Little Classics: Childhood

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Rossiter Johnson
J.R. Osgood, 1875

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Стр. 61 - Round he went to the door and opened it ; and as the little gentleman walked in there came a gust of wind through the house that made the old chimneys totter. "That's a good boy," said the little gentleman. "Never mind your brothers. I'll talk to them." "Pray, sir, don't do any such thing,
Стр. 116 - Thou art so exquisitely wild, 1 think of thee with many fears For what may be thy lot in future years. I thought of times when Pain might be thy guest, Lord of thy house and hospitality; And Grief, uneasy lover ! never rest But when she sate within the touch of thee. O too industrious folly! O vain and causeless melancholy ! Nature will either end thee quite; Or, lengthening out thy season of delight, Preserve for thee, by individual right, A young lamb's heart among the full-grown flocks.
Стр. 224 - All these angels, who were waiting, turned their beaming eyes upon the people who were carried up into the star ; and some came out from the long rows in which they stood, and fell upon the people's necks, and kissed them tenderly...
Стр. 58 - The youngest brother, Gluck, was as completely opposed, in both appearance and character, to his seniors as could possibly be imagined or desired. He was not above twelve years old, fair, blue-eyed, and kind in temper to every living thing. He did not, of course, agree particularly well with his brothers, or, rather, they did not agree with him. He was usually appointed to the...
Стр. 68 - ... which an uncle of his had given to little Gluck, and which he was very fond of, and would not have parted with for the world; though he never drank anything out of it but milk and water. The mug was a very odd mug to look at. The handle was formed of two wreaths of flowing golden hair, so finely spun that it looked more like silk than metal, and these wreaths descended into and mixed with a beard and whiskers of the same exquisite workmanship, which surrounded and decorated a very fierce little...
Стр. 227 - And the man who had been the child saw his daughter, newly lost to him, a celestial creature among those three; and he said, " My daughter's head is on my sister's bosom, and her arm is round my mother's neck, and at her feet there is the baby of old time, and I can bear the parting from her, God be praised!
Стр. 131 - Your a great buck, your a great beau ; Your eyes are of so nice a shape, More like a Christian's than an ape ; Your cheek is like the rose's blume, Your hair is like the raven's plume; His nose's cast is of the Roman, He is a very pretty woman. I could not get a rhyme for Roman, So was obliged to call him woman.
Стр. 65 - I catch you here again," muttered Schwartz, coming, half frightened, out of the corner — but, before he could finish his sentence, the old gentleman had shut the house door behind him with a great bang : and there drove past the window, at the same instant, a...
Стр. 59 - He was about four feet six in height, and wore a conical pointed cap of nearly the same altitude, decorated with a black feather some three feet long. His doublet was prolonged behind into something resembling a violent exaggeration of what is now termed a "swallow tail...
Стр. 85 - Then he looked closer and closer at it, and its eye turned on him so mournfully, that he could not stand it. " Confound the King and his gold too," said Gluck ; and he opened the flask, and poured all the water into the dog's mouth.

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