Medievalism: The Middle Ages in Modern England

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Yale University Press, 2007 - Всего страниц: 306
Cover page -- Halftitle page -- Title page -- Copyright page -- Dedication -- Contents -- Illustrations -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- Chronology -- Introduction -- Plates -- chapter 1 The Advent of the Goths the medieval in the 1760s -- chapter 2 Chivalry, Romances and Revival chaucer into scott: the lay of the last minstrel and ivanhoe -- chapter 3 Dim Religious Lights the lay, christabel and 'the eve of st agnes' -- chapter 4 'Residences for the Poor' the pugin of contrasts -- chapter 5 Back to the Future in the 1840s carlyle, ruskin, sybil, newman -- chapter 6 'The Death of Arthur was the Favourite Volume' malory into tennyson -- chapter 7 History, the Revival and the PRB westminster, ivanhoe, visions and revisions -- chapter 8 History and Legend the subjects of poetry and painting -- chapter 9 The Working Men and the Common Good madox brown, maurice, morris, hopkins -- chapter 10 Among the Lilies and the Weeds hopkins, whistler, burne-jones, beardsley -- chapter 11 'I Have Seen ... A White Horse' chesterton, yeats, ford, pound -- chapter 12 Modernist Medievalism eliot, pound, jones -- chapter 13 Twentieth-century Christendom waugh, auden, inklings, hill -- epilogue 'Riding through the glen' -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index

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A study of the "Medieval Revival" in England beginning with the rise of gothic literature in the 1760s and extending well into the twentieth century (encompassing art, architecture, literature, printing, &c.). Well made and beautifully illustrated. Читать весь отзыв


The Advent of the Goths
Chivalry Romances and Revival
Dim Religious Lights
Residences for the Poor
The Death of Arthur was the Favourite Volume
History the Revival and the
History and Legend
The Working Men and the Common Good
Among the Lilies and the Weeds
Modernist Medievalism
Twentiethcentury Christendom
Riding through the glen
The Study of Medieval Romance in
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Michael Alexander was professor of English, St. Andrews University. Among his publications are translations and editions of Old and Middle English literature, and A History of English Literature.

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