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1 Directory of the State Government and Principal State Officers and Employes,

2. Organization of Executive Branch and Powers and Duties of State Officers and


3. State-Aided Universities,

Salaries of Principal State Officers, Members of Boards and Commissions and

Employes Whose Compensation is Fixed by Law,

5. Biographical Sketches of State Officers and United States Senators,

6. Declaration of Independence,

7. Constitution of the United States of Am ica, with Analytical Index,

8 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1873, with Analytical Index,

9. History of the Several Constitutions of Pennsylvania,

10. Votes Cast on Home Rule Amendment at Election held November 7, 1922,

11. Vote on Four Proposed Amendments to State Constitution, November 6, 1923,

12 Date Organization of Territories and Admissio of States into the Union,

13. Population and Area of the United States, in Square Miles, by States and


14. Area and Population of Pennsylvania, by Counties,

1.5. Popu'a tion of Pennsylvania by Counties, 1860 to 1920,

16. Population of Pennsylvania by Counties, According to Sex, Color, Race and

Nativity, 1920,

17. Population of Pennsylvania by Counties, Showing Country of Birth of the

Foreign-born white,

18. Population of Pennsylvania by Counties, Males and Females, Twenty-one Years

of Age and Over,

19. Population of Pennsglrania by Counties, Urban and Rural, 1920, 1910, and 1900,

20. Population of Pennsylvania by Minor Civil Divisions, 1920,

21. Organization of Counties of Pennsylvania,

22. Organization of Counties and County Towns in Pennsylvania,

23. Classification of the Counties of Pennsylvania, Act regulating the,

24. Classification of the Counties of Pennsylvania, Census of 1920,

25. Classification of the Cities of Pennsylvania, Act regulating the,

26. Classification of Cities of Pennsylvania,

27. First Class Townships of State,

28. Number of Congressmen and Presidential Electors to which each State is En-


29. Act of Congress for the Apportionment of Representatives in Congress among

the several States under the Thirteenth Census,

30. Number of Congressmen Apportioned to Pennsylvania, since 1790,

31. Apportionment of the State into Congressional Districts,

32. Apportionment of the State into Senatorial Districts,

33. Apportionment of the State into Representative Districts,


Apportionment of the State into Judicial Districts,

35. Election Laws of Pennsylvania, with Index,

36. National Party Officers,

37. State Party Officers,

38. Date of Next Election for President, see page 543 for Date of State Elections,

39. Popular Vote for President, 1856 to 1920,

40. Electoral Vote by States for President, 1868-1920,

41. Popular and Electoral Vote for President and Vice-President, 1789-1920,

42. Popular Vote of Pennsylvania for President from 1789-1920,

43, Electoral Vote of Pennsylvania, 1789-1920,

44. Popular Vote for United States Senators of Pennsylvania, 1914-1922,

45. Popular Vote for Governor of Pennsylvania, 1790-1922,

46. Date of State Elections in 1924 and 1925,

47. Vote of Pennsylvania for Governor, by Counties, 1922,

48. Vote of Pennsylvania for Lieutenant-Governor, by ("ounties, 1922,

49. Vote of Pennsylvania for Secretary of Internal Affairs, by Counties, 1922,

50. Vote of Pennsylvania for United States Senators, by Counties, 1922,

51. Vote for Judges of Superior Court, by Counties, 1922 and 1923,

52. Vote of Pennsylvania for Presidential Electors, by Counties, 1920,

53. Vote of Pennsylvania for Presidential Electors, 1920,


Vote on Question of Holding a Constitutional Convention, 1921,

55. Vote for United States Senators and Governor, by Election Districts, 1922,


Vote for Representatives in the Sixty-eighth Congress, 1922,

Vote for Senators, by Senatorial Districts, 1922,

58. Vote for Members of the House of Representatives, by Legislative Districts,


59. Vote for Judges, 1923,

60. President of the United States and Cabinet Officers, 1924,

61. Members of the Sixty-eighth Congress, from Pennsylvania,

62. Principal Diplomatic Officers,

63. Governors of the States and Territories,

Principal United States Government Officers in Pennsylvania,

63. United States District Courts in Pennsylvania,

66. Principal United States Government Officers from Pennsylvania, 1783-1924,

87. United States Sonators and Representatives from Pennsylvania since 1789 and

Tering of Service,


Historical List of State Government Officials,

