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Cyko has Tone Gradations

This means that almost every negative has thin parts-almost clear glass at times (under-exposed shadows) and dense portions (fully exposed high-lights), and with other papers the resulting print will consist of burnt black paper on one side and chalky white on the other. With CYKO the shadows will be there to be sure, but full of transparency, allowing the details to show in a low tone. The highlights will also be there, full of middle tints and detail. In other words, the light and shadows blend so harmoniously through such soft progressive gradation of tones that there is no strong dividing line.

Cyko is Made in Three Grades

designated as Contrast, Normal, Soft.

Any one can tell whether a negative is thin, of normal density or contrastive. For a thin negative CONTRAST CYKO is used; for a normal negative NORMAL CYKO is used, and for a contrastive negative SOFT CYKO will give a beautiful print.

Cyko is Made in Five Surfaces

To suit the subject of your negative, as follows: GLOSSY CYKO has a surface with a high gloss similar to the old P. O. P. glossy gelatine paper. SEMI-MATTE CYKO has an ivory-like matte surface closely resembling that of very smooth Platinum paper. STUDIO CYKO has a surface identical with that of Matte Collodion P. O. P., that is, a matte surface with a slight sheen which gives a velvety or satin appearance to the print. PLAT. CYKO has a surface identical with that of the original Platinum with a rich, almost imperceptible grain. ROUGH CYKO is the same as Rough Platinum surface.

It will pay you

to find out all about


If you have not secured the "Twin Books" of Photography write us at once for them or obtain them from your dealer.

Ansco Company
Binghamton, N. Y.

Combination Offer

The following BOOKS and ALBUMS with one year's Subscription to

The Photographic Times

will be supplied for a limited time only.

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Any of these BOOKS or ALBUMS would make an Acceptable Gift to any. one interested in Photography. A full description of each will be found on other pages.

Photographic Times Publishing

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THESE ALBUMS for Unmounted Photographs are made precisely like the old fashioned scrap book, with a guard between every leaf. The leaves themselves are made of a linen finished cover paper, from extra heavy stock, weighing 120 pounds to the ream. The books are bound in genuine Seal Grained Leather, backs and corners, with strong Cloth sides. The covers are tooled with genuine gold leaf, and the word "PHOTOGRAPHS" is stamped in gold on the sides. These Albums are sewed in the regular bookbinders' style, to open flat, and they are made to stand the hardest kind of wear. We are putting them out over the reputation of "The Photographic Times," and

We Guarantee Every Book

These Albums contain fifty leaves each, for holding from one hundred to two hundred unmounted photographs, according to the size of the prints. The prices and sizes of these Albums for Photographs are as follows:

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$1.25 each




3.00 3.50

When ordered to be sent by mail, send 15c extra for postage

for any size up to 7x 10, and 20c for the two larger sizes.

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If Full Seal Grained Leather is desired, add 50 per cent, extra to these prices, Special sizes will be made to order. If you want an Album for your Photographs that will last as long as the prints do (and longer), let us send you one of these books. Each Album is put up in a strong pasteboard box, wrapped inside and out, with labels.

Orders from the Trade are Solicited

Photographic Times Publishing Ass'n



(Late Editor of The Photographic Times.)

This is

book which commends itself to all Amateurs, Profes= sionals, and even those not particularly interested in Photography

It is Profusely Illustrated

And contains an Introduction by Mr. W. I. Lincoln Adams.

Forty-Nine Chapters and over One Hundred Pages of Reading Matter
and Illustrations, packed full of interesting and entertaining things.


The Mirror and the Camera

The Photo-Anamorphosis

Statuette Portraits

Magic Photographs

Spirit Photography


Luminous Photographs
Floral Photography
Distorted Images

Photographs Without Light
Electric Photographs

Magic Vignettes

Photography for Household Decoration

Leaf Prints

To Make a Pen and Ink Sketch from a Photograph

Photographs on Silk

Photographing a Catastrophe

Photographs on Various Fabrics


Photographing the Invisible

How to Make Photographs in a Bottle

Photographs in Any Color


The Disappearing Photograph

Freak Pictures with a Black Background

How to Copy Drawings

Sympathetic Photographs

Dry Plates That Will Develop with Water
Caricature Photographs
Photographing Sea Weeds
Stamp Portraits


Paper Covers.

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In Card-board

Price, One Dollar

Mailing Case.

Will be sent to any address, Postage prepaid, on receipt of price by the Publishers

The Photographic Times Publishing Association, 135 West Fourteenth St., New York


Of Extraordinary Interest to YOU

The publishers of AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY have contracted for an edition of 5000 sets of

The Complete Self-Instructing Library of Practical Photography,

the acknowledged standard on the Art of Photography in all its branches, for the benefit of subscribers to


and to each subscriber will be extended the privilege of securing a single set of this Library, which everyone interested in Photography will have to have sooner or later, at the same net wholesale price paid by the publishers of AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY for such set in a lot of 5000.

AN UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY, A TREMENDOUS SAVING for those who are or who become subscribers to AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY, the Progressive Photographic Monthly, "representing all that its name implies."


The first edition of the COMPLETE SELF-INSTRUCTING LIBRARY OF PRACTICAL PHOTOGRAPHY was in eight volumes; completed in May, 1909. So great was the demand for the books that the whole edition was sold out in five months.

The entire second edition which has been secured by American Photography is now ready for delivery. This edition of the Library having been revised, added to and brought down to 1910 is in ten uniform volumes of about 400 pages each.

Elementary Photography Vol. V.
Negative Developing.
After Manipulation.
Wet Plates.
Vol. III. General Exterior

Vol. IV. Photographic Printing
Part 1.,

Vol. I.
Vol. II.

Photographic Printing Vol. VIII. Studio Portraiture.
(Part 2.)

Copying. Enlarging.
Lantern Slides.

Vol. VI. At Home Portraiture.
Vol. VII. Studio Portraiture.
(Part 1.)

1304 Beacon Building, BOSTON, MASS.,

U.S. A.


IT IS PRACTICAL; It covers both theory and practice; it tells the "why" as well as the "how."

Fill out, mail coupon today: we will send you particulars regarding the greatest opportunity ever offered those interested in Photography. Through AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY is the only way you can secure the Library in single sets at wholesale prices.

(Part 2.)
Studio System.
Color Photography.
Vol. IX. Commercial Photography.
Press Photography.
Scientific Photography
Negative Retouching.
Etching and Modeling.
Encyclopedic Index.

Vol. X.


Street and No..

Please send without cost to me


a sample copy of American Photography, also matter describing the Complete Self-Instructing Library Practical Photography. Booklet containing nearly 1,000 opinions of the Library from first edition subscribers, together with full information regarding your special wholesale offer, price, terms, etc.

Am. Photog.



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