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ritual gifts, through our Apostolic bene- the late Dr. Geddes, when be published diction, which we impart to yourself and his critical version of the Bible. (See his to them.

“ Letter to the Right Rev. John Douglass, Given at Rome, at St. Mary the Greater, Bishop of Centuriæ, and Vicar' Apostolic June 29, 1816, the 17th year of our in the London District," Lond.' 1794.) Pontification.

But, perhaps, some of our readers may POPE PIUS VII. know nothing about the “ Index Libro

rum Prohibitorum," and it may be neces.

sary for us to explain a little. REMARKS ON THE BULL OF

3. The “ Index” is a barbarous inquisiPOPE PIUS VII.

torial engine, by means of which Litera

ture has too long been kept down, and 1. The reader has now before him an made wholly subservient to the desigos of official instrument, which will probably a tyrannical hierarchy: Rome has its Inbe quoted with abherrence for genera- dex, Madrid has its Index, and Lisbou, tions to come! It will afford to divines, &c. &c. have an Iudex; each containing politicians, and philosophers, abundant a copious list of books, which cannot be occasion for remark; but we do not at sold, kept, or read, by people professing present offer any reflections on the the religion of the Pope, without incurmotives of the Roman Hierarchy in issuing ring ecclesiastical penalties and severe this Bull, nor on its tendency at so cri- pains, in body, soul, and property! This tical a period of public affairs. It must, Papal and diabolical invention was however, affect a variety of nations, ex hatched by the Council of Trent, soon cite a diversity of human passions, and after Luther began to write against the remain as a lasting evidence of the un Church of Rome, and his Reformation changeable tendency of Roman Catholic had won the hearts of all considerate mea principles to oppose Divine truth and in Europe. Aniibiblion, No. 1. religious liberty. The date of this Papal document, being on the 29th of June 1816, shows it to have been purposely contrived

SHOREDITCH, NORTON FAL. to frustrate the efforts of the Russian Bible

GATE, AND OLD ARTILLERY Society (ove of the great branches of a

GROUND, BIBLE ASSOCIATION. wide-spreading tree which has its deep On Tuesday Evening the 25th of roots in London), and that the Archbishop February, the Third Anniversary Meetof Gnezn was the immediate agent of the ing of the Shoreditch, Norton Falgale, Roman See. For, Mr. Pinkerton informs and Old Artillery Ground Bible Associthe Committee of the British and Foreign ation, was held at St. Leotards Church, Bible Society, that a General Meeting Shoreditch, when a very numerous assemwas convened at the Palace of Prince bly including many persons of the labourCzartorisky in Warsaw, “ on the 9th of ing and poor classes attended. The Rer. May last, when the Polish Bible Society Josiah PRATT, B. D. in the Chair. was finally and unanimously established, The Chairman opened the business by but, after several “ Catholic Bishops," taking a general glauce at the extent of had been elected Vice-presidents, and the blessings resulting from the operatios other proofs of an harmonious union of of the British and Foreigu Bible Society, Christian feeling had appeared, the Pope's in diffusing the knowledge of the Holy Bull interposed to throw down all the Scriptures throughout the world. He also fond hopes of these pious men! Thus it reminded the audience (which nearly was demonstrated, that “ the spirit of filled that large Church) that as they were Papism” (as Mr. Villers says, in his beau- | assembled in the house of God-be retiful Essay on the Reformation) “is ex- | lied on their attention to the decorum clusive and intolerant, and that the which might be expected in a place des spirit of an institution can never cease to voted to the service of God. act, unlil the institution itself ceases.” I In proposing or seconding the Resolu

