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Our contributors are requested to observe, that all articles designed for publication in the pages of the Dublin University Magazine, must be forwarded on or before the 8th of the month preceding that in which they are intended to appear.

The versification of Ossian's Comala shall appear in our next number; we hope to hear shortly from the same quarter.

We unintentionally omitted in our last Notices to Correspondents the answer to H. B. We shall be most happy to hear from him in any of the departments mentioned in his note. It would be very desirable to have a continuation of the paper which he last enclosed to us.

We must decline, with many thanks for his good feeling, the lines of T. L. Macclesfield. Also the stanzas by Zeta.

The translation by Z. evinces a degree of ability of which we should gladly avail ourselves, if otherwise applied.

The translations by Victus are not equal to those which have already appeared in our pages from the same author.

The Address to Spring; Lines by M. S., and an Essay on the Genius of Greek Tragedy have been received.

We should feel obliged by the immediate restoration of the article which a few days since was so unhandsomely withdrawn by its present, we much regret, unknown possessor.

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