The Routledge Anthology of Poets on Poets: Poetic Responses to English Poetry from Chaucer to Yeats

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Routledge, 2 сент. 2003 г. - Всего страниц: 288
The Routledge Anthology of Poets on Poets collects together writings by all the major poetic figures from Chaucer to Yeats demonstrating their vivid responses to each other, ranging from elegiac eulogy to burlesque and satire.
The anthology is arranged in two sections.
Part One contains poets' writings on the nature, qualities and purpose of poetry
Part Two is a chronological collection of poets' writings on their peers, with an individual entry for each poet.
Each extract is presented in modernized spelling and punctuation, and is carefully annotated to provide full explanations of unfamiliar phrases and references. The index has been fully revised for this paperback edition.
The Routledge Anthology of Poets on Poets will be stimulating and enjoyable for anyone interested in the history of English poetry, but will also be an invaluable collection of primary source material for students and their teachers.

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