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Jeffrey was jokin'!

Very like, James,-very like. I am a bit of a bigot, I confess. Most-indeed all men, are so in one respect or another ; but if Phrenology be a Fact in Nature, as Mr Combe and his adherents say,—why,_" Facts are chields that wunna ding ;" and, with the exception of the high authorities cited by Mr Combe, all the way up to the Philosophical Editor of the Chirurgical Journal, down to the worthy Dundee mechanic, who procured from the generosity of its author a copy of Combe's Phrenology at the trade price, through the instrumentality of the guard of the Champion coach, mankind will look very foolish on the establishment of the Fact, and nobody will be able to hold up their heads but the Members of the various Phrenological Societies. Won't that be exceedingly hard, James ?

Rather sae—but I'm determined to haud up my head, whether Phrenology's true or false. I ken a gude heap o' Phrenologers, but maist o' them's geyan stupid and wrang-headed,—no them a', but the greater feck o' them, and I wud na just wish dunces to be discoverers.

The Phrenologers occupy a most distinguished rank as men of letters in Europe, James. I confess that to be “ a Fact in Nature.” Independently of their own science, they have produced many celebrated works on life, manners, morals, politics, and history.

What's their names ?

Hark! the Calabrian harpers. Ring the bell, James, and we shall have them up stairs for half an hour.

SHEPHERD (rings.) Awmrose-Awmrose bring my fiddle. I'll accompany the Calawbrians wi' voice and thairm.






LONDON. A Work is about to appear, in two which will be added, Observations on the Volumes, to be entitled, Sketches of Per Probability of reaching the South Pole. sian Life and Manners. From the Jour- 8vo, with numerous Maps, Plates, &c. nal of a Traveller in the East.

Recollections of Ceylon, including DeMr D'Israeli is engaged in preparing scriptions of the Pearl Fisheries, and for publication a History of the Private Elepbant Hunt; with a Journal of a Life of Charles I.

Tour round the Island. By an Officer. Dr Nathan Drake has announced a The Life and Adventures of Giovanni work under the Title of Mornings in Finati, native of Italy. 2 vols. post 8vo. Spring; or, Retrospections, Biographi Mr Isaac Taylor is about to publish a cal, Critical, and Historical.

Guide to the Study of History. The Reverend F. A. Cox is about to Personal Narrative of Adventures in publish an Inquiry into the Expediency the Peninsula during the late War. By of Introducing a Theological Faculty in an Officer in the late Staff Corps Regi. to the System of the University of Lon. ment of Cavalry. 8vo. don.

The Second Part of Captain Batty's A small Volume is in the press, to be Hanoverian and Saxon Scenery, is just entitled, A Christian Relic of the 17th ready for publication. Century, contained in some Papers on The Natchez; an Indian Tale. By Religious Subjects by Mrs Ann Terry; the Viscount de Chateaubriand, Author to which is prefixed a brief Memoir. By of “ Atala," &c. Editions in French the Rev. Leigh Richmond.

and English in small octavo. Mr Smith of the British Museum, is A Fourth Edition of Mr Hope's Anengaged in writing the Life of Nollekins, astasius; or, Memoirs of a Modern Greek, the celebrated Sculptor.

is in the press. The Rev. T. R. Malthus is about to The History of the Glorious Return publish Definitions in Political Economy, of the Vaudois to their Valleys, in 1689. preceded by an Inquiry into the Rules By Henri Arnaud, their Pastor and Cowhich ought to guide Political Econo lonel. Translated from the Original of mists in the Definition and Application H. Arnaud, Hugh Dyke Acland, Esq. of their Terms. With Remarks on the Embellished with original Sketches of Deviations from those Rules in Prac that singular Country, beautifully entice.

graved by Finden. 8vo. The Rev. Dr Wilson is about to pub The Author of “ Consistency," “ Perlish a Selection from the Works of Bishop severance," &c. has a Tale in the Press, Hopkins, in one volume.

to be entitled, The System ; a Tale of A Sequel to the Novel of Truth is an the West Indies. nounced.

The Fourth Part of the Reverend J. The Publisher of Capt. Batty's Views G. Fuller's Child's Scripture Examiner is on the Rhine, Hanover, &c., has in a just ready. state of great forwardness a Series of The Author of “ Gübert Earle" has Views in England and Wales, engraving three volumes of Tales in the press, to in line, from Drawings by J. M. W. be entitled “ Tales of Passion.” Turner, Esq. R. A.

