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Todd, W. Shefficki, printer.

Weall, D. Preston, woollen-draper. Tate, W. South-shields, draper.

Wheadon, H. Beaminster, Dorset, clothier. Tucker, l. Amwell-street, ' Pontonville, iron Wagstaff, W. Mottram, Cheshire, corn-dealer, monger.

Wood, B. Pitchcomb-mill, Gloucester, clothier. Turner, T. Pemberton, Lancashire, houso-car Walker, J. Ley. Moor, Huddersfield, York, cloth penter.

manufacturer. Teague, W. Redruth, Cornwall, merchant. Wynn, H. and A. Wyke, late of Manchester, and Wesson, J. jun. Dudiey, currier.

of Baglulit, Flint, brewers. Williams, W. Bristol, grocer.

Wild, J. W. Leeds, dyer.

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st De

cember 1826, and 31st January 1827, extracted from the Edinburgh Guzette. Ainslie, James, merchant and shipbuilder at Kemp, Hector, cattle and barley-dealer, and maBridgend, Perth

nufacturer of bark and staves, Cumrie, Ross Allan, David, manufacturer, Glasgow

shire Anderson, William, of Whiteside, parish of Kirk. Kennedy, Alexander, grazier and cattle-dealer in gundzien, stewartry of Kirkcudbright

Garnaburn Bain, Donald, mercantile agent, cor-dealer, ship Kincaid, Thomas, coal-merchant, Port Hopetoun owner, and accountant in Edinburgh

Kirkpatrick, Thomas, manufacturer, Glasgow Balloch, Archibald, distillers and grain merchant Little, Thomas, drover and sheep-dealer, Rid. at Duntocher

ings, Dumfries-shire Batchelor, George, one of the partners of Francis M.Braine, David, and Co. manufacturers, An. and George Batchelor, cattle-dealers in Balgay, derstun, near Glasgow near Dundee, and formerly residing at Ravens. M'Intosh, David, vintner in Glasgow by, now at Hillside of Balgay

Miller, William, grocer and wine-merchant, Ha-
Bowie and Lamb, merchants and manufacturers, nover Street, Edinburgh

Moore, Peter, merchant, Ayr
Boyd, John, sen. partner of the firm of John More, James, bookbinder in Edinburgh
Boyd and Co. manufacturers, Faisley

Neilson and Moffag, bookbinders, Glasgow
Campbell, David, manufacturer, Glasgow

Paton, Alexander, merchant in Kilmarnock Campbell, John, gardener and builder, Glasgow Patrick, James, inn-keeper, horse-dealer, and graCochrane, Miller, James, and Co. merchants and zier of cattle in Pointhouse, parish of Dunlop manufacturers in Glasgow

Richardson, James, merchant in Loehmaben Crawford, William, wright at Lyles-Land, Paisley Robertson, James, jun, manufacturer in InverCromer, Alexander, clothier and haberdasher in bervie Aberdeen

Russel, Robert, wheel-wright and cattle-dealer, Davidson, Anthony, banker in Castle-Douglas, Milnathort and William Gillespie, writer there, carrying Rutherford, James, victual-dealer in Edinburgh on business together in Castle-Douglas

Shand, Alexander, and Co. merchants, Aberdeen Dodds, John, slater and builder in Edinburgh Smith, John, wright and builder, Paisley Drew, John, agent and upholsterer in Edinburgh Stewart, Duncan, farmer in Letter, drover and Duneanson John, baker and grain-dealer, Glasgow cattle-dealer Hall, Thomas, and Co. com-merchants, Glasgow Thomson, Thomas, merchant tailor, Kirriemuir Hedderwick, Alexander, brewer and vender of Wilson, Andrew, merchant and pork curer, Dunporter at Gorbals, Glasgow

bar Logg, William, builder at Brigend of Perth Young, William, coal-master, Glasgow, and maHolmes, Robert, cloth-merchant in Irvine

nufacturer of pig iron, Onroa, Lanarkshire



16. At North Cliff, Mrs M'Konochie, of a son. May 6, 1826. At Madras, the Lady of Lieut. - At Wormiston, Fifeshire, Mrs Lindesay, of Colonel Cadell, Deputy Adjutant-General, of a & son. daughter.

17. At Fyfe Place, Leith Walk, Mrs Alex. Oct. 22. At Friendship Park Villa, in Ligna. Douglas, of a daughter. nia, St Andrews, Island of Jamaica, the Lady Dec. 17. At Corfu, the Lady of Lieut. C. W. of Alexander Aikman, jun. Esq. printer to Sievwright, H. M. 7th (Royal Fuzileers), of a son. his Majesty, and to the house of Assembly, of a 18. At 2, Shandwick Place, Mis Anderson, of a son.

Nor. 19. At Geneva, the Hon. Mrs Fairholme, 19. Mrs Alex. Deuchar, Win'lmill Street, of a of a daughter.

daughter. Dec. 2. At Stonehouse, Cumberland, the Lady In Great Cumberland Street, London, the of Lieut. Colonel Sir H. D. Ross, h. C. B. of a Lady of Admiral Sir Richaru king, Bart. of a son. son.

