The Cambridge Companion to William James

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Ruth Anna Putnam
Cambridge University Press, 13 апр. 1997 г.
William James (1842–1910) was both a philosopher and a psychologist, nowadays most closely associated with the pragmatic theory of truth. The essays in this Companion deal with the full range of his thought as well as other issues, including technical philosophical issues, religious speculation, moral philosophy and political controversies of his time. The relationship between James and other philosophers of his time, as well as his brother Henry, are also examined. By placing James in his intellectual landscape the volume will be particularly useful to teachers and students outside philosophy in such areas as religious studies, history of ideas, and American studies. New readers and nonspecialists will find this the most convenient and accessible guide to James currently available. Advanced students and specialists will find a conspectus of recent developments in the interpretation of James.

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List of contributors
Pragmatism and introspective psychology
John Deweys naturalization of William James
James Clifford and the scientific conscience
DAVID A HOLLINGER 5 Religious faith intellectual responsibility and romance
William Jamess lastthoughts
James aboutness andhis British critics
The JamesRoyce disputeand the development of Jamess solution JAMES CONANT
LAMBERTH 13 Moral philosophyand thedevelopment of morality GRAHAM H BIRD
Henry William andthe domestic scene
The influence of William Jameson American culture
Pragmatism politics and the corridor HARVEY J CORMIER
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