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§ II.-Reign of Edward VI.

. 339

16. The Duke of Somerset, as Guardian of Edward VI, governs the Kingdom.

17. He declares himself a Heretic, and gives leave to the Heretics to preach ;

invites Bucer, Vermigli, and Ochino to England, and abolishes the Roman

Catholic Religion. 18. He beheads his Brother, the Lord High-Admiral.

19. He is beheaded himself. 20. Death of Edward ; the Earl of Warwick

makes an attempt to get possession of the Kingdom, and is beheaded, but is

converted, and dies an edifying Death.

§ III.—Mary's Reign,


21. Mary refuses the title of Head of the Church ; repeals her Father's and

Brother's Laws; Cranmer is condemned to be burned, and dies a Heretic :

Mary sends off all Heretics from her Court. 22. Cardinal Pole reconciles

England with the Church ; her Marriage with Philip II., and Death.

$ IV.-The Reign of Elizabeth,


23. Elizabeth proclaimed Queen ; the Pope is dissatisfied, and she declares

herself a Protestant. 24. She gains over the Parliament through the Influence

of three of the Nobility, and is proclaimed Head of the Church, 25. She esta-

blishes the form of Church Government, and, though her Belief is Calvinistic,

she retains Episcopacy, &c. 26. Appropriates Church Property; abolishes the

Mass; the Oath of Allegiance ; Persecution of the Catholics. 27. Death of

Edmund Campion for the Faith. 28. The Pope's Bull against Elizabeth.

29. She dies out of Communion with the Church. 30. Her Successors on the

Throne of England ; Deplorable State of the English Church. 31. The English

Reforination refutes itself.


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