Vestigia; or, Observations on the The Posthumous Works of the late more interesting and Debatable Points John Gough, Esq. Comprising Letters in the History and Antiquities of Engand Essays on Natural History, &c. &c. land, illustrative of Events, Institutions,

The Coming of the Messiah in Glory Manners, and Literature, from the earand Majesty. Translated from the Spa- liest Ages, to the Accession of the House nish of Lacunza.

of Tudor. By Stephen Reynolds Clarke. A Voyage towards the South Pole; A Second Edition of Mr Johnson's containing an Examination of the An Sketches of Indian Field Sports is pretarctic Sea, to the Seventy-fourth Degree paring for the Press, with considerable of Latitude; and a Visit to Terra Del Additions, containing a description of Fuego; with a particular account of the Hunting the Wild Boar, as followed by Inhabitants. By James Weddell, Master Europeans and native Indians. in the Royal Navy. Second Edition, to The History of the Church of Eng

land, from the Reformation to the begin and interesting parts, peculiar to The ning of the Nineteeth Century. By J. Prophetic Almanack, the publication of B. S Carwithen, B. D. 4 vols. 8vo. which is discontinued.

The Author of “ The Astrologer of The Rev. Henry Thompson, M. A. the Nineteenth Century," has just ready of St John's College Cambridge, and As“The Prophetic Messenger," with a most sistant Minister of St George's, Cambersingular and ominous Hieroglyphic for well, is preparing for publication, a Vo1827, on a large Copperplate, colour lume of Practical Sermons on the Life ed; it is to contain all the entertaining and Character of David, King of Israel.

EDINBURGH. The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, of Scotland, with Continuation, which Emperor of the French. By the Author will bring that work down to the present of Warerley. 7 vols. post 8vo.

day. He would have had it now ready The Wolfe of Badenoch, a Historical for publication, but owing to the uncomRomance of the Fourteenth Century. mon number of subscribers precluding By the Author of Lochandu. 3 vols. the idea of its being speedily reprinted, 12mo.

he intends, in justice to them, to com. Edinburgh Annual Register for 1825. prise in his Supplemental volumes a 8vo.

number of important additions and corOutlines of Ancient Geography, for the rections to the first four, which his own Use of the Edinburgh Academy. 12mo. industry, and the kindness of literary

Memoirs of Muhammed Baber, Em. friends, have enabled him to make to the peror of Hindostan. Written by himself, work during the course of publication. and translated, partly by the late John This will occasion a short delay, but he Leyden, M.D. and partly by William hopes soon to be able to announce it as Erskine, Esq. 4to.

Mr Aikman has for some time been The Supplement will be printed and engaged in writing a Supplement to his published in Edinburgh under the aunew translation of Buchanan's History thor's own immediate inspection.

in the press.




Cuts. By

Cobbin, M. A. Half-bound, General Catalogue of German Books, Is. 6d. comprising the Works on the Sciences. By Treuttal and Wurtz. Is. 6d.

Part I. of London and its Vicinity, to A Catalogue which embraces the whole the extent of about Twenty Miles, in a of the Publications of Germany for the Series of Plates, to be engraved by George first half of the present year. 28. Cooke, from entirely new Drawings, in BIOGRAPHY.

which Artists of the highest talent have The second volume of Mr Cradock's kindly offered their aid. Literary and Miscellaneous Memoirs ; HISTORY AND CHRONOLOGY. containing “ Travels in France previous The Chronology of the Eighteenth and to the Revolution,” illustrated with ori. Nineteenth centuries, comprehending ginal and accurate Plans of the River every important transaction from the year Garonne, and of the Royal Canal of Lan 1700 to the close of the year 1825. By guedoc.

Henry Boyle. 8vo, 15s. Some Account of the Life and Charac

MEDICINE AND SURGERY. ter of the late Thomas Bateman, M.D. Delineations of the Cutaneous Dis. F.L.$. &c. In 1 vol. post 8vo, 7s. 6d. eases comprised in the Classification of EDUCATION

the late Dr Willan. By the late Thomas Philosophy in Sport made Science in Bateman, M.D. F.L.S. 4to, with upEarnest ; being an attempt to illustrate wards of 70 coloured plates, L. 12, 12s. the first Principles of Natural Philosophy, boards. by the aid of Popular Toys and Sports. Materia Indica ; or some Account of By Peter Whiffle, Esq. In 2 vols. 12mo. those Articles which are employed by the

Elements of Arithmetic for Children, Hindoos and other Eastern Nations, in on a plan entirely new. Mustrated by their Medicine, Arts, &c. Together with

3 vols. post

Lists of Scientific Books, in various The House-Book, and Family Chro-
Oriental Languages, &c. &c. By White nicle of Useful Knowledge; containing
law Ainslie, M.D. M.R.S. A. Jate of the Medicine, Cookery, &c. &c. By W.
Medical Staff of Southern India. 2 vols. Scott, M. D. 8vo. Upwards of 600 pages,

