Old English Drama: The second maiden's tragedy

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Hurst, Robinson, and Company, 1825

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Стр. 73 - Pack, clouds, away! and welcome, day! With night we banish sorrow. Sweet air, blow soft; mount, lark, aloft To give my love good-morrow. Wings from the wind, to please her mind, Notes from the lark, I'll borrow; Bird, prune thy wing; nightingale, sing, To give my love good-morrow.
Стр. 64 - Tis poor, and not becoming perfect gentry To build their glories at their fathers' cost, But at their own expense of blood or virtue, To raise them living monuments : our birth Is not our own act ; honour upon trust Our ill deeds forfeit ; and the wealthy sums Purchased by others' fame or sweat, will be Our stain, for we inherit nothing truly But what our actions make us worthy of.
Стр. 17 - Now what is love I will thee tell, It is the fountain and the well, Where pleasure and repentance dwell...
Стр. 17 - It is the fountain, and the well, Where pleasure and repentance dwell: It is perhaps the sansing bell, That rings all in to heaven or hell, And this is love, and this is love, as I hear tell. Now what is love I will you show: A thing that creeps and cannot go; A prize that passeth to and fro; A thing for me, a thing for mo...
Стр. 8 - I'll tell his lordship, when 1 see him again, How zealous you are in his commendation. Hon. If I be not mistaken, I have heard Your tongue reach higher in his praises, madam, Howe'er you now seem cold ; but, if you tell him My opinion, as you shall do him no pleasure, You can...
Стр. 2 - I'm now ; I allow her her own friend to stop her mouth, And keep her quiet, quit him his table free, And the huge feeding of his great stone horse, On which he rides in pomp about the city, Only to speak to gallants in bay-windows ; Marry, his lodging he pays dearly for : He gets me all my children, there I save by't ; Beside I draw my life out, by the bargain, Some twelve years longer than the times appointed ; When my young prodigal gallant kicks up's heels At...
Стр. 20 - Wife. What is't to you, good sir, if I be pleased To weep myself away ; and run thus violently Into the arms of death, and kiss destruction: Does this concern you now ? Vot.
Стр. 28 - Favours have glean'd too much :* pray pardon me, If it were mine, they should go look their, bracelets, Or stay till the next crop...

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