An Argument Legal and Historical for the Legislative Prohibition of the Liquor Traffic

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William Tweedie, 1856 - Всего страниц: 317

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Стр. 20 - Of law there can be no less acknowledged, than that her seat is the bosom of God, her voice the harmony of the world ; all things in heaven and earth do her homage, the very least as feeling her care, and the greatest as not exempted from her power...
Стр. 40 - Judge shall proceed to the last fatal ceremony, and demand what he has to say why the Sentence of the Law should not be pronounced upon him...
Стр. 254 - But although a State is bound to receive and to permit the sale by the importer of any article of merchandise which Congress authorizes to be imported, it is not bound to furnish a market for it, nor to abstain from the passage of any law which it may deem necessary or advisable to guard the health or morals of its citizens...
Стр. 255 - And if any State deems the retail and internal traffic in ardent spirits injurious to its citizens, and calculated to produce idleness, vice, or debauchery, I see nothing in the constitution of the United States to prevent it from regulating and restraining the traffic, or from prohibiting it altogether, if it thinks proper.
Стр. 134 - From reason then, or revelation, or from both together, it appears to be God Almighty's intention, that the productions of the earth should be applied to the sustentation of human life. Consequently all waste and misapplication of these productions, is contrary to the divine intention and will ; and therefore wrong, for the same reason that, any other crime is so.
Стр. 131 - If every just man, that now pines with want, Had but a moderate, and beseeming share Of that, which...
Стр. 256 - It is not necessary, for the sake of justifying the State legislation now under consideration, to array the appalling statistics of misery, pauperism, and crime which have their origin in the use or abuse of ardent spirits. The police power, which is exclusively in the States, is alone competent to the correction of these great evils, and all measures of restraint or prohibition necessary to effect the purpose are within the scope of that authority.
Стр. 3 - Then comes the statelier Eden back to men : Then reign the world's great bridals, chaste and calm : Then springs the crowning race of humankind. May these things be!' Sighing she spoke 'I fear They will not'.
Стр. 235 - It is the land that freemen till, That sober-suited Freedom chose, The land, where girt with friends or foes A man may speak the thing he will ; A land of settled government, A land of just and old renown, Where Freedom broadens slowly down From precedent to precedent...
Стр. 89 - The noble lord has been pleased kindly to inform us that the trade of distilling is very extensive; that it employs great numbers ; and that they have arrived at an exquisite skill, and therefore — note well the consequence — the trade of distilling is not to be discouraged.

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