20. At No. 27, Windsor Strcet, Mrs Thomas 3. At Sunnybank, the Lady of Lieut. Colonel Graham, of a son. D. Forbes, or a daughter.

- At London, the Lady of Commissary-Go- At New Hall, the Lady of John Buckle, neral Dunmore, of a daughter. Esq. of a son.

20. At Alborough, Suttolk, the Lady of Lieut. 4. The Lady of Robert Warden, Esq. of Park Nunn, Stati Adjutant at Edinburgh, of a son, stillhill, of a son.

born. 5. At the Waterloo Hotel, the Marchioness 23. At Queen Street, Mrs Blackburn of Killearn Riario Sforza, of a daughter.

of a daughter. 6. The Lady of Peter Campbell, Esq. Nor. , - Mrs Ivory, Dundas Street, of a son. thumberland Street, of a son.

Lady Dunbar of Boath of a son. 9. Mrs Waugh, Northumberland Street, of a 25. At Warriston Crescent, Mrs Carinichael, of daughter,

a daughter. - Mrs Hamilton, Blythswood Hill, West, of a 26. At the house of her father, in Alloa, Mrs daughter.

Robert Haig, Dollar, of a daughter. 10. At Moncreiffe House, the Lady Moncreiffe, - Mrs Young, 33, London Street, of a son, of a daughter.

still-born. 15. At Newton Lodge, the Lady of Gilbert - At Lauriston Place, Mrs Chalmers, of 2 Young, Esq. of Youngtield, of a sou.

daughter. 16. In Bryanston Square, London, Lady Eliza 27. At Wharton Place, the Lady of Dr Greville beth Drummoud, of a daughter.

of a daughter.

a son,

a son.


97. At Barcaldine, the Lady ofTuncan Camp 27. At Hermitage Place, Leith, Mrs Mackens bell, Esq. of Barcaldine, of a daughter.

zie, of a daughter. At Bonhard House, Linlithgow, Mrs Wil. - At Luss Manse, Mrs Carr, of a daughter. ham Napier, of a son.

31. At Annandale Street, Mrs Alexander B. 28. Ai Orchardfield, Stirlingshire, Mrs Walker, Blackie, of a daughter. of a son.

At Wester Happrew, Mrs Gray, of a son. 28. The Countess of Leven and Melville, of a Feb. 1. At 31, Buccleuch Place, Mrs. W. A.

Lawrie, of a son. daughter. 29. At 58, Queen Street, Mrs Robertson, of a 5. At Greenlaw Manse, Mrs Home, of a daugh

ter. son,

- At Buccleuch Place, the Lady of John Pa - At the Parsonage, Eastwoodhays, Hants, the terson, Esq. of Merrytlats, of a son.

Lady of the Rev. Charles Grant, of a son. 30. At Glasgow, the Lady of Michael Tweedie, Esq. Royal Artillery, of a son.

MARRIAGES. - At Woodcot, the Lady of William Ogilvie, Aug. 2, 1826. At Trichinopoly, Lieut. C. H. Esq. younger of Chesters, of a son.

Grueme, 5th Light Cavalry, to Sarah, second 31. At London Street, Mrs Livingstone, Cam daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel R. Bruce, Mabusncthan, of a son.

dras Establishment. - At Circus Place, Mrs Cay, of a daughter, 7. At St George's Church, Madras, M.A. Capt.

Jan. 2, 1827. In Great George Street, London, Francis Frank land Whinyates, of the Horse Bri. the Lady of William Irving, Esq. of a daughter. gade Artillery, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter

- At Garnkirk, the Lady of Mark Sprot, Esq. of John Campbell, Esq. of Ormidale, Argyll. of a daughter.

shire. At Brelenny Cottage, the Lady of John Nov. 25. At St Pancras Church, London, Major Graham, Esq. younger of Feddhall, of a son. Anderson, of the 50th Regiment, to Mary, the

3. The Lady of Henry Bethune, Esq. of Kil. only daughter of Peter Campbell, Esq. late of conquhar, of a son and heir.

Whitley Park, Northumberland. - At Chatham, the Lady of Major H. E. So Nov. 27. At Soulseat Manse, the Rev. John merville, Hon. East India Company's service, of Lamb, minister of Kirkmaiden, to Eliza, second

daughter of the Rev. Peter Ferguson, minister of 4. At Spring Garden, near Musselburgh, the Inch. Lady of Major Cubitt, of a daughter.

30. At Aberdeen, the Rev. Alex. Urquhart of - At Edenwood, Fifeshire, Mrs Campbell, of Tough, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the

late Bailie George Forbes, merchant in Aberdeen. 5. At 2, Gilmore Place, Mrs Balfour, of a son. At kirkaldy, Captain Robert Tod, of the

6. In Little James Street, Bedford Row, Lon whale ship Caledonia, of that port, to Jane, daugh. don, the Lady of James Mansfield, jun. Esq. of a ter of William Hutchison, Esq. there.