Government of the State of Pennsylvania during the Revolution,

70. Governors and other Officials of the Commonwealth with their Terms of Service,

71. Judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, since 1684,

72. Judges of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania,

73. Speakers and Presidents pro tempore of the Senate of Pennsylvania.

74. Speakers of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania,

Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, from

1870 to 1924,


Length of Sessions of the Legislature, 1776 to 1923,

77. State Supreme and Superior Courts,

78. Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania,

79. Judges of the Orphans' Courts of Pennsylvania,

80. Judges of the Municipal Court of Philadelphia,


Judges of the County Court of Allegheny County,

82. Times for holding Courts in Counties of Pennsylvania, 1924,

83. List of County Officers, by Counties, 1924,

84. List of Mayors of Cities of Pennsylvania,

85. List of Burgesses in Pennsylvania,

86. Post Offices in Pennsylvania, alphabetically arranged,

87. Post Offices in Pennsylvania, by Counties,

88. List of Newspapers Published in Pennsylvania,

89. *Journals and Magazines Published in Pennsylvania,

90. Finances of Pennsylvania, 1922-1924,

91. Comparative Statement of Treasury Receipts, for the years 1921, 1922, and

h:11-1 eur, 1923,

92. Comparative Statement of Treasury Payments, for the years 1921, 1922, and

half-year, 1923,

93. Statement showing State Debt, 1840 to 1922, and Receipts and Expenditures

from 1791 to November 30, 1922,

94. Public Loans of the Commonwealth,

95. Statement of General Fund Appropriations, 1921-1925,

96. Biographical Sketches of Senators and Members of the House of Representa-

tives, 1923-1924,

97. Men ers of the Senate, 1923-1924,

38. Directory of the Members of the Senate, 1923,

99. Officers and Employes of Senate, 1923-1924,

100. Standing Committees of the Senate, Session of 1923,

101. Assignment of Senators to Committees, Session of 1923,

102. Members of the House of Representatives, 1923-1924,

103. Directory of Members of the House of Representatives, 1923,

104. Officers and Employes of the House of Representatives, 1923-1924,

105. Standing Committees of the House of Representatives, Session of 1923,

106. Assignments of Representatives to Committees, Session of 1923,

107. Newspaper Legislative Correspondents, Session of 1923, and Resident Corres.

pondents, 1924,

108. Important Happenings Since Printing,

109. Legal Holidays in Pennsylvania,

110. Individual Index of Principal State Officers and Employes,


General Index,

[blocks in formation]


INSURANCE COMMISSIONER. CHARLES A. SNYDER, Pottsville, Schuylkill SAMUEL W. MOCULLOCH, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. (108 North Second Street.) County

(1307 Vorth Second Street.)


JAMES F. WOODWARD, McKeesport, Allegheny

(317 North Front Street. )



Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne

(Dauphin Hotel.)



SUPPLIES. OLYDE L. KING, Media, Delaware County, BERKEY H. BOYD, Scottdale, Westmoreland R. D. No. 3.


(917 North Serenteenth Street.)


SECRETARY, GAME COMMISSION. GEORGE W. WOODRUFF, Harrisburg, Dauphin SETH E. GORDON, Paxtang, Dauphin County. County,

(Parkway Apartments.)

[blocks in formation]


(Oorrected to September 1, 1924.

Harrisburg addresses given in parentheses.)

EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT. Special Deputy Auditor General-Charles A.
Governor's Office.

Waters, Germantown, Philadelphia County.

(231 North Second Street.) Governor-Gifford Pinchot, Milford, Pike County. Office Supervisor-J. Milton Wilson, Red Lion, (311 North Front Street.) York County

(32 North Second Street.) Administrative Executive-P. S.

Stahlnecker, chief Clerk-T. M. Willlamson, Erie, Erie Harrisburg, Dauphin County.


(199 South Street.) (711 North Second Street.) Private Secretary to Auditor General-Helen S. Executive Secretary--Richard Heagy, 1405 N.

Ettinger, York, York County. Front Street, Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

(105 Locust Street.) Director of Public Information-Jacob Schwartz, Executive Clerk-Clyde S. Heckart, 2527 South 2818 W. Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia.

Second Street, Steelton, Dauphin County. (105 South Front Street.) Lieutenant-Governor's Office,

BUREAU OF ACCOUNTS Lieutenant-Governor-David Jones Davis, Scran

AND EXPENDITURES. ton, Lackawanna County.

