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land of Canaan could be secured. The peo- . ple, said they, be strong, that dwell in the land: and the cities are walled and very great. We be not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we. So these nominal Christians eagerly bring forward unto notice, and heighten with every extravagance of exaggeration, the trials which attend a Chriftian life. They describe the temptations, against which the Christian has to maintain a conflict, as almost irresistible.

“ His duty," they cry, "is most fevere; his watchfulness "unremitting ; his labour extreme ; his fuc“ cess very doubtful, and in appearance nearly

hopeless.” And moreover, continued the {pies, we saw the children of Anak there : there we saw the giants, the fons of Anak which come of the giants. “In addition too,” exclaim the nominal Christians, “ to the hardships al

ready enumerated as awaiting us in the “ paths of religion ; we there perceive those “ detested enemies of human happiness, those.

objects of our abhorrence and our dread, “ mortification and self-denial. Who," they demand, in the language of St. Paul, but in a spirit directly opposite to that by which the apostle was governed; " Who is fiufficient “ for these things?” Inwardly averse to that righteousness which the Scripturcs enjoin ;


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they studiously represent it as unattainable, and labour to render it unacceptable. Intent on framing apologies for declining to devote themselves to God; and solicitous to vindicate themselves by the authority and fupport of companions in fin: they scruple not to delineate the Father of mercies as a hard Master ; and his service as difficult and toilsome beyond the ability of man, and therefore, as in forgetfulness or contempt of the promised grace of the Holy Spirit they blindly and presumptuously pronounce, exceeding in its prescribed extent the bounds of human duty.

II. But my fervant Caleb, saith the Lord, had another Spirit with him, and bath followed me fully. He stilled the people before Mofes, and said, together 'with Jothua; Let us go up at once and pollefs the land: for we are well able to overcome it. If the Lord delight in us, then he will bring us into the land, and give it us; a land which floweth with milk and honey. Only rebel not ye against the Lord: neither fear де the people of the land; for they are bread for us. Their defence is deparied from them; and the Lord is with us. Fear them not. Caleb had no apprehensions; he looked not around for objections; he raised up no difficulties. And why? Because he followed the


Lord fully. He placed entire confidence in God. He knew that whatever God promised, he was able to perform. The strong people that dwelt in the land, the cities walled and very great, the sons of Anak who were giants, he regarded as nothing. He beheld with the eye of faith the Lord of hosts going before him to battle, and casting down all enemies under his feet. His heart was with his God. He delighted to obey the divine commands. Only rebel not ye against the Lord. This was his main desire both for his countrymen and for himself. To the protection of the God whom he loved, he committed himself. Consequences he left to Omnipotence. His own concern was duty. “ All the labours, all the sufferings, to which “ it may please my heavenly King to summon

me, will be lightened by his never-failing goodness, and will be abundantly overpaid

by his promised inheritance." His heart spoke thus; and was at reft.

Through the grace of God, and it is through that grace alone, there are those among the Christians of our own days who are animated by the spirit of Caleb and of Joshua. They follow the Lord fully. Religion is their choice; holiness their delight: Thoroughly convinced of the truth of God,


of the mercies of redemption, of the glories of the world to come; they hesitate not to encounter the toils of Christian warfare. They are not ignorant of the strength of their enemies. They are aware that it is far greater than it is imagined or represented to be by the worldly-minded men, who refuse to encouater it.

“ We know,” they reply to the deceivers who would persuade them to shrink back from the courle of duty; "we know that we have to contend with the “ flesh and the world; with the corruption of

our own hearts; with your evil customs,

your scoffs and your snares; with Satan and “his angels, the principalities and powers of “ darkness. But we are ready to set the “ battle in array. We are ready to go forth “ in the name of our God. Mightier is he " that is with us than they that are against

His strength is perfected in our weak“ ness. His grace is sufficient for us: and “ is able to make us more than conquerors " through him that loved us, even through

Jesus Christ.”

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Ill. You are now acquainted with the different fpirit of two different classes of persons to be found among modern Christians. Which of the two do you judge to be the right? Which


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or not.

of the two do you esteem the. wiser? Come and let us reason together on this subject. The Ifraelites were directed to search out and examine the land of Canaan by means of their spies, before they should attempt to take poffeffion of it. In the same manner Christ admonishes those, who are desirous of becoming his disciples, to sit down first and count the cost (a). Not that the Israelites were left at liberty in point of duty to choose and determine for themselves whether they would proceed into Canaan, or not. Neither are you left at liberty in point of duty to determine for yourselves whether you will be religious

The Ifraelites were commanded to proceed into Canaan, and you are commanded to be religious, under pain of the wrath of almighty God. Why then are you required to sit down and count the cost of being religious ? For the same reason for which the Israelites were instructed to search out the land of Canaan : namely, that through the promised affistance of him from whom is the preparation of the heart (6), you may prepare your minds beforehand for the task which you have to perform; and may thoroughly understand the greatness of the promised reward.

Do not imagine that I seek as it were to delude


into the service of religion by (a) Luke, xiv. 28-33. (6) Prov. xvi. I.


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