Dec. 5. At Hanley, Staffordshire, Captain Ar6. At Monkland Place, Perth, Mrs Gleag, of a chibald Inglis, son of the late Vice-Admiral John daughter.

Inglis of Auchendinny, to Catherine, third dausha 7. At Loanhead, Mrs Jolin Dudgeon, of a ter of the late Peter Warberton, Esq. of Bleakhill, daughter.

Staffordshire. 8. At Ardincaple Castle, the Right Hon. Lady - At St Andrews, John Jobson, Esq. Dundee, John Campbell, of a daughter.

to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Rev. John - At Portobello, Mrs Colonel Haliburton, of a Duff, D.D. minister of Kinfauns, Perthshire. daughter.

6. At Malta Terrace, William Tate, Esq. mer Mrs Mack, 13, Howard Place, of a son. chant, London, to Mary, youngest daughter of 9. At 20, Great King Street, the Lady of Colin the late Major John Monro, of the Hon. East InGib, Esq. of a son.

dia Company's Service. 10. At Westridge, near Ryde, Isle of Wight, 7. At Edinburgh, Mr William Cockburn, to Mrs Young, of a son.

Jane, only daughter of the late Mr Robert Ren- At 9, Brandon Strect, the Lady of George

shaw, Lincoln. Dickson, Esq. of a daughter, still-born.

11. At Tomperran, the Rev. James Walker, 11. At Inverneil House, the Lady of Keith M.

A.M. minister of Muthill, to Christian, daughter Macalister, Esq. of a son.

of James M.Laren, Esq. In Grosvenor Square, London, Lady Caw. 12. At 50, Queen Street, Mr John Lauder Car. dor of a son.

phin, merchant in Leith, to Margaret, daughter 14. At Goodwood, her Grace the Duchess of of William Scott, Esq. Surgeon, Hawick. Richmond, of a daughter.

15. At Keir Street, Mr Andrew Turnbull, ac16. Mrs J. Waldie, of Drum Park, Libberton, countant of Excise, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of a daughter.

of the Rev, James M. Robertson, minister of Li- At the British Palace, Pera, the Lady of the vingstone. Right Hon. Stratford Canning, of a daughter. - At the Manse of Moffat, Mr Robert Tod,

17. At Bumfoot, Ewes, Mrs Alexander Pott, of merchant, Liverpool, to Jane, daughter of the a daughter.

Rev. Alex Johnston, minister of Moffat. - At 79, Great King Street, the Lady of Tho. - At Streatham Church, near London, Mr mas Kinnear, Esq. of a daughter.

Henry Dunn, late of Nottingham, to Euphemia, At York Place, Mrs Gillespie, of a daughter. second daughter of Mr Ebenezer Birrel, kirkaldy. Mrs Robertson, 28, Albany Street, of a

19. At York Place, Mr Williain M'Crie, inerdaughter.

chant, Edinburgh, second son of the Rev. Dr 18. At Lochmalony, Mrs Horsburgh, of a son. M'Crie, to Isabella, only daughter of the late 19. At Redcoll, Mrs Ainslie, of a daughter. Captain Charles Greig, of the Hon. East India 20. At Pilrig Street, Mrs Moule, of a son. Company's service. 22. At Leckie, Mrs Moir, of a daughter.

- At Naughton House, Fifeshire, William Lady Hunter Blair, of a son.

Burnett, Esq. of the Bombay army, to Isabella At 17, James's Square, Mrs James Scott, of Morison, only daughter of Andrew Pitcairn, Esq.

of Piteullo. 23. At 2, Nelson Street, Mrs Hogarth, of a son. - At Banff, John Bartlet, Esq. of Bentinck 24. At Minto Street, Newington, Mrs Spittal,

Street, London, Doctor of Medicine, to Mary, of a daughter.

eldest daughter of Colonel George Gordon RobinMrs Cook, Drummond Place, cf a son.

son of Banff. At Edinburgh, Mrs Burn Murdoch, of a 20. At Edinburgh, Henry Monteith, Esq. of daughter.

Carstairs, to Miss Sarah Fullarton, daughter of At Forsythe House, the Lady of John Scott, the late Willian Fullarton, Esq. of Carstairs. Esq, younger of Hawkhill, Ayrshire, of a son. - At Dalhousie Grange, John Richardson,

25. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Joseph Murray, Esq. of Pitfour, to Miss Mary Hay, third daughEsq. younger of Ayton, of a son.

ter of the late James Hay, Esq. of Colliepriest. - At Camberwall, Surrey, Mrs Dudgeon, of a 21. At Sweetbank, Fife, David Peatt, Esg. daughter.

