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his days were prolonged, to the cellence. The history, the mora. 24th of March, 1813, when he de- lity, and the theology of the Bible, parted out of life in the 64th year contain a fund of knowledge and of his age, he could be said to instruction, bearing evident marks have little enjoyment of life during of superior wisdom; but it is the the interval. The winter of 1810 | idea of its being written with the was a trying period to him, and in finger of God, that puts life into the ensuing spring, his infirmity the whole. The broad seal of seemed rapidly to encrease. A beaven is stamped on it in such a visit to the sea, however, raised manner, that the united powers of him up again and he returned earth and hell have never been able home with recruited strength. In to deface it. It is this that gives the following year he was seized certainty to past facts and to with a fit of apoplexy, from which future hopes. This clothes the it was for some hours doubtful precepts and counsels here given, whether he would recover. From with dignity and authority. This the period of this attack he thought raises the doctrines of the Bible of himself, spake of himself, and infinitely above the speculations acted for himself as one half in the and conjectures of the wisest grave. His mind was composed heathen writers, inspires its devobut not triumphant. He lingered tions with holiness and energy, on till the ensuing spring, preaching infuses divine sweetness into its occasionally, as his strength per- | promises, and, in a word, casts mitted. The Assizes were held upon it a sublime and inimitable at Leicester in the month of grandeur. Let the pious reader March, and it was a season which peruse this boly book with the he never allowed to pass without great God before his eyes, and he improvement in his public minis- cannot fail of being instructed, try. On the Lord's day, March entertained and edified. At every 21. he preached thrice. On the step he takes, new light will break ensuing day he again preached at in upon his mind, and new sources the town gaol; but these exertions of hope and joy will open to his were far too much for his totter-faith. It is of great importance to ing frame, and the effects soon be be well established in the belief of came apparent. On the following the divine authority of these sacred day he was again seized with records. The deeds by which we apoplexy, which terminated in hold our estates will be consulted death, about six hours after the with little pleasure or advantage attack. The intelligence of his while we have reason to suspect : departure occasioned great con- | their authenticity. It ought theresternation and sorrow throughout fore to be a matter of great joy to the town and neighbourhood. us, that he who has settled an: All seemed to feel that they had eternal inheritance upon us, has lost a friend ;--many that they taken care that there should be no had lost a father ; some that God flaw in the instrument of convey.. had taken away their idol.” Vide, ance. O reader! beware thereMr. Vaughan's Life of Mr. Robin

fore of that cold indifference with son, 1815, p. 289.

which this book is treated by too many who are favoured with it.

Something more is required of you, ON THE EXCELLENCY OF THE than a general regard to it. It will HOLY SCRIPTURES.

be to little purpose that you cast We can scarcely take this sacred your eye now and then upon it to volume into our hands before we gratify curiosity or merely as a are convinced of its intrinsic ex- | matter of course. As God enables.


you, read it with the utmost care. ON THE PROGRESSIVE AD

I VANCEMENT OF CHRIST'S KINGif it be the word of the living God, you cannot pay too serious and

A View of Isaiah, ch. xi. solemn attention to it. Read it! The testimony concerning Jesus under the settled idea of its con- Christ his character, his work taining the words of everlasting, and his kingdom-is the ultimate life, and you will be anxious to scope and design of all the proenter into its true meaning and phetic writings; for those holy spirit: read it regularly at stated men, testified before hand, the seasons; in such portions, and in sufferings of the Messiah and the such order as may be most con- glory that should follow. It apducive to your edification. Con- pears to have been a common sider it in its connexion, apply it method with them, and particulare to yourself, compare it. with the ly with Isaiah, to take occasion, feelings of your own heart, with from the mention of some great the observations you daily make temporal deliverance, to launch upon mankind, and the events out into a display of the great sala which are continually rising to your vation, or that spiritual deliveview. Read this book not for rance, which should, in the fulness amusement, but that you may know of time, be effected by the Mesthe things which belong to your siah, for the people of God. Thus, peace, and be made wise to salva- for instance, in the tenth or pretion through faith in Christ Jesus. ceding chapter, the Prophet had Read it for reproof, for correction, described the destruction of the and for instruction in righteous-Assyrian army, under the image of ness. Read it with the solemnities a mighty forest, consisting of of death, judgment, and eternity flourishing trees, growing thick before your eyes, and let your together and of great height; of reading of this book be always Lebanon itself crowned with lofty accompanied with earnest and fer- cedars; but cut down, and laid vent aspirations after the teaching level with the ground, by an axe, of the Divine Spirit, beseeching wielded by the hand of some powerGod to take away the veil of pre- ful and illustrious agent. In oppo. judice from your eyes, to give you sition to this image, he represents the knowledge of divine truth in the Messiah, who, as we are sure its native simplicity and glory, and from the express testimony of the to bless you with a humble, teach- apostle Paul, Rom. xv. 12. makes able, and child-like disposition. the subject of this eleventh chapRead it with a sincere desire and ter, as a slender twig, shooting out aim, through divine grace, to have from the trunk of an old tree, cut your whole temper and walk con- down, lopped to the very root, and formed unto it. The Apostle | decayed; which tender plant, so Paul calls the whole of the inspired weak in appearance, should neverwritings “the word of Christ,” theless become fruitful and prosa Col. iii. 16. thereby asserting the per. “There shall come forth a value of the book, and the divinity rod out of the stem of Jesse, and of its author, and says “ let it a branch shall grow out of his dwell in you,” richly in the largest roots,” ver. 1. This teaches us measure, and with the greatest that the Messiah was to come “ of efficacy, so as to fill the 'memory, the seed of David according to the sway the will, and influence all the flesh;" for such is the promise affections.

