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11 Most humble Spirit! mighty God!
Sweet must thy presence be,

If loss of Jesus can be gain,
So long as we have thee!

[blocks in formation]

1 "DESCEND to thy Jerusalem, O Lord!"
Her faithful children cry, with one accord;
Come, ride in triumph on! behold we lay
Our guilty lusts and proud wills in thy way.

2 Welcome, O, welcome to our hearts, Lord! here Thou hast a temple too, and full as dear

As that in Sion, and as full of sin :

How long shall thieves and robbers dwell therein ?

3 Enter and chase them forth, and cleanse the floor! Destroy their strength, that they may never more Profane with traffic vile that holy place,

Which thou hast chosen, there to set thy face.

4 And then, if our stiff tongues shall silent be
In praises of thy finished victory,

The temple-stones shall cry, and loud repeat
Hosanna! and thy glorious footsteps greet!




L. M.


1 O, DAY of days! shall hearts set free
No "minstrel rapture" find for thee?
Thou art the sun of other days,
They shine by giving back thy rays:

2 Enthronéd in thy sovereign sphere,
Thou shedd'st thy light on all the year;
Sundays by thee more glorious break,
An Easter day in every week.

3 And week-days, following in their train,
The fulness of thy blessing gain,
Till all, both resting and employ,
Be one Lord's-day of holy joy.

4 So is it still to holy tears,

In lonely hours, Christ risen appears :
In social hours, who Christ would see,
Must turn all tasks to charity.

C. M.


1 Now, when the Spirit of our God

Comes down his flock to find,

No voice from heaven is heard abroad,
No rushing mighty wind.




2 Nor doth the outward sense to-day

At that high warning start,

But conscience hears the sound — the ray
Is flashed upon the heart.

3 It fills the church of God; it fills
The sinful world around;
Only in stubborn hearts and wills
No place for it is found.

4 To other strains our souls are set :
A giddy world of sin

Fills ear and brain, and will not let
Heaven's harmonies come in.

5 Come Lord; come wisdom, love, and power,
Open our ears to hear;

Let us not miss the accepted hour,
Save, Lord, by love or fear.

[blocks in formation]

1 DAY divine! when in the temple
To the Lord's first lovers came
Glory new and treasure ample,
Mighty gifts and tongues of flame!
Day to happy souls commended,
When the Holy Ghost was given,
When the Comforter descended,

And brought down the joy of heaven!

2 Lord! to-day thy people learneth No past wonder, no strange tale; Lord to-day thy people yearneth

Here the Holy Ghost to hail!
O'er again to write this story
Our weak, trembling souls aspire:
Unto us may come the glory -
Full on us may fall the fire!

3 Hath the Holy Ghost been holden
By those ancient saints alone?
Only may the ages olden

Call the Comforter their own?
Ah! their portion we inherit,
Ours the sorrow, ours the sin!
We beseech the Holy Spirit -
We the Comforter would win.

[blocks in formation]

Charitable, Anniversary, Missionary, and other Meetings.


7s M.


New Year.

1 WHILE, with ceaseless course, the sun
Hasted through the former year,

Many souls their race have run,
Never more to meet us here:

Fixed in an eternal state,

They have done with all below;

We a little longer wait,

But how little none can know.

2 As the wingéd arrow flies,

Speedily the mark to find,—
As the lightning from the skies

Darts, and leaves no trace behind,

Swiftly thus our fleeting days

Bear us down life's rapid stream:
Upwards, Lord, our spirits raise;
All below is but a dream.

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