Coates, to Elizabeth, daughter of Neil Ballingall, 26. At Duncan Street, Drummond Place, Mrs Esq. Sweetbank. William Maxwell Little, of a son,

21. At Clerk Sucet, William Tait, Holms Mul,

a son.

to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr James

chant, Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Dunlop Tait, bookseller. 23. At Bowden Church, John A. Murray, Esq.

daughter of William Dunlop, Esq. merchant there.

23. At Pathhead, Ford, Mr William Martin, to Miss Rigby, eldest daughter of the late Wm. haberdasher, Dalkeith, to Hamilton, youngest Rigby, Esq. of Oldfield Hall, Cheshire.

daughter of the late Mr John Mackenzie. 25. At Dumfries, the Rev. Jacob Richardson, 24. At Carington Barns, Mr William Hunter, minister of Largs, to Wilhelmina, daughter of the Outerston, to Jessy, eldest daughter of Mr Andrew Rev. Dr Alex. Scott, minister of St Michael's Johnston, Carrington Barns. Church, Dumfries.

25. At Edinburgh, Mr George Gillespie, builder, - At Edinburgh, Mr George Simson, of the to Mrs Elizabeth Plummer. Edinburgh Drawing Institution, to Clotilde, - At Edinburgh, James Smith, Esg. of Weed youngest daughter of Mr Joseph Grandeau of ings, to Susan, eldest daughter of James PrimLyons

rose, Esq. of Burnbrae. 26. At Sunnyside, Robert Moir, Esq. surgeon, 26. Archibald Young, Esq. Fisherrow, to Ann, Bast Linton, to Apne, youngest daughter of the third daughter of Mr John Young, fariner, She late John Forman, Esq. Corstorphine.

rifl-ball. 28. At Studley Priory, Oxfordshire, Charles 27. At Calderbank, James Howison, Esq. of Wetherell, M.P. his Majesty's Attorney-General, Hillend, M.D. of the Hon. East India Company's to Jane Sarah Elizabeth, second daughter of Sir

Service, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Croke.

Thomas Watkins, Esq. Linlithgow. - At Edinburgh, Major Hugh M Gregor, 63d - At Alloa, Mr John Aikman, of the Royal regiment, to Margarel, eldest daughter of the late Bank, Glasgow, to Barbara, only daughter of Mr. Alex. Edgar, Esq. of Wedderley, Jamaica. William Mitchell, merchant there. - At Edinburgh, the Rev. Robert Watt, Be

- At Garendon, the Rev. J. H. Hamilton, to nochy,

to Catherine Christina Whytt, relict of the the Hon. Mrs Cowper. Rev. William Anderson of Abbotshall.

30. At Sweet Bank, Fifeshire, Thomas Leburn, Jan. 1, 1827. At Cloudon Bank, Thomas B.

Esq. S.S.C. George Square, Edinburgh, to Ann, Barker, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's

daughter of Niel Balingall, Esq. of Sweet Bank. service, Bengal establishment, to Anne, youngest 31. At Todshawbank, James Dickson, Esq., daughter of James Goldie, Esq. of Knockauchly.

Hawick, to Miss Christian Scott, daughter of Ro. 3. At Mrs Napier's of Milliken, C. Fleming

bert Scott, Esq. of Todshawbank. Hunter, Esq. of Calcutta, to Miss Jane Napier

Lately, Captain Hugo Arnot of Balcoamo, to Kellett, only daughter of the late Wm. Augustus Mary Anne Murray. Kellett, Esq. of Cork.

4. At Edinburgh, Major James Dunbar Tovey, 31st infantry, to Margaret Murray, youngest daughter of the late Charles Mercer, Esq. Meikle.

DEATHS. our.

10. At 21, Howard Place, William Slothert, Dec. 1825. At the Sandwich Islands, Dr Johnt Exq. of Cargen, to Jemina, youngest daughter of Law, surgeon to the King of Woahoo, second son the late Admiral Deans, of Huntington.

of Mr John Law, Bristo Street, At Stirling. Mr John M'Glashan, solicitor. March 1826. At Hawal Bush, in the East In. at-law, Argyll Square, Edinburgh, to Isabella, dies, Captain Alex. Durie, of the Hon. East India daughter of the deceased Lieutenant and Adju Company's service. tant M'Ewen, Ist Regiment of Foot, or Royal June. At Jubnah, Lieutenant and Adjutant Scots.

Richard Johnstone Bird, 8th Madras Native In11. At Edinburgh, Mr William Brydon, clothier, fantry. 2, George Street, to Margaret, eldest daughter of - On his passage from Rangoon to Madras, Mr James M'Laren, of tho Royal Sappers and Lieut. B. H. Currie, of the 28th regiment Madras Miners.

Native Infantry. 13. At Camberwell Church, Daniel Walkinshaw, 30. At sea, homeward bound from Bombay, Esq. Glasgow, to Elizabeth Mary, only daughter Robert Ainslie Walker, assistant-surgeon in the of the late John Darley. Esq.