| and prediction, contained in the See Dr. Fawcett's Devotional first verse of this remarkable chapBible, apud tinem.

ter. The prophet next proceeds . I to describe his qualifications for

government: “And the Spirit of obstinate unbelief, might be conthe Lord shall rest upon him, the sidered as incredible, Jehovah prospirit of wisdom and understand. mises to remove every obstruction ing, the spirit of counsel and might, that stands in the way of this grand the spirit of knowledge, and of the event, as he did when he brought fear of the Lord; and shall make them out of Egypt, ver. 15, 16. . him of quick understanding in the Having thus taken a cursory fear of the Lord: and he shall not view of the scope and general conjudge after the sight of his eyes, tents of this remarkable prophecy, neither reprove after the hearing of it may be useful to consider, how his ears :" ver. 2, 3. Then he men- / far it bas hitherto been fulfilled tions the righteousness and faith what part of it remains yet unacfulness of his administration in complished—and the improvement protecting his own subjects and which Christians of the present punishing their enemies: “ But day ought to make of the subject. with righteousness shall he judge Before entering, however, upon the poor, and reprove with equity an induction of particulars, it may for tlie meek of the earth: and he be proper to remark that there are shall smite the earth with the rod some prophecies which respect of his mouth, and with the breath only one single event, and which of his lips shall be slay the wicked. consequently receive their full ac. And righteousness shall be the complishment in that event; but girdle of bis loins, and faithfulness there are others which extend the girdle of his reins.” ver. 4, 5. along the whole of the gospel disFrom this he proceeds to notice pensation, and which have a growthe quiet and peaceable state of ing successive accomplishment in his kingdom both external and in different events and periods: and terval: “ The wolf also shall dwell each of these kinds of prophecies with the lamb, and the leopard shall are to be found in this eleventh lie down with the kid; and the chapter of Isaiah. Having precalf and the young lion and the mised these things, I remark that, fatling together; and a little child 1. The promise contained in the shall lead them. And the cow and first verse, has been long ago the bear shall feed; their young fully and completely accomplished, ones shall lie down together; and namely, “ There shall come forth the lion shall eat straw like the ox. a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and And the sucking child shall play a branch shall grow out of his on the hole of the asp, and the roots.” So we are told, that “God weaned child shall put his hand bath raised up a horn of salvation on the cockatrice' den," ver. 6–8. for us in the house of his servant He particularly specifies the pro- David,” Luke i. 69. “Of this ductive cause of this happy state man's seed hath God, according to of things, namely, “The earth shall his promise, raised unto Israel, a be full of the knowledge of the Saviour, Jesus," Acts xii. 23. It LORD, as the waters cover the is the great leading doctrine of the sea,” ver. 9. This naturally calls Christian faith, that “Christ hath forth from the prophet a descrip- come in the flesh.” 1 John iv. 2. tion of the Messiah's subjects; for and that he hath finished the work his kingdom was to be made up of of redemption that he hath asthe fulness of the Gentiles, the out- cended into heaven-and set up casts of Israel, and the dispersed his kingdom in the world. And of Judah, ver. 10–12. And be this is the foundation of all the cause the restoration of God's blessings and prosperity which shall ancient people after so long a dis- attend it in time and eternity. .. persion, attended too with such 2. What is predicted respecting

the Messial's qualifications for must nevertheless be admitted, that government, has also been verified in regard to his outward dispenin him, and will encreasingly ap- sations, during the persecuted pear in the progress of his adminis- state of his church,“ clouds and tration, ver. 2, 3. Even in the darkness are round about him," days of his humiliation, when he and therefore this part of the proappeared only as “ a root out of a phecy hath not hitherto been so dry ground, without form or come- clearly manifested, as it shall liness” in the eyes of giddy mor- hereafter be, when the saints shall tals, the attributes of Deity could be called to sing the Song of not be wholly concealed by the Moses and of the Lamb, saying, vail of hunanity which coyered" Great and marvellous are thy them. He spake with a wisdom works Lord God Almighty-all and an energy which constrained nations shall come and worship behis very adversaries to acknow-fore thee, for thy judgments are ledge that never did man so made manifest." Rev. xv. 3, 4. speak before,” John vii. 46. His 4. This prophecy has hitherto word was with power; and all had but a very partial accomplishnature, even the very elements, ment, as it relates to the peace and were obsequious to his will. The tranquility of this kingdom. So secrets of the heart were not con- far, indeed, as the gospel hath precealed from him; and though, vailed in the hearts of men, it has “full of grace and truth,” divine produced unity and peace among power and majesty conspicuously real Christians ; but this has often appeared in all he did and said been interrupted by the power and And since his ascension to the influence of their corrupt propenthrone of his glory, “all authority, sities. They have enjoyed interboth in heaven and earth is com / vals of external peace; yet the true mitted into his hands." Matt. followers of the Lamb, have in xxviii. 18. John xvii. 2.