2. Our next observation is, that if all tions of the dieeting, The Rev. George Protestant Bibles, here called " Bibles Hendrick stated his knowledge from enprinted by Heretics," must b6 be num- | quiry of the good arising from the distri. bered among other prohibited books of | bution of the Holy Scriptures in the Index," then it becomes totally im- neighbourhood amongst the poor..? practicable for us to hold any friendly | Rev. Edward Bickersteth described the intercourse with real adherents to the happy improvement he had noticed Papal religion; for, we shall always be Africa, among those persons to wbom the at open war, and the intolerant principles Scriptures had been introduced by me of the Congregation of the Index” will power of reading, and the assistance o necessarily govern all our Roman Catholic Bible Societies. The Rev. John Clayton brethren in the British empire. Now, in recommended - the continued support fact, “the Rules of the Index” are | Sible Associations, in whieh he was maintained, and acted upon, as far as lowed by the Rev. David Ruell who de Possible, by the Vicars Apostolic; and cribed the depravity of persons ignora they were attempted to be enforced against of

cu agamst of the word of God, and left to follow the


fide of human corruption. The Rev. M. / Friday Morning May 2nd, at 11 o'clock, Britain very warmly recommended the the Rev. RICHARD WATSON will preach support of Bible Associations. The Rev. to those Ladies, and other persons, who Ducas Schmid of Saxony gave a higbly have acted as Collectors for the Methodist interesting account of the success of Bible Missions, and to the Methodist Juvenile Societiesin Germany. The Rev. Matthew Missionary Society, in the Rev. Dr. WinWilks, and the Rev. W. F. Platt com- TER's Chapel, New Court, Carey Street. mended the zeal of the Collectors, and in the Evening, at 7 o'clock, the Rev. paid a just tribute to the valuable exer- JOSEPH BENSON will preach in Ainde tions of these men who have devoted their Street Chapel, Manchester Square. time to this cause. Mr. Ballance looking Wednesday May 7th. The BRITIS at the vast extent of the want of the Holy

AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY will hold Scriptures as yet unprovided for, earnestly

its ensuing Meeting at Free Mason's Hall, proposed the continuance of every possi

Great Queen Street, Lincoln's- Ino-Fields, ble exertion. The Rev. John Campbell |

to commence at 12 o'clock.. in very striking language pointed out the vast difference between the state of man

Lonnon ITEN ERANT SOCIETY – The ignorant of his Creator, and when by the

Annual General Meeting of this Society blessing of God on the Holy Scriptures he

will be held at the New London Tavern, is directed in the way to eternal felicity.

Cheapside, on Tuesday Morning May the The Rev. Robert M.Call concluded with

13th. Breaksfast to be provided by a

quarter-past six o'Clock; and the Chair some general reflections on Bible Societies.

We cannot detail at length the valuable taken at Seven o'Clock. and eloquent speeches made on this occa- The Annual General Meeting of the sion, but we have seldoin if ever witnessed NAVAL AND MILITARY BIBLE SOCIETY, a inore interesting Meeting. The speakers will be held at the King's Concert Room, were varied in their remarks, while the Haymarket, on Tuesday May 13th. Chair spirit of the meeting was supported by to be taken at 12 o'Clock. a succession of observations highly interest | SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. The Annual ing and well calculated for general im- | General Meeting of this Society will be provement. To those who may object to held at the City of London Tavern, the use of Churches for such assemblies, Bishopsgate Street, on Wednesday Mornwe may say if they were conducted like ing, May 14th, Breakfast will be prothe Shoreditch Meeting, no such objection vided by Six o'clock, and the Chair can be reasonably made. And surely an taken at half past Six. assembly of Christians met for the pur

TRACT SOCIETY- The Annual General pose of diffusing the revelation of heaven, / Meeting of this Society will be held at ought to be so conducted, that the temples

the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate of divine truth might not be considered

Street, on Thursday Morning May the misused in being applied to such an object. 15th. 'Breakfast to be provided by Six

o’Clock; and the Chair taken punctually ORDINATION.

at half past Six.

HIBERNIAN Society -- The Annual April 9th 1817. Rev. Thomas Beigh-|

General Meeting of this Society will be ton was ordained as a Missionary to the held at the City of London Tavern, heathen at the Meeting-house of his Pasa | Bishopsgate Street, on Friday Morning, tor, the Rev. James Gautborn, of Derby.

May the 16th. Breakfast to be provided Mr. Weaver of Macclesfield began the by Six o'clock; and the Chair taken Service by reading and prayer, Mr. Alliott

punctually at half-past Six. of Nortingham delivered the introductory Discourse from Acts xiii 2, 3. and

The Annual Meeting of The PROTESasked the questions Mr. Williams of TANT SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION Matlock offered the Ordination prayer,

of RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, will be held at Mr. Gawthorn presented a Bible to Mr.

| half-past 10 u'Clock precisely on SaturBeighton in the name of Pastor, Church,

day May 17th, at The New London and Sunday School of that place. Mr.