Hon. East India Company's ship Edinburgh, only 15. At the Manse of Kirkpatrick Fleming, the son of Mr Walker, Cousland Park. Rev. Andrew B. Murray, minister of Mousewold, July 4. At Bengal, Lieut. Joseph William Colto Ellen, youngest daughter of the Rev. Alexan quhoun, 32d Bengal Native Infantry, son of Lieut. der Monilaws, minister of Kirkpatrick Fleming. Colonel Colquhoun, George's Square.

At 37, York Place, Edinburgh, Thomas 5. At Aurungabad, in consequence of injuries Murray Allan, Esq, of Havring, county of Essex, received by falling with his horse, Dr Charles C.

Margaret, daughter of the late James Carfrae, Cheyne, of his Highness the Nizam's medical estaEsq.

blishment, aged 25

.. 16. At Greenhead House, the Rev. James Ni Auy. - At Demerara, Mr Duncan Campbell, col, minister of Leslie, to Éliza, daughter of the son of the late Neil Campbell of Knap, Esq. late William Hunter, Esq. of Greenhead.

2. At Barrackpore, East Indies, the Hon. Cape' - At Edgecot, Northamptonshire, A. J. Hamil tain Amherst, son of the Governor-General. ton, Esq. younger of Dalzell, to Elinor, eldest 8. At Madras, Lieut. John Ogilvie Milne, of the daughter of the late Daniel Hamilton, Esq. of Gil 18th regiment Native Infantry, second son of kerscleugh.

Alexander George Milne, Esq. of London. 17. At Pinnacle Hill, James Elliot, Esq. of 11. At Madras, William Douglas Brodie, second Woollee, to Margaret, daughter of the late Robert son of the late James Brodie, Esq. of Brodie. Davidson, Esq. of Pinnacle Hill.

20. At Nassau, New Providence, Lieut. Archi- At Edinburgh, John Macglashan, Esq. of bald Fraser, paymaster of the 2d West India regi. Kingston, Jamaica, to Eliza Jane, eldest daughter ment, formerly

of the 93d Highlanders. of the late Dutton Smith Turner, Esq. of Claren Sept. 11. In the island of Jamaica, David Findon, in the same island.

lay of Ardoch, Esq. in the parish of St Anne's. 18. At Lathones, Fifeshire, David Smith, Esq. 23. At Monte Grande, South America, Mr Da. writer in Dundee, to Wilhelmina Catherine, se vid Anderson, Athelstaneford, East Lothian. cond daughter of Lieut.-Col. Bell, of Lathones. Oct. - At Kaira, Presidency of Bombay, Robert

- At Edinburgh, Mr Walter Steel, junior, Anderson, Esq. of the East India Company's civil Peebles, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late service, youngest son of the late Samuel Anderson, Mr William Murray, baker, Edinburgh.

Moredun. 19. At Glasgow, John Dunlop, Esq. Stewarton, 2. At Poona, Lieut. Walter Stewart, of the 24th to Helen Anderson, second daughter of the Rev. regiment Bombay Native Infantry, son of the late James Methven.

Charles Stewart, Esq. 21. At Stornoway, Mr Neil Morrison, Master, 5. At Kingston, Jamaica, James Grant, Esq. Royal Navy, to Annabella, eldest daughter of surviving co-partner of Messrs James and Charles John Macker zie, Esq. of that place.

Grant, many years respectable merchants in that 42. At Bath, Lord William Paget, second son of the Marquis of Anglesea, to Fanny, only daugh žo. At Kingston, Robert Hamilton, Esq. late of ter of Lieut.-General Sir Francis de Rottenberg, Hamilton's, Jamaica. K.C.H.

Nov. 8. At New York, Mr Arch. Campbell, late - At Edinburgh, John Armstrong, Esq. mer merchant, Glasgow.


11. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, James Chelners, Esq. 73d year of his age, William Bell, Esq. merchant, in the 74th year of his age.

formerly of Charleston, South Carolina. 12. At Lisbon, John James Stephens, Esq. mem - At Mark Lane, London, Mr John Macarthur, ber of the Ex-British Factory of that city, in his many years in the house of John and Robert Chris 79th year.

tie and Co. - At New Orleans, William Hill, Esq.

7. In Buckingham Street, Fitzroy Square, Lon23. At his house in Thistle Street, Mr Robert don, in the 72d year of his age, John Flaxman, Brown, in the 93d year of his age.

Esq. R.A. and professor of sculpture at the Royal 24. At Berlin, Professor Bode, the celebrated Academy: astronomer, in the 80th year of his age.

- At No. 3, Hope Park, Miss Margaret Lo 25. At the manse of Stromness, Orkney, Mrs Isa thian, youngest daughter of the late Walter La bella Traill, wife of the Rev. William Clauston. thian, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh.

27. At 13, Circus Place, Mr James Simpson, - At Hillend, James Reoch, Esq. aged 62

At 12, Elder Street, Mrs Anna Maria Da. 28. On board his Majesty's ship Revenge, on his venport, wife of William Galloway, Esq. aceountpassage from Malta to Naples, the Marquis of Has ant. tings, K.G. G.C.B. and G.C.H.