12s. in boards. A Treatise on Desk Diseases, attend

ant upon Persons engaged in Studies or Tales of a Voyager.—Stories told at
Sedentary Employments. By W. M. Sea during a Voyage recently made to
Wallace, M.R.C.S.

the Arctic Ocean. Interspersed with
The Anatomy and Surgical Treatment curious Anecdotes, and a Narrative of
of Hernia. By Sir Astley Cooper. Se the various Adventures and Perils of the
cond edition. By C. Aston Key, Surgeon Voyage. 3 vols, post 8vo, 28s. 6d.
to Guy's Hospital, Lecturer on Surgery, A Second Series of Tales of the
&c. I vol. folio.

O'Hara Family, containing the Nowlans

and Peter of the Castle.
Poetry and Poets; a Collection of the 8vo.
choicest Anecdotes relating to the Poets Ruins of Ruthvale Abbey. By Mrs
of every Age and Nation. By Richard Golland (late Miss Haynes.) L.), 125
Ryan. Elegantly printed in 3 vols. L.1, Almack's. A Novel. 3 vols. 8vo,
4s. in boards.

L.1, 10s. Cupid's Album : being a choice Col. Christmas Trifles; consisting princilection of elegant Compliments and bril- pally of Geographical Charades, Valenliant Jeux d'Esprit, in Poetry and Prose, tines, and Poetical Pieces, for Young addressed to the Fair Sex, by Poets and Persons. By Mrs Reeve. Wits of all Ages. With three beautiful The Revolt of the Bees. 12s. 6d, Engravings. 58. 6d. in boards.

The Young Rifleman's Comrade; a The Annual Register; or, a View of Narrative of his Military Adventures, the History, Politics, and Literature of Imprisonment, and Shipwreck. Edited the Year 1825.

by Goethe, and printed uniformly with A Sister's Gift ; consisting of Conver. “ The Adventures of a Young Riflesations on Sacred Subjects, for the In man." In one vol. post 8vo, 9s. 6d. struction and Amusement of the Junior Outalissi. A Tale of Dutch Guiana. Branches of her Family. Dedicated, by 9s. 6d. permission, to her Royal Highness the

POETRY Duchess of Kent.

Foscari. A Tragedy. Now performNarrative of the Burmese War. By ing at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-GarCaptain J. J. Snodgrass.

den. By Mary Russell Mitford. 8vo. Every Man's Book for 1827; contain. 4s. ing Interesting New Matter, including Second Series of the Cheltenham Mailthe most important Public Acts of the Bag; or, Letters from Gloucestershire. last Session, viz. Remarkable Days in Edited by Peter Quince, the Younger. 1827, &c. &c. &c.

6s. Time's Telescope and Guide to the Sketches from Life. Written in Verse. Almanack for the Year 1827, containing By the Rev. T. Charles Boone, R. A. 6s. an Explanation of Saints' Days and Ho Whims and Oddities, in Prose and lidays— Illustrations of British History Verse, with 40 Original Designs. By and Antiquities Notices of Obsolete Thomas Hood, Esq. one of the Authors Rites and Customs- Sketches of Com of “ Odes and Addresses to Great Peoparative Chronology and Contemporary ple," and the Designer of the “ Progress Biography— The Astronomical Occur. of Cant.” 10s. 6d. rences in every Month-and the Natu

THEOLOGY. ralist's Diary, including a View of Sco The whole Works of Edward Reytian Botany, &c. &c. 9s.

nolds, D.D. Lord Bishop of Norwich. Remarks on the supposed Dionysius Now first collected. With a Life of the Longinus; with an Attempt to restore Author, by Alexander Chalmers, Esq., the Treatise on Sublimity to its Original and a finely engraved Portrait. 6 vols. State. By the Rev. John William Knox, 8vo, L.3. A.M.

Letters on the Church. By an Epis. Domestic Economy and Cookery for copalian. Rich and Poor; containing an Account An Introduction to the Knowledge of of the best English, Scotch, French, Scripture History. By J. & Carpenter. Oriental, and other Foreign Dishes, &c. Svo, 16s. The whole composed with the utmost Vol. II. of Brown's Sermons. 8vo, 75. attention to health, economy, and ele The Protestant's Protest against the fance. By a Lady. 9s.

Catholic Claims. Svo, 68.

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Travels and Adventures on the Shore A History of the Mahrattas. By James of the Caspian Sea; with some Account Grant Duff, Esq. late Political Resident of the Trade, Commerce, and Resources at Satara. In 3 vols. 8vo, with Plates, of those Countries. By James B. Fra. and a Map of the Mahratta Country, ser, Esq. Author of "A Tour to the chiefly from original and recent Surveys; Himala Mountains,” &c. In 4to, L.1, also a Map of India, showing the ancient Ils. 6d. divisions of the Deccan. L.2, 15s.

