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its growth and habit: if, therefore, my lord will permit me still to continue my peaceful employment of tending my old friends and fleecy companions, and once a day to come and look upon the face of her whose affectionate gratitude and cheerful obedience have been the delight of my heart for eleven happy years, I will follow him and her throughout the world.”

The king instantly accorded with the worthy shepherd's request. Ben Hafiz and his wife were lodged that night in the palace. Who now was so happy as Sherzaran ? — her dreams of greatness had been fulfilled! But how much more happy was her husband; for he closed his eyes for the night with the pleasing reflection of having performed his duty; added to which, he received the approbation of the celestial spirit, who informed him that, as he had been the protector of the helpless, true to his word, and faithful and zealous in his undertaking, he had already received his reward in this life, by the possession of a good and therefore happy conscience: “ What your lot may be in the life to come, Ben Hafiz," said the angel-mother, “I may not disclose; rest satisfied, however, with the assurance that the Great Being, in whose sight I draw an eternity of bliss, can in nowise cast forth those who strive to imitate him in acts of long-suffering and loving-kindness.”

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