- At her house, No. 5, Moray Street, Leith At his house, 31, Buccleuch Place, Mr Wil Walk, Mrs Marion Macleod, widow of James liam M'Lean, merchant.

Watson, Esq. and daughter of the late Alexander - At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Henrietta Fra Macleod, Esq. of Loskintor. ser, eldest daughter of the late George Lord Sal - At Fort William, Captain George Graham toun.

Stewart, Royal Navy, of Hillside, Dumfries-shire. 29. At Rutherglen, the Rev. John Dick, minis 8. William George Campbell, infant son of Peter ter of that parish.

Campbell, Esq. Northumberland Street. - At Ashgrove, Miss Ann Forbes, eldest daugh 9. At Enterkine, Ayrshire, Grace, youngest ter of the late Rev. George Forbes minister of daughter of the late Sir David Maxwell of CardoLochell.

ness, Bart, and wife of William Cunninghame, 30. At Newton, Alexander Dallas, Esq. of North Esq. of Enterkine. Newton.

- At his house in Haddington, Henry Haldane, -- At Montrose, Thomas Dougal, Esq.

Esq. late of Spanish Town, Jamaica. At Leslie, county of Fife, Dowager Lady At the Manse of Minto, the Rev. William Malcolm, relict of Sir John Malcolm of Balbedie Burn, in the 82d year of his age, and 56th of his and Grange, Bart.

ministry. Dec. 1. At Dean Bank Lodge, Jean Bland, eld 10. At Leith, Mrs Catherine Ogilvy, spouse of est daughter of the late James Campbelll, Esq. Adam White, Esq. younger of Craignish.

- At Edinburgh, Mr James Ranken, solicitor. 2. At the Manse of Kilinany, aged 72, Mrs Cook, at-law. senior, widow of Professor Cook, St Andrews. 11. At Morningside, William, second son of

At Edinburgh, Miss Hannah Mackenzie, Captain Ramage, R.N. daughter of Henry Mackenzie, Esq.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Alice Ord, widow of John At Edinburgh, George Ross, Esq. late col Mackenzie, of Dolphington, Esq. advocate. lector of the customs, Lerwick; and on the 28th - At Brighton, in the 17th year of his age, the of October last, Mary Rennie, his wife.

Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird. -John Sommervail, Esq. of Moreham. This 11. At his residence, New York, Thomas Allen, gentleman, with the exception of a few specific Esq. late of Tweedside, Peebles-shire. legacies, and an annuity to Mrs Sommervail, has 13. At Leith, Mr William Landless, late tenant, leit the whole of his fortune, which is very consi Sneep, Berwickshire, and on the 2d inst. Mrs derable, to charitable purposes.

Alison Wait, his widow. 3. At No. 27, Charlotte Square, James Mait - At Rathmines, Lord Clonbrock of Clonbrock, land, Esq. late of the civil service, Ceylon, second in the county of Galway. son of Sir Alexander Charles Maitland Gibson of 14. At Paris, M. Malte-Brun, one of the editors Cliftonhall, Bart.

of the Journal des Debats, and a distinguished - At James's Place, Mrs Jean Thomson. writer on Geography and Politics.

- At her house, 15, Lawnmarket, Miss Jane 15. At Edinburgh, Mrs Christina Marr, relict of Smith.

John Campbell, Esq. Perth. - At Musselburgh, Mrs Morton, sen. aged 81. - At Elgin, Mrs Margaret Brodie, relict of

At 18, Dublin Street, Mrs Ann Smail, relict James Brodie, Esq. of Muiresk. of John Smail, Esq. of Overmains, Berwickshire. At his house, Berwick-upon-Tweed, aged

4. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Andrew Handyside, 72, Rear-Admiral David Stow, late Alderman of minister of the united parishes of Lyne and Meg that burgh. gat.

15. At St Andrews, Mr William Richard, aged 4. At Edinburgh, William, youngest son of the 67. deceased Captain William Black, late Assistant 16. At Balnagask, Robert Davidson, Esq. at Quartermaster-General, Bombay.

the advanced age of 90. - At Oxford, Abram Robertson, D.D. F.R.S. --- At Dunfermline, Mr John Fergusson, mer. Savilian Professor of Astronomy, and Radcliffe chant. Observer, aged 75.

- At Albany Street, Mary Anne, only daugh- At Edinburgh, William, youngest son of the ter of Mr Cargill, wine-merchant. deceased Captain William Black, late Assistant - At Dumfries, Miss laxwell, eldest daughter Quartermaster-General, Bombay.

of the late Hugh Maxwell, Esq. - At Stenhouse, Thomas Peacock, Esq. of 17. At Drumdryan House, David Melville, only Stenhouse.

son of Mr Robert Melville. - At No. 16, Gayfield Square, Mrs Jean Ran - At Kincurdy, Michael Miller, Esq. of Kinken, wife of Mr Thomas Scott, merchant.

curdy, 5. At Edinburgh, Alexander Maule Stewart, 18. At Edinburgh, Mrs Barbara Johnstone, reeldest son of the Rev. Alexander Stewart of Dou lict of Mr Joseph Archibald, nursery and seedisglas.

