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The little child, again fixing her large dark eyes on his, and smiling, took some of the strawberries, and began to eat very eagerly, as if she were extremely hungry. When she had finished all the fruit that remained in the leaf, John thought she still seemed to be hungry, and asked her if she would not like some more. The child shook her head, and smiled again. I cannot make her understand me,” thought he; “but I will buy some bread, which will be better for her, for I am sure she looks still hungry.” He was accordingly going towards a shop, but directly he attempted to move, the little girl shrieked out Restez donc, restez donc !"* and caught hold of his jacket lest he should escape. He took hold of her hand, and pointing to the shop, he led her towards it, and gave her a little loaf, which she eat as hungrily as she had before done the fruit. As John Barton stood watching his young acquaintance enjoy his present, he was delighted to see the colour come into her cheeks, and he felt very happy to think he had been able to help a poor little creature who was still more helpless than himself. He now began to think of continuing his journey; shook hands with the little girl, and kissed her, and then made her understand that he must leave her. This, however, he was not suffered to do, for she placed herself before him, and, putting her arm in his, led him on a little way, then stopped and pointed quickly from him to herself two or three times, and clapping her little hands together, and looking up in his face, she nodded and smiled, as if she had arranged that they should go together. John Barton could not help feeling pleased that this little stranger had taken such a fancy to him, especially as he thought he should not be likely to take her

* “O, do stay, do stay!"

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