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My tall Nigger, him colour bery black ;
Him eat him bellyful, him drink him whack :

Nobody dare play lark on him.
Him got courage, so I don't deceive ;
And him so bery black, you hardly believe, -

CHARCOAL MAKE A WHITE MARK UPON HIM! Him got a little white just about de eye;

Bery little white—no green!
Can't come to England, me tell you why,

Sich a tall nigger neber was seen!
Go to de almanack, you see bery soon,
In England de longest day, de twenty-first of June,
De sun often shine bery bright in um.

“Dat,” say de Nigger brave,

“De longest day you have ? Den, by jingo! I CANNOT TAND UPRIGHT in um! England—me pity her !—can neber see my phiz ; Nigger can't tand up in de longest day she has !”


Dere come a savage man,

Fond ob cruel sport ;
He sav to Nigger's master :-

“ Nigger him so bery tall,

Let us cut him short,

Den him run about the faster !” Massa say, “Tankye—bery good idea.” Den he sing out, “ Nigger, you sina! you come here !

My friend want me to cut you shorter.”

Nigger sing out, “No, massa! cutting make me bleed ; But, massa, Nigger promise to grow bery short indeed,

If you wait for a year and a quarter."

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Massa say, “ Bery well-go away and grow;
Fifteen months I 'spect to see you bery short, you know.
And you, massa Nigger, I shall cut you short depen',
If I do not find you short enough to go to England den !


Nigger kick him heels about, and run away in glee ; Nigger been a funny boy as ever you did see:

He set to work in 'earnest, and it bery jolly sport,
For ebry day of all his life he grow a little short !
And he grow short so bery fast, dat all his friends dey wept
Afraid that dere would bery soon be nuffin of him left!

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