- At Edinburgh, Jessie Addison, eldest daugh - At Edinburgh, "John Flyn, Esq. late Pay. ter of Mr George Bruce, miniature-painter.

master, North Britain. - At Corehouse, Miss Edmonston of Core 19. At Nelson Street, John Orr, infant son of house, the last surviving daughter of the late Mr Thomas Weir, W.S. James Edmonston, Esq. of Ednam.

At his house at Brighton, Robert Home - At Kilmichael Glassrie, the Rev. Dougald Gordon, Esq. of Embo. Campbell of Auchnellan, minister of the parish - At Gilmore Place, Major Thomas Laing. of Glassrie, in his 77th year.

late of the 94th Regiment, or Scots Brigade. - At York Place, London, Eliza, youngest - Miss Mylne, daughter of Professor Mylne, of daughter of Colin Robertson, Esq. of Bayfield. Glasgow University.

6. At Gallanach, Mrs Margaret Campbell, - At Paisley, Mr Alexander Wilson, teller to daughter of the late Patrick Campbell, Esq. of the Paisley Bank. Achnabar, at the advanced age of 100 years.

2'. At Edinburgh, Robina Henrietta Moncrieff, - At 121, Prince's Street, Edinburgh, in the infant daughter of Robert Clarke of Comrie, Esq.


20. At Edinburgh, Richard Johnston, Esq. able Sir Williar. Stewart, G.C.D. and K.TS. Co banker, Edinburgh.

lonel of the 1st battalion of the Rifle Brigade, and - At Edinburgh, Mr James Mackinnon Camp brother to the Earl of Galloway: bell Henderson, student of medicine, late of 7. At his house, Rosslyn, Hampstead, Henry Greenock.

Davidson, Esq. of Tulloch. 21. At Bonside, Linlithgowshire, Dr Wyville 8. At No. 7, Cassels's Place, Mrs Jean Shirreff, Smith, late senior resident surgeon, R.M.A. Wool relict of Mr Walter Smiton. wich.

9. Mr James Niven, merchant, Penicuick. 22. At his father's house, 7, Graham Street, - At Hailes Street, Hector, infant son of Mr Edinburgh, Dr William Mutter Walker.

H. D. Dickie, Secretary to the Caledonian Insu. - At Edinburgh, Robert Henderson, Esq. so rance Company, licitor in the Supreine Courts of Scotland.

- At Dalkeith, Elizabeth Carmichael, wife of - At Musselburgh, Charles Stewart, Esq. of Mr Thomas Melville, of the Excise. Sweethope.

10. At her house, 32, Rankeillor Street, Mrs 23. At 19, Queen Street, Lushington, the in Esther Graham, widow of Mr Matthew Graham. fant son of E. W. H. Schenley, Esq.

- At the Manse of Arngask, the Rev. William 21. At Dublin, J. W. Torrance, eldest son of Lang, in the 76th year of his age, and 11th of his the late Henry Torrance, Esq. of Kirkland Hill. ministry.

- At Lasswade, Arch. Hume, Esq. surgeon, - At Viewforth, John Thin, Esq. architect, Royal Navy.

Edinburgh. - At Kirkaldy, Jane, third daughter of Mr 11. At Amisfield Mains, Mrs Mary Ferme, rcJohn Morgan, flax.merchant there, much and lict of Mr Patrick Brodie. justly regretted.

- In Orchard Street, London, Mrs Miller, wi. - At 12, Howard Place, Mr David Rennie, dow of William Miller of Craigentinny Esq. age 1 26.

- At Kirkaldy, Mr Michael Beveridge, sen. 26. At Dublin, in a duel with William Hayes,

aged 88. Esq. attorney, John Brie, Esq. barrister-at-law. 12. At Leith, Ellen Scott, youngest daughter of

At Arbroath, Mr George Kirkland, preacher Mr Thomas Menzies. of the gospel, and session-clerk of that parish. - At51, India Street, Mr Wm. Whittit, builder.

27. At 19, London Street, Richard Gardner, 13. At No. 6, Dundas Street, Edinburgh, RoE-q. late Assistant-Comptroller-General of the bert Anderson, Esq. of Lechlade, in the county of Custoins for Scotland.

Glocester. - At 12, Drummond Place, Edinburgh, Mrs 14. At Dundee, Captain David Ritchie. Anna Rankin, relict of James Borland, Esq. of - At Anstruther, Mrs Elizabeth Gourlay, relict Gourock.

of Mr John Brash, Colins 5. At Leith, Walter, second son of the late 15. At Linn Mill, near Alloa, Mr William Brein. Mr Walter Reid, writer.

gan, late minister of the gospel at Tillicoultry. - Mr Thomas Erskine Sutherland, late mer. - At the Manse vf Dalgety, the Rev. John chant in Edinburgh.