Tavern Cheapside. Bennett from Rotherham delivered the ANNIVERSARY OF THE MISCharge from Acts xvi. 10. latter clause, SIONARY SOCIETY, THE 23rd. and Mr. Rome of Sutton concluded with GENERAL MEETING. prayer.

The arrangement of the intended Ser

vices are as follows: ANNIVERSARY MEETINGS IN


Morning, Surry Chapel. The Rev. METHODIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY. On THOMAS CHALMERS, D. D. Minister of Thursday Morning, Maylst,atIto'Clock, the Tron Church Glasgow, to preach. As the Rev. JOAN STEPHENS, from Leeds, it is probable that many more persons will will preach in the City-Road Chapel.seek admission into Surry Chapel than In the evening, The AnnUAL MEETING of can be accommodated, a Missionary Serthis Society will be held at 5 o'clock. On mon will be preached at an adjacent

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place of worship, the Rev. Mr. Upton's, | Evening, Sacramental Services at in Church Street, Blackfriars Road. The Sion Chapel, Service to begin at, or soon after half, Islington Ditto, (Rev. Mr. Jones's) pist Ten.

Orange Street Chapel. Evening, Tabernacle, Rev. Thomas The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper Jones, of Syrion, near Abergele, Den- will be administered at the above places, bighshire, to preach.

to those Members and Friends of the THURSDAY.

Society, who statedly communicate with Morning, Spa Fields Chapel. The a Christian church, in Town or Country; Meinbers and Friends of the Society will who produce at the door communion meet to hear the Annual Report of the Tickets, signed by Ministers who know Directors, and to elect Officers and them to be regular communicants, and to Directors for the ensuing year.

no other persons, Evening, Tottenham Court Chapel. Ministers in Town are requested to The Rev. William HARRIS, of Çam- apply for Tickets for their respective bridge, to preach.

Friends, at the Missionary Rooms, No.8. FRIDAY

Old Jewry, on Friday or Saturday, May Morning, St. Anns, Blackfriars. The 9th or 10th. Ministers from the country Rev. HENRY CAMPBELL, A. M. perpe may be supplied at the same place on tual Curate of Bicton, Salop, and Minis Monday or Tuesday, the 12th or 13th. ter of Nails worth Chapel, Gloucester The Morning Services to commence at shire, to preach, .

half-past 10 v'Clock, and the Evening at An adjourned Meeting of the Society 6 o'clock, A Collection in aid of the will be held at the Committee Room of Funds of the Society will be made at the Sion Chapel, at Four in the Afternoon. close of every Service.

Original Poetry.


To Hesperus.
With such mild radiance, Hesper! dost thou shine,

Thou seem'st to me the gate of Paradise ! .

Do not the spirits of the blessed rise,
And pass thy portal ? And oh! say shall mine
Find entrance in that world of purity?

Presumptuous thought! had not my Saviour died.
But for His love, to deepest misery

My wretched soul had sunk, and when I eyed
Thy glory sparkling in the clear blue sky,

No hope that I should reach thy peaceful shore
Had warmed my bosom. Immortality!

Thou lovest not our clime where tempests roar,
But sure thou dwell'st in realms that look so fair,..
Oh! when shall I awake and find me there?

Supposed to be written at the grave of Henry Kirke White.
HENRY! lo! at thy sepulchre I kneel,

In reverence I kneel--but not to thee,

Thy sainted soul would spurn the idolatry,
That bowed the knee to Genius. Keen I feel,
As thou didst once, the bitter blasts that steal

Through every cranny of my shattered frame,
And icy dews upon my brow congeal,

Albeit I pay no midnight rites to Fame.
Wan is my cheek, and sunken is my eye ;

Like thee, I cannot join the giddy reel
Of thoughtless gaiety; but love to fly

Far from tumultuous folly's noisy peal,
To muse in holy sadness at thy tomb,
And crave of Heaven as merciful a doom;

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