general been in a persecuted and 3. The righteousness and faith. depressed state. This part of the fulness of his administration, have prophecy, therefore, bas hitherto also been clearly manifested, not been but very partially accom. only in the purity of his laws and plished. institutions; but also in the pro- 5. The same thing may be retection of his own people, and in marked respecting the calling of the punishment of the wicked, ver. the Jews and Gentiles into the 4. He executed vengeance on the kingdom or church of Christ, ver. unbelieving Jews, who rejected 10-13. At the first setting up of him and persecuted his people; as his kingdom, the Lord called a he also did upon the Heathen remnant of the Jews, but the great Ronian Empire who succeeded the body of that nation were “ broken Jews in that sanguinary undertak- off through unbelief,” and coning; while he either delivered his tinue so unto this day. He also people from their rage, or afforded visited the nations to take out of them adequate support under their them a people for his name: and severest trials, and gave them a in the apostolic age, the word of crown of life. Rev. ii. 10. He is the Lord bad free course and was at present fast consuming Anti-glorified—the gospel was preached christ, by the breath of his mouth, far and wide, and it was crowned and by various means in his provi. | with wonderful success. But “the dence; and he has bitherto sup- mystery of iniquity” soon began to ported his suffering cause in the work under the Christian profesworld, thus preventing it from sion; and what is usually denobeing utterly extinguished. It I minated “the history of the



church,” since that time, is little prophecy. How inimitably beauelse than the history of Antichrist, tiful and expressive is the imagery while the real church of God of Isaiah on this part of the subamong the nations hath been com- ject. The most savage beasts of paratively a small, obscure, and prey are described as tamed of persecuted party. So that this their ferocity--the wolf and the part of the prophecy has also had leopard forbear to destroy the only a partial accomplishment even lamb, and the kid. The calf, and in Christendom, and in other parts the young lion, and the fatling, not of the world far less. But let us only come together, but are led now proceed to notice, what re- quietly in the same band, and that mains of this prophecy yet to be by a little child. Tbe heifer and perfected: and on this we remark, the she-bear not only feed together, that,

but even lodge their young ones, 6. It affords us just ground to for whom they used to be most expect a more demonstrable and jealously fearful, in the same place. striking manifestation of Christ's All the serpent kind is so perrighteousness and faithfulness in fectly harmless, that the sucking the administration of his govern-infant and the newly weaned child, ment, by the prevalence of his own puts bis hand on the den of the cause and interest in the world, basilisk, and plays upon the hole the prosperity of his subjects, and of the asp. The lion not only abthe destruction of his enemies. stains from preying on the weaker ver. 4, 5. Some professors have animals, but becomes tame and wholly discarded all such hopes domestic, and feeds on straw like and expectations in this world, the ox. Nothing can exceed the and strangely imagine that as beauty of this imagery, and its apChrist's kingdom began in a low plication to the state of society in and suffering state it will con- thiş sinful world is calculated to tinue so unto the end, and that it inspire the most animating proswill set in this world, as it were, pects. “They shall not hurt nor under a cloud! But the scriptures destroy in all my holy mountain"are abundantly explicit in declar- and the reason assigned for it is, ing that upon the theatre of this that “ the earth shall be full of the world, Christ will take unto him knowledge of THE LORD, as the his great power, and reign to the waters cover the sea." ver. 9. What joy of his people and to the con- an encouragement for Christians to fusion of his adversaries, when his be constantly praying “ Thy kingtruth and faithfulness shall shine dom come,” forth as the sun at noon day, and 8. The outcasts of Israel and be celebrated in songs of praise, the dispersed of Judah are not yet Rev. xv. 3, 4. Then shall the gathered in from the four corners grain of mustard seed become a of the earth; neither is the fulness tree shooting forth its branches on of the Gentiles yet come in; though every side, as a shelter for the both these events are the subjects fowls of heaven, Matt. xiii. 31. of many prophecies. See, for And the stone, cut out of the moun- example Deut. XXX. 3-5. and tain without hands, become itself xxxii. 43. Is. xxviii. 12, 13. ch. a mountain and fill the whole earth, xlix. 6. ch. liv, and lix. 20. chs. lx. Dan. ii. 35, 45.

Ixi. Ixii. Ixv. Ixvi. Jer. xxviii. 8. ch. . The peaceable and quiet xxx. 8-10. and xxxi. 36-40. I. state of Christ's kingdom, has not | 4. Ezek. vi. 17, &c. ch. xx. 34. yet been realized in the world, to ch. xxxiv. 13. xxxvi. 24, &c. the degree which we are authorised | xxxvii. 21. Hos. i. ii. and iii. 5. to expect from the language of this Joel iii. 1, &c. Amos ix. 14, 15.

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