Scott, minister of that parish, in the 70th year of At 28, St James's Square, Mr John Moffat, his age and 10th of his ministry. late French teacher.

At Clearburn, near Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella - At his house, 57, York Place, Robert Allan, Cockburn, relict of Mr John Hope, fariner at Esq. surgeon, lecturer on surgery, and one of the Hopefield. surgeons of the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.. - At Leith, Mr William Sibbald, merchant

- At the Manse of Salton, William, son of the there. Rev. John Ramsay, minister of Ormiston.

- At Glasgow, Margaret, youngest daughter of 29. At London, Dr Andrew Douglas, physician the late William Glen, Esq. of Forganhall. to the forces, youngest son of the late Archibald 16. At Burnside, near Glasgow, Archibald HaDouglas of Timperdean.

milton, Es: - At Stirling, Mr Chrystal, writer.

17. At Gilmore Place, Miss Isabella Tait, daugh50. At Stirling, Walter Smith, merchant and ter of the late Dr John Tait, physician in Dal. manufacturer, Craigs of Stirling.

keith. 30. At Bellevue, Kilmarnock, Mrs Mary Lym. - At No.58, Queen Street, Mrs Anne Lockhart, burner, relict of the Rev. Dr Andrew Shaw, late daughter of the late Charles Lockhart, Esq. of minister of Craigie.

Newhall, and wife of John A. Robertson, M.D. 31. In James's Street, Buckingham-gate, Lon -It Newton-Green, Ayr, Lieut.-Colonel John don, in the 71st year of his age, Williain Gifford, Rudd, C.B. Esq. author of the Baviad and Mæviad, translator 18. Mr Wm. Tibbets, late hatter, Edinburgh. of Jurenal and Persius, and editor of the Quar. - At 26, Queen Street, Mary Jane, the infant terly Review from its commencement down to the daughter of Joseph Murray, Esq. Advocate. beginning of the year just past.

19. At No. 23, North Union Place, Robert Jan. 1, 1847. AL 11, Northumberland Street, Mr Thomson, Esq. writer. Francis Bridges, son of Peter Hill, Esq.

- At Edinburgh, James Kirkwood, sen. Esq. 2. At Edinburgh, Major John Bartleman, late engraver, aged 81 years. of the Royal Marines.

- At Blairhall, Mrs Ranaldson Dickson. 3. At Kelso, Mrs Mary Telfer, relict of the late - At Salisbury Road, Newington, Miss ElizaMr Andrew Telfer, bookseller.

deth Wauchope. - John Rae, Esq. advocate.

- At Glasgow, William Munro, the infant son 7. At Greenock, Mr Malcolm Currie.

of William Crichton, Esq. 4. At Sommerhill, Mrs Helen Lawson, relict of At Edinburgh, Mrs. Joan Scruton, relict of Thomas Goldie, Esq. of Craigmuie.

Colin Maefarquhar, Esq. - At Annan, Mr William Johnstone, surgeon, 20. At Hill Square, Mrs Catherine More, wife of only son of Joseph Johnstone, Esq. late of Dalton the Rev. George More. hook.

- At the Mansc of Forres, the Rev. Wm. Hoyes, At Stoke Cottage, Devonport, Major-Gene minister of that parish. ral Sir Charles Holloway, late of the Royal Engi 21. At Inverness, Colonel Munro of Poyntzfield, neers.

- At Edinburgh, Graham Leny, Esq. of Glins, - At his house, in Sloane Street, London, Mrs W.S. Caroline Bethia Layard, wife of Lewis Gibson, 22. At her father's house in Edinburgh, Miss Esq.

Anne Lockhart Miller, third daughter of the Hon. 3. At Keavi), Fifeshire, aged 73, James Robert Sir William Miller of Glenlee, Bart. one of the son Barclay, Esq. of Keavil, M.D. Superintendant Senators of the College of Justice. of Hospitals.

23. At Leeds, Mrs Ann Katherine Thorps, wife 6. At St Andrews, Andrew, and on the 11th, of Dr Thorp, of that eity, and daughter of the Archibald, only sons of Archibald Johnston, Esq. late Dr Gregory Grant, of Edinburgh. of Pittowie.

- At his house, No. 10, Roxburgh Place, Ro- At Bath, Charles Williamson, Esq. of Car bert Pridie, Esq. Deacon of the Incorporation of drona.

Waulkers. 7. At his house, No. 39, North Hanover Street, - At his apartments in the Royal Infirmary, Mr Peter Marshall, artist, aged 61.

Edinburgh, Mr Anthony B. La Fontaine, assist- At Cumloden, near Newton-Stewart, in the ant-physician in that institution, son of Mr For. 33d year of his age, Lieut.-General the Honour. taine, merchant-clothier, Edinburgh.

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