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Стр. 152 - Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence, and deem them, like the ark of the covenant, too sacred to be touched. They ascribe to the men of the preceding age a wisdom more than human, and suppose what they did to be beyond amendment.
Стр. 47 - The PRESIDENT. The next business in order is the report of the Committee on Credentials.
Стр. 35 - There is here abundant evidence that there exists some strange misconception of the scope of this provision as found in the fourteenth amendment. In fact, it would seem, from the character of many of the cases before us, and the arguments made in them, that the clause under consideration is looked upon as a means of bringing to the test of the decision of this court the abstract opinions of every unsuccessful litigant in a State court of the justice of the decision against him, and of the merits...
Стр. 36 - The privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States are privileges and immunities arising out of the nature and essential character of the national government, and granted or secured by the Constitution of the United States, and the right to sell intoxicating liquors is not one of the rights growing out of such citizenship.
Стр. 32 - They form a portion of that immense mass of legislation; which embraces everything within the territory of a State, not surrendered to the general government; all which can be most advantageously exercised by the States themselves.
Стр. 143 - And indeed He seems to me Scarce other than my own ideal knight, 'Who reverenced his conscience as his king; Whose glory was, redressing human wrong; Who spake no slander, no, nor listen'd to it; Who loved one only and who clave to her...
Стр. 304 - The Maryland State Bar Association." OBJECT ARTICLE II. — The Association is formed to advance the science of jurisprudence, to promote reform in the law, to facilitate the administration of justice, to uphold the standard of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, to encourage legal education, and to cultivate a spirit of cordiality and brotherhood among the members of the Bar.
Стр. 176 - Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that the true foundation of republican government is the equal rights of every citizen in his person and property, and in their management...
Стр. 135 - He was bred to the law, which is, in my opinion, one of the first and noblest of human sciences ; a science which does more to quicken and invigorate the understanding, than all the other kinds of learning put together; but it is not apt, except in persons very happily born, to open and to liberalize the mind exactly in the same proportion.
Стр. 172 - Corporations may be formed under general laws, but shall not be created by special act, except for municipal purposes and except in cases where no general laws exist, providing for the creation of corporations of the same general character as the corporation proposed to be created...

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