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Statement of the products of the Soil, and of the Industry of Massachusetts, in the

year 1839.

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To supply the deficiency in the above abstract of the estimated value of articles, where the quantity only is returned, we subjoin a table of the articles, with other quantities as given above, and with an estimate of value, taken from other sources, for the purpose of exhibiting a more complete estimate of the productive industry of the State.

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The first care of Blondel, after his arrest, had been to address to the companions of his disorderly life, a pathetic circular, which, to speak in his own language, invited them to the banquet of misfortune. In other words, to acquit the debt which deprived him of liberty, he had tried to contract a new one; this system, which is in use among people who live by borrowing, obtained no success. Of all the friends of the prisoner, club friends, opera friends, and table friends, not a single one responded to his appeal; some even thought his proceeding incongruous and laughable; in fact, to suppose that under these circumstances a single purse would open, was quite to mistake the principles of that well ordered charity which begins at home, and which, if it could be banished from the earth, would still be found in the heart of fashionable livers.

Abandoned by all those who, the evening before, pressed his hand, and not daring to write to Deslandes, after having so completely betrayed his confidence, Blondel, notwithstanding the impudent vein of his character, fell into a sad melancholy, from which he was almost immediately drawn by the compassionate hand of a woman. Here, since a flower has shot up in this muddy soil, no exaggeration of delicacy or austerity shall prevent our gathering it, It must be said, for it is an incontestable fact, and is every day repeated, certain connections, notwithstanding the just blame which is attached to them, seem governed by a devotedness which is not always met with in the same degree in more irreproachable unions. When she learned the disaster of the man whom she preferred among her numerous adorers, Mad. Marmancourt, leaving off all intrigues, thought of nothing but carrying him prompt and efficacious assistance. Irrevocably embroiled with M. Piard, her richest lover, she imposed, under the form of a loan, an extraordinary tax on her subaltern admirers. Her coquetry beat up money over the whole extent of her domain. This contribution had an immediate result, which Theodosia placed in her pocketbook, and carried immediately to the prison where Blondel had been for three days, allowing his beard to grow as a sign of misfortune.

At the sight of the friendly being who entered, with a light step and a smile on her lips, into the cell in which he was confined, Gustavus

raised himself suddenly, and throwing away the cigar with which he was amusing his ennui,-" Theodosia," cried he, pathetically, “ah, I was very sure you would not abandon me."

"Abandon my Gustavus, when he has been fighting for me!" responded Madame Marmancourt, with a tender vivacity, "what sort of woman should I be to do that. Go, there was no need of writing to me, I was thinking of nothing but you. Barbeyrac had told me about your duel; it seems you have given your Deslandes a severe correction; this has touched me the more, because he was your friend."

"If he had been my brother," replied Blondel, taking a dramatic position, "the moment he had given offence to my Theodosia, it was necessary that he should pass through my hands. Only out of respect to our ancient friendship, instead of sending a ball through his head, I contented myself with wounding him."

"That is enough, I do not desire his death, but let us talk about this villanous bill of exchange: to how much does it amount?"

"To twelve hundred francs," said the prisoner, heaving a sigh. "In that case you are free," responded Mad. Marmancourt, who with a radiant air drew from her pocket-book three bills of a thous and francs, and placed them on the little table near her lover.

Blondel bounded like a lion who sees his cage opening, but immediately he allowed himself to fall back on his seat.

"We must not think of it," said he in a dolorous tone ;—" when a man is in trouble, every thing unites to overcome him. For the two last days, creditors have been springing up about me like mushrooms. Beside this cursed protested bill, I am at this moment recommandé for seven or eight thousand francs.'


"Recommandé ?" said Theodosia with an air of surprise.

"It is a word in their jargon, which means that I shall not leave this place until I have satisfied all the carnivorous animals who have a right to exercise against me the constraint of the body. These three pretty bank bills would only allure, without satisfying them. We will not be so foolish; by making them fast, we shall perhaps make them more tractable. Meantime this money will soften the hardships of my prison; it is time it was ameliorated; the two days I have been living at the expense of my creditor, I have lost, at least, eight pounds of flesh."

"Poor Gustavus," said Mad. Marmancourt, who, after having heard with emotion the recital of the alimentary tortures to which the prisoner had submitted, sent to the kitchen of the establishment to order a dinner which Brillat-Savarin need not have disdained.

From this day, the prison became to Blondel, what it is to many debtors of that class, who never want money, but when their debts are to be paid. Except the being deprived of liberty, a good which is too much cried up, and the habits of which it is not impossible to root out, he found there, all the little enjoyments which constitute the happiness of many people: a well arranged table, delicious cigars, the earliest fruits and vegetables, a comfortable dressing-gown, the papers in

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