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to be in the company of the good and the blessed, and scarcely more free from unholy taint than when in the flesh she deigned to become my companion.”

He had scarcely uttered these words than Narina, with a countenance glowing with delight, leaped into his arms, and with both hers encircling his neck, buried her face in his bosom. They sank down together upon a seat, and the old shepherd, quickly putting the ring upon the finger of the king, hurried from the room, which had instantly become conscious of a heavenly presence.

After such time had been passed as allowed of Narina to describe to her father the events of her life, with the uniform tenderness and watchful care of the good old shepherd and his wife, at his desire she left the room, and returned to it again accompanied by her faithful friend; when the king took him by the hand, and told him that it was his own wish, and particularly that of his daughter, that he and the affectionate Sherzaran should return with them to his own country, where they should pass the remainder of their days in peace, and in such occupation as they might choose for their own delight. “You shall still be my Narina's father,” added he, “and I hope you will be my friend. As for the precious articles that were discovered in the chest on the sea, the shoes shall remain with her; the ring will be mine, for by means of its virtue I shall recover the society of one from whom I ought never to have been estranged; and you, as the long-tried champion and protector of our Narina, shall still keep the dagger in charge for her defence in time of need.”

“It is hard to take with safety an old tree from its soil,” said Ben Hafiz; "and still harder to change the course of

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