EDINBURGH. Essay on the Theory of the Earth. Rev. B. W. Mathias, &c.-In 1 vol. 8vo, By Baron G. Cuvier, Perpetual Secre 10s. 6d. bds. tary of the French Institute, Professor The Edinburgh Geographical and Hisand Administrator of the Museum of Na. torical Atlas. No. XVI. 2s. 6d. tural History, &c. &c. With Geological Erskine's Principles of the Law of Illustrations, by Professor Jameson. Scotland. New Edition, with CorrecFifth Edition. Translated from the last tions, Notes, and an Appendix, by John French Edition, with numerous Addi S. More, Esq. Advocate. 8vo, 16s. tions by the Author and Translator. In Decisions of the Court of Session from I large vol. 8vo, with eleven Plates, 14s. 12th May to 12th July, 1826. Collected

The Subaltern. Originally published by Appointment of the Faculty of Advoin Blackwood's Magazine. Second Edi. cates. Royal 8vo, 12s. tion. Dedicated to the Duke of Wel The Edinburgh Spy. By the Author lington. 12mo, 78.

of the Northern Looking-Glass. 4to, Paul Jones; a Romance. By Allan No. I. ls. 6d. Cunningham. 3vols. post8vo, L.1, 11s.6d. Cases decided in the House of Lords

Specimen of Sacred and Serious Po on Appeal from the Courts of Scotland. etry, from Chaucer to the Present Day. Vol. I. p. 4, from 220 to 21th May 1826. With Biographical Notices and Critical Collected by Patrick Shaw, Esq. Advo. Remarks by John Johnstone. 18mo, cate. 5s.6d.

Edinburgh Christian Instructor. No. Outlines of Modern Geography, for the CXCVII. Use of the Edinburgh Academy, 12mo, A Sermon preached in the Old Grey 2s. 6d. bound,

Friars Church, on the 10th Dec. 1826, Elgin Cathedral.- Just published, and, when a Collection was intimated, under by permission, dedicated to his Grace the the authority of the General Assembly, Duke of Gordon, Five large Views of in Aid of the Propagation of the Gospel. this magnificent Ruin, with a Ground By John Inglis, D.D. 8vo, Is. Plan, and Historical Account of the Rise, Part I. of Illustrations of Ornithology. Progress, and Fall of this venerable Pile. By Sir William Jardine, Bart, F.R.S.E. They have been produced under the most F.L.S. M.W.S. &c. and Prideaux John favourable circumstances, and do the art- Selby, Esq. F.L.S. M.W.S. &c. With ist, Mr William Clarke, the highest ho- the co-operation of J. E. Bicheno, Esq. nour. They are engraved in the finest Sec. L.S. &c.; J. G. Children, Esq. style, and the impressions taken in a F.R.S.L. and E. F.L.S. &c. Zoologist to beautiful Bistre tint, in imitation of the the British Museum ; Major-General T. original Drawings ; and are adapted, Hardwicke, F.R.S. F.L.S. &c.; T. Horswhen framed, to form very ornamental field, M.D. F.L.S. &c. Zoologist to the furniture; or they make a splendid vo Hon. East Company; R. Jameson, Esq. lume for the drawing-room and library F.R.S.E. F.L.S. Pres. W.S. Reg. Prof. table. Price L.2, 12s. 6d. ; a few early Nat. Hist. Edinburgh, Director of Edinimpressions taken on the finest India burgh Museum, &c.; N. A. Vigors, Esq. paper, L. 4, 4s.

M. A. F.R.S. F.L.S. Sec. of Zool. So. The Irish Pulpit; a Collection of Ser- ciety, &c. mons by a Clergyman of the Established A Gratulatory Address to his Alma Church. Contributed by the Rev. Henry Mater. By a Student of Medicine. With Woodward -Rev. Peter Rae—Venera- Notes, explanatory and illustrative; and ble Archdeacon Packenham-Venerable apposite Extracts and Anecdotes, hisArchdeacon Barton-Rev. Dr Elrington, torical, moral, and entertaining, embelF.T.C.D.-Rev. Charles Bardin-Rev. lished with elegant Views of many of the Mortimer O'Sulivan - Rev. Samuel O'. most splendid Public Buildings in EdinSullivan-Rev. William Higgin-Rev. burgh, forming an accurate TopographGeorge Hamilton-Rev. Dr Nash, late ical Picture of the Scottish Metropolis, F.T.C.D.-Rev. Dr Singer, F.T.C.D. - Edinburgh, 1826.

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