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PSALM 1. Version 1. (C. M.)

The blessedness of the Righteous.

1. BLEST is the man who shuns the place,

Where sinners love to meet;
Who fears to walk in wicked ways,

And dreads the scorner's seat. 2. The word of God is his delight,

There all his thoughts abide;
His solace through the glooms of night,

By day his constant guide. 3. As some fair tree, whose roots are spread

Where living streams abound,
Lifts up on high its verdant head,

With fruitful clusters crown'd: 4. So shall the trees of righteousness,

The planting of the Lord,
Fed by continual streams of grace,

Their timely fruit afford.
5. With favour God his saints discerns,

And crowns with endless days:
But sinners to destruction turns,

They perish in their ways.

Psalm 1. Version 11. (L. M.!! 1. BLEST is the man who fears to stray

Where the ungodly lead the way;
Who shuns the spot where sinners meet,

Nor with the scorner takes his seat. 2. His mind renew'd the law approves,

His heart the sacred precept loves;
There finds by day its sweet delight,

There rests its happiest thoughts by night. 3. His works shall prosper :-he shall be

A fruitful, fair, unwith’ring tree,
That, planted where the river flows,

Nor drought, nor frost, nor mildew knows. 4. Not so the wicked ;-they are cast

Like chaff upon the eddying blast :
In judgment they shall quake for dread,
Nor with the righteous lift their head.

Psalm 2. Part 1. (c. M.)

The Sovereignty of Messiah.

1. WHY do the nations madly rage,

Before Jehovah's throne;
And impious war their rulers wage

Against th’anointed One?
2. For he who sits above the sky,

Shall all their threats deride;
Shall speak in anger from on high,

And crush their haughty pride.

3. The Lord hath said," I set my king

“ On Zion's holy hill :
To him shall earth her off'rings bring,

“And do his sovereign will." 4. Attend, ye Powers ! confess your Lord,

And bow before his face :
How rash the men who scorn his word!

How blest who seek his grace!
Psalm 2. Part 11. (s. M.)

Christ interceding and reigning. 1. CHRIST is ascended high,

And asks to rule the earth : The merit of his blood he pleads,

And pleads his heavenly birth. 2. He asks, and God bestows

" A large inheritance:
Far as the world's remotest ends

His kingdom shall advance. 3. The nations that rebel

Must feel his iron rod :
He'll vindicate those honours well

Which he receiv'd from God. 4. Be wise ye Rulers now,

And worship at his throne:
With trembling joy, ye people, bow

To God's exalted Son. 5. If once his wrath arise,

Ye perish on the place :
But blessed is the soul that flies

For refuge to his grace.

Psalm 3. (c. M.)

Doubts and fears suppressed. 1. MY God how many are my

fears! How fast my foes increase ! Conspiring my eternal death,

They break my present peace.
2. But thou my glory and my strength,

Shalt on the tempter tread ;-
Shalt silence all my threat'ning guilt,

And raise my drooping head. 3. I cry'd, and from his holy hill

The Lord inclin'd his ear :
I call'd, “My Father and my God;"

And he subdu'd my fear.
4. He shed soft slumbers on my eyes,

In spite of all my foes;
I woke, and wonder'd at the hand

That guarded my repose.
5. What tho' the hosts of death and hell,

All arm'd against me stood ?
Terrors no more shall shake my soul;

My refuge is my God.

PSALM 4. Version 1. (C. M.)

Rejoicing in the Lord.
1. O LORD, the guardian of my life,

To my requests give ear;
Thou, who dost keep thy saints from harm,

Have mercy, Lord, and hear.

2. While worldly minds impatient grow

More prosp'rous times to see,
Still let the glories of thy face

Shine brightly, Lord, on me.
3. So shall my heart o’erflow with joy,

More lasting and more true
Than theirs, who stores of corn and wine

Successively renew.
4. Then down in peace I'll lay my head,

And take my needful rest;
No other guard, O Lord, I crave,

Of thy defence possest.
PSALM 4. Version II. (c. M.)

For Evening. 1. WHEN shades of night around me spread,

I'll all my ways rehearse,
In silent stillness on my bed,
And with my

heart converse. 2. To God my sacrifice shall rise

Of righteousness and praise;
While on his name my heart relies,

And pleads the Saviour's grace. 3. “Where, where shall any good be found ?”

The thoughtless many cry:
Lord, let thy light my soul surround,

And lift my triumphs high.
4. Cheer'd by thy face, my joyful heart

Hath here confirm'd its choice :
No earthly object can impart

Such pure and lasting joys.

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