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INTELL.-- British and Foreign School


Society-London (Jewish) Society--

British and Foreign Bible Society

DOCT. and PRACT.-Friendly Hints

Papal Bull against the Bible Society,

to the members of Christian churches
London Missionary Society- Literary

-Dr. Jenkins's Sermon on Evil-speak-

ing, concluded-Hard words in the

otices. ..................177-192

Doctor's Sermon explained — Letter


from a Father to his son, commencing

DOCT. and PRACT.-Obedience to

the profession of the law-Defence of

Christ, the surest test of Discipleship-

a learned ministry-Illustration of Rom.

On the importance and reasonableness

ix, 1--5.-On ministerial usefulness
of Religion-Remarks on the Book of

Psalms with Postscript by the Editor

REVIEW.-Sermons by Mr. John Mar-
-Female rights asserted--Query on

tin, 2 vols.--Evans's Excursion to Wind-
the infinite evil of Sin......193—204 |

sor, &c. - Hampshire Sunday-school

REVIEW.-An Attempt to support the

Union Teacher's Hymn Book.306-311

| INTELL.-British and Foreign Bible

Diversity of Future Rewards—The evil
of separating from the Church of Eng-

Society,Mr. Hall's Speech at the



Leicester Auxiliary Bible Society-

INTELL.- Bath Society for the relief

British and Foreign School Society
of superannuated ministers--Protestant

Chapel opened at Chelsea-POETRY
Society for the Protection of Religious


Liberty--Irish Evangelical Society-1


Hibernian Society-Baptist Itinerant DOCT. and PRACT.-Mr. M‘Lean on

Society-Anniversary Sermons for the the unpardonable sin- Particulars of

Baptist Mission to India ....209–224 the death of Mr. Howard the Philan-


thropist -On the supposed pre-exis-

tence of the human soul of Christ
DOCT. and PRACT.-The dying ex-l Letter from Mr. Watson on Methodist
perience of Dr. Owen-On the Na-


ture, the Properties, and the Effects of REVIEW.-Mr. Cowan's Reasons for

Divine Teaching--The Nature, Im- | quitting the Establishment - Bishop

portance and Reasonableness of Reli Taylor's Liberty of Prophesying, new

gion--Calm remonstrance with Minis edition-R. H. Carne's Discourse on

ters-Substance of a Speech on Home the family of God's Elect-Maxwell's

Missions-Anecdote respecting Bun Plurality of Worlds........335-347

yan's Pilgrim - Clerical arguments | INTELL-Mr. Hall's Speech, at Lei-

nearly allied to persecution..225-241 | cester, concluded British and Foreign
REVIEW. - Mr. Innes's Sketches of School Society-Anniversary of the

Human Nature, 2nd edition-Watson's London Society for the instruction of
Defence of the Wesleyan Methodists Adults-Designation of Missionaries to

The Bible Class Book.......2424244 Serampore-General Baptists-Obitu-
INTELL.- Progress of education in the ary of Mr, Littlewood of Rochdale
Highlands of Scotland — Hibernian


Society, Report concluded — Baptist


Trish Socieiy-Baptist Mission to India
- Death of Dr. Fawcett....245—256

DOCT. and PRACT.-Dr. Lant Care

penter to the Editor-Dr. Carpenter's

Remarks on Dr. Stock's Letter to Mr.
DOCT. and PRACT.-The cause, crime

Rowe-The Editor's Animadversions

on Dr. Carpenter's letter-Somne ac-
and cure of evil-speaking, Sermon by

count of Mr. John Hutchinson and his

Dr. Jenkins-The doctrine of Christ,

writings Remarks on 1 Cor. xiv. 30%

the bread of eternal life- Additional

Dr. Crisp vindicated - Academical

observations on the book of Psalms

plagairism detected - Letter to the Edi-

On marked separation and weekly

tor - Anecdote.............353_-370

communion- Bilney's Letter to Bishop

REVIEW.-Dr. Styles's Memoirs of Mr.
Tonstal - Martial's Epigram translated

Buck-Mr. Allen's translation of Out-
and paraphrased --Dr. Stock's Letter

ram on Sacrifices-Mr. Inglis's Letter
to the Rev. John Rowe of Bristol


on the case of W. Mills, 5th edition-

Mr. Frere's Lines on the Death of the
REVIEW.-Mr. M'Lean’s Paraphrase

Princess Charlotte-Mr. Scragg's Ques-

and Commentary on the Epistle to the

tions Resolved...............371-375


INTELL. --- Demise of the Princess

INTELL.-Baptist Mission to India,

Charlotte-Hibernian Society---Case of

report of its present state-- British and

the Old Meeting-house, Wolverhamp-
Foreigo Bible Society-Ordination of

ton - Ordination at Paradise-walk,
Mr. G. Pritchard at Keppel-street-
Chapel Opened at Brixton, Surry-

Chelsea-and at Elim Chapel, Fetter-

Obituary of Garnet Terry, Esq.--Lite-

lane, London-POETRY ....376_384

rary Notice--POETRY......282–288 | INDEXES to the Volume.

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