casgrain, Windsor ; Dr. T. S. T. Smellie, Fort William.

General SecretaryDr. Charles P. Lusk, 99 Bloor St. West, Toronto.

Assistant Secretaries-Dr. Samuel Johnston, 169 Carlton St, Toronto; Dr. J. Heurner Mullin, 201 James St. S., Hamilton.

Treasurer--Dr. Frederick Fenton, 75 Bloor St. East, Toronto,

Chairman, Committee on Papers and Business-Dr. R. R. Wallace, 113 Main St. W., Hamilton.

, Chairman, Committee on Arrangements-Dr. A. B. Osborne, 42 Charlton Ave. E., Hamilton.

To the Members of the Profession of the Province of Ontario

We have pleasure in announcing to you the 28th Annual Meeting of the Ontario Medical Association, which will be held in the Normal College Building, Victoria Avenue South, Hamilton, May 26th, 27th and 28th next. In response to the very evident feeling of the members at the last meeting, that the work of the Association could be broadened and the sympathetic co-operation of a larger number of the Profession secured by a departure from the routine of the last few years, it was decided to hold the 1908 meeting in Hamilton. The members in Hamilton have enthusiastically responded in making preparation for the event, as a perusal of the programme will show.

The meeting will again be divided into sections of Medicine and Surgery, and probably sections in Obstetrics and Pediatrics in the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, and in Preventive Medicine, which will meet in the morning for the reading of papers and their discussion, and General Sessions meeting in the afternoon, during which the addresses will be delivered and papers of general interest read. These will be followed on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons by the Business Sessions. The evenings will be given up to pleasure. Tuesday evening there will be a Smoking Concert at the Yacht Club at IIamilton Beach, and on Wednesday, at 8 p.m., the Annual Dinner at the Royal Hotel, when the visiting members will be the guests of the Medical Profession of Hamilton. For each of these evenings suitable programmes are being arranged so that nothing in the way of entertainment will be wanting

The Business Session on Wednesday afternoon, May 27th, will demand the attendance of every member of the Association, to hear the reports of the Committees and for the election of the officers for the ensuing year. The Committee appointed to revise the Constitution in harmony with that of the new Constitution of the Canadian Medical Association will present its report and as the discussion of this matter is fraught with interest of moment to every practitioner, involving as it does the question of the organization of the medical profession of the Province and of th: Dominion, you ought to be there.

The following gentlemen from outside the Province have promised to attend, and the list of names is such as will of itself lend pre-eminent interest to the scientific side of the programme.

Charles G. Stockton, Professor of Medicine, University of Buffalo, and

Charles L. Scudder, Surgeon to the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, who will respectively deliver the addresses in Vedicine and Surgery.

Virgil P. Gibney, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Medical Department, Columbia University, New York City.

Harry C. Buswell, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University of Buffalo.

Thos. McCrae, Associate Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

Lewis G. Cole, New York City.

Benson P. Cohoe, Assistant Physician to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. Harry P. Lyle, Surgeon to St. Luke's Hospital, New York City.

J. C. Meakins, Pathologist to the Presbyterian Hospital, New York City.

llermon Sanderson, Detroit.

George E. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery, University of McGill, Montreal.

A. E. Garrow, Associate Professor of Surgery, University of McGill, Montreal.

John W. Stirling, Montreal.

Campbell IIoward, Assistant in Medicine, University of McGill, Montreal.

Colin K. Russell, sometime Chief Resident Officer at the National Hospital, Queen's Square, London ; Assistant in Medicine, University of McGill, Montreal.

Time Limits-Papers read in Sections, fifteen minutes. Discussions, in Sections, five minutes. Discussions, in General Sessions, ten minutes.


Any regular practitioner of the Province in good standing is eligible for membership. Secure from the Treasurer a blank membership form, have your application endorsed by two members of the Association, deposit it and two dollars, the annual fee, with the Treasurer. The application must come before the Committee on Credentials, for final acceptance.


The Committee have secured the regular convention rates upon the lines of the Eastern Canadian Passenger Association from points east of and including Port Arthur. Ask your railway agent for a Standard Certificate as a member of the Ontario Medical Association, and buy a full single first-class fare ticket to Hamilton. On arrival hand the certificate to the Secretary. The Passenger Association will have a special agent at the buildings at noon, each day, to supervise the certificates, to cover the cost of which a fee of 25 cents will be charged. If 50 members, bearing certificates, are present who have paid 50 cents or more for their tickets to Hamilton, you will be returned for one-third the lowest regular first-class fare on presenting your certificate, duly signed and vised. If 300 are present you will be returned free; but if less than 50, two-thirds will have to be paid. Let each member coming to the city take the time to secure a standard certificate, and thus help those coming from a greater distance to make sure of their reduced fares.

The final order of papers will be announced in the Programme

to be sent out early in May.

TUESDAY, MAY 26TH.—MORNING SESSION. Medical Section“ Vaccine Therapy in Medicine and Surgery.”—W. L. Silcox,

Hamilton. Discussion to be led by W. Gibson, Kingston, and

G. W. Ross, Toronto. “Diphtheria Antitoxins as Prophylactic and Curative Agents.”

-W. Goldie, Toronto. “ Some Points in the Treatment of Puerperal Septicemia.”—

Adam H. Wright, Toronto. “Neurasthenia from the Etiological Standpoint.”—H. B. An

derson, Toronto. Paper— Title to be sent.-Benson Cohoe, Baltimore. Paper-Title to be sent.-A. Dalton Smith, Mount Forest.

Surgical Section-
“ The Treatment of Dislocations of the Acromial End of the

Clavicle.”—L. W. Cockburn, Hamilton.
“Method of Treatment of Sprained Ankle."-J. Sheahan, St.

Catharines. “ Obstruction due to Cancer of the Large Bowel."-H. A. Bruce,

Toronto. “ The Third Dimension in the Visualization of Surgical Pro

cedures (with Lantern Slides).”—N. A. Powell, Toronto. “ The II yperemic Treatment."--H. P. Lyle, New York City. Clinic and Luncheon at the City Hospital.

President's Address.
Pathology–J.J. Mackenzie.
Cerebral Manifestations-Colin K. Russell, Montreal.
Aortic Arch Manifestations-Thomas McCrae, Baltimore.
Muscle Manifestations---Harry C. Buswell, Buffalo.
Visceral Manifestations-J. A. Bauer, Hamilton.
Treatment-H. A. McCallum, London.

TUESDAY EVENING. Smoking Concert at the Yacht Club, Hamilton Beach, under the management of the Committee on Arrangements, who are providing an entertaining programme.

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