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“Oh but you do, though,” said the goodnatured lad. • This is not the way to fold a shirt or lay a jacket,-come now, like a good fellow, let me fold them; it will be a pleasure.”

"I do not want to give you, or anybody pleasure, I am sure,” grumbled Hector, keeping his face to the wall, for he was too proud to let his tears be seen. Rhody paused in his active exertions to arrange Hector's trunk, and looked vexed; but he saw how his chest was heaving with suppressed emotion, and resumed his occupation, talking gaily all the time.

“ There's a smart waistcoat! I remember, Hector, the last time you wore that waistcoat; you took pains in scripture answers, and routed us all out of our places: and here are embroidered braces! my! but they are gay! and such a heap of silk handkerchiefs ! and white ones, too! and silk socks! and shiny shoes! and,—well! I never saw so many white kid gloves together in my life! now I think that is all.-— Why there is the post-chaise at the door, and the old servant who came to see you ; he is come for you now. Good bye; there's a good fellow! What! you wont say good bye? Well, I'll say it. Good bye, Hector; good bye my boy :-trotting off! What a lucky fellow you are! Now the trunk is locked; there's the key."

“Give it to my servant,” growled Hector, in his usual haughty tone, with his face still turned to the wall. “Give it to your servant!” muttered Rhody, and he clenched his hand at this ungrateful return for his goodnature; “I've a great mind," he thought,“ to give it to himself; the impertinent cub!” Almost before the idea was formed, it was checked ; Hector, fairly conquered at last by such patient kindness, threw his arms round Rhody's neck, and burst into a flood of tears ;

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