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INTELL.—British and Foreign School

Society—London (Jewish) Society—

British and Foreign Bible Society—

Papal Bull against the Bible Society-

London Missionary Society — Literary

Notices 177-192


DOCT. and PRACT.—Obedience to

Christ, the surest test of Discipleship—

On the importance and reasonableness

of Religion—Remarks on the Bonk of

Psalms—with Postscript by the Editor

—Female rights asserted—Query on

the infinite evil of Sin 193—204

REVIEW.—An Attempt to support the

Diversity of Future Rewards—The evil

e-f separating from the Church of Eng-

land! 205-209

INTELL.—Bath Society for the relief

of superannuated ministers—Protestant

Society for the Protection of Religious

Liberty—Irish Evangelical Society—

Hibernian Society—Baptist Itinerant

Society—Anniversary Sermons for the

Baptist Mission to India 209—224


DOCT. and PRACT.—The dying ex-

perience of Dr. Owen—On the Na-

ture, the Properties, and the Effects of

Divine Teaching—The Nature, Im-

portance and Reasonableness of Reli-

gion—Calm remonstrance with Minis-

ters—Substance of a Speech on Home

Missions—Anecdote respecting Bun-

yan's Pilgrim — Clerical arguments

nearly allied to persecution. .225—241

REVIEW. — Mr. Innes's Sketches of

Human Nature, 2nd edition—Watson's

Defence of the Wesleyan Methodists—

The Bible Class Book 242-244

INTELL. Progress of education in the

Highlands of Scotland — Hibernian

Society Report concluded Baptist

Irish Society-Baptist Mission to India

—Death of Dr. Fawcett... .245—256


DOCT. and PRACT.—Friendly Hints

to the members of Christian churches

—Dr. Jenkins's Sermon on Evil-speak-

ing, concluded—Hard words in the

Doctor's Sermon explained — Letter

from a Father to his son, commencing

the profession of the law^-Defence of

alearned ministry—Illustration of Rom.

ix 1—5.—On ministerial usefulness—

Queries 299-305

REVIEW.—Sermons by Mr. John Mar-

tin, 2 vols.—Evans's Excursion to Wind-

sor, &c. — Hampshire Sunday-school

Union Teacher's Hymn Book.306—311

INTELL.—British and Foreign Bible

Society—Mr. Hall's Speech at the

Leicester Auxiliary Bible Society-

British and Foreign School Society—

Chanel opened at Chelsea—Poetry

r 312—320


DOCT. and PRACT.—Mr. M'Lean on

the unpardonable sin—Particulars of

the death of Mr. Howard the Philan-

thropist—On the supposed pre-exis-

tence of the human soul of Christ—

Letter from Mr. Watson on Methodist

Missions 321—334

REVIEW.— Mr. Cowan's Reasons for

quitting the Establishment — Bishop

Taylor's Liberty of Prophesying, new

edition—R. H. Carne's Discourse on

the family of God's Elect—Maxwell s

Plurality of Worlds 335-347

INTELL—Mr. Hall's Speech, at Lei-
cester, conceded—British and Foreign
School Society—Anniversary of the
London Society for the instruction of
Adults—Designation of Missionaries to
Serampore—General Bap fists—Obitu-
ary of Mr. Littlewood of R^fhdale


DOCT. and PRACT.-Dr. Lant Car-

penter to the Editor-Dr Carpenter■ •

Remarks on Dr. Stock's Letter to Mr.

Rowe—The Editor's Animadversions

on Dr. Carpenter's letter-Some ac-

count of Mr. John Hutchinson and his

writings-Remarks on 1 Cor xiv. 30-

Dr. Crisp vindicated — Academical
plagairism detected-Letter to the Edi-
tor-Anecdote . 7«

REVIEW.—Dr. Stvles's Memoirs of Mr.
Buck-Mr. Allen's translation of Out-
ram on Sacrifices-Mr. Inglu's Letter
on the case of W. Mills, MA 'ditton-
Mr Frere's Lines on the Death of the
Princess Charlotte-Mr. Scrag|s Ques-
tions Resolved • ■ • • • • 37J'-£•>

INTELL. — Demise of the Princess
Charlotte-Hibernian Society-Case of
^,e Old Meeting-house Wolverhamp-
ton - Ordination at Paradise-walk,
Chelsea-and at Elim Chapel, Fetter-
lane, London—Poetry ... .37o—JO*

INDEXES to the Volume.


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