Chief Clerk-Fred Beach, Little Marsh, Tioga (Penn Harris Hotel.)


(407 South 13th Street.) Secretary--Earl V. Compton, Steelton, Dauphin Engineer-Charles A. Keyworth, York, York County.


(New Cumberland, Cumberland County.) Chairman-Gifford Pinchot, Governor, Milford,

Traveling Auditors. Pike County. (Executive Mansion, 311 North Front Street.)

Charles W. Bodine, Wellsboro, Tioga County.

South Hills, Members—Paul D. Wright, Secretary of High. George J. Churchill, Dormont,

Allegheny County.
ways, Erie, Erie County,
(Pine and Court Streets.)

John T. Fish, Fallsington, Bucks County.

Thomas C. Kelly,
Robert Y. Stuart, Secretary of For.


Upper Darby, ests and Waters, Carlisle, Cumber


Robert W. Montgomery, 3633 North land County.

Broad (3109 North Second Street.)

Street, Philadelphia.
Clyde L. King, Secretary of the

Fred Sapper, Erie, Erie County,
Commonwealth, Media, Delaware

Harry G. Smith, West Chester, Chester County.
County, R. D. No. 3.

James W. Templeton, Plymouth, Li erne County. (Penn Harris Hotel.) Crosby A. Thompson, Mt. Pleasant, WestmoreGeorge W. Woodruff, Attorney-Gen

land County, eral, Philadelphia, Philadelphia John J. O'Donnell, Allentown, Lehigh County.

County. (Penn Harris Hotel.)
Secretary-P. S. Stahlnecker, Harrisburg,

Dauphin County

Chief Clerk-Michael s. Tarner, Pittsburgh, (711 North Second Street.)

Allegheny County. (431 South 13th Street.) PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE.

Superintendent-Lynn G. Adams, Scranton,
Lackawanna County.

Chief-Frank M. Eastman, Harrisburg, Dauphin

County. (2254 North Third Street.)

(105 Locust Street.) Deputy Superintendent-Willam E. Mair,

Chief Clerk--John C. Groome, 126 West Louther

Street, Carlisle, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County.

Cumberland County. (1702 North Second Street.)

DIVISION INVESTIGATION OF DEATH REGISExecutive Secretary-Silvus Overmiller Wyoming, Luzerne County. (1917 Park Street.)


Clerk--Aaron J. Henry. Allentown, Lebigh

Chief-C. M.

Wilhelm, Pottsville,

(225 North Second Street.) County. (2350 Derry Street.)

Supervisor of Investigations-J. William Morgan,
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County.

Chief-A. Nevin Detrich, 7213 Boyer Street, (21 South Second Street.) Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. (Hotel Dauphin.) Executive Clerk-William F. Traeger, Altoona, Assistant Chiefs-Howard J. Cassidy, Pittsburgh, Blair County. (Penbrook, Dauphin County.)


(231 North Second Street.)

Elmer S. Welsh, 445 Lincoln AND INFORMATION.

Street, York, York County. Chiet-Wilson C. Price, Philadelphia, Philadel. Special Corporation Clerk-John R. Scholl, phia County. (344 South 13th Street.) Philadelphia.

(410 Briggs Street.) Assistant Chief-Villiam F. Hoffman, Mars, Assistant to Chief Clerk-Otto Messner, LANButler County.

(1800 Derry Street.) caster, Lancaster County. AUDITOR GENERAL'S DEPART


TAX OFFICERS. Auditor General-Samuel S. Lewis, 488 West

Philadelphia. Market Street, York, York County.

Isaac L. 8. Smink, 408 Finance Bldg., PhilaRevenue Deputy Auditor General-J. Lord Rigby,

delphia. Media, Delaware County.

Edward Hilles, 408 Finance Bldg., Philadelphia.

(Penn Harris Hotel.) Disbursing Deputy Auditor General-Charles

Pittsburgh. Johnson, Norristown, Montgomery County. E. D. Friebertshauser, 1107 B. F. Jones Law

(Hotel Columbus.) Bldg., Pittsburgh. Assistant Deputy Auditor General-Frank H. Percy B. Anderson, 1107 B. F. Jones Law Lehman, Lebanon, Lebanon County.

Bldg., Pittsburgh.

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