Doing Business with Hungary

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GMB Publishing Ltd, 2005 - Всего страниц: 280
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Originally published in the pre-EU-accession period, this E-Book edition of Doing Business with Hungary has been updated to take account of the post-accession changes to the legal and fiscal environment. It remains a definitive appraisal of the economic and investment climate in the pre-EU accession period. The guide examines the countryâs legal and regulatory framework, finance and taxation aspects, and market potential in key sectors. It also includes unique best practices and essential information for expatriates and business visitors.

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Part Two The Legal Structure and Business Regulation
Part Three Finance Accountancy and Taxation
Part Four Key Sectors of Trade and Investment
Part Five Essentials for Expatriates and Business Visitors
Part Six Appendices
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Jonathan Reuvid was an economist at the French national oil company, Total, before moving into investment banking, financial consultancy and marketing strategy. After heading up the European operations of a US multinational engineering group, he engaged in the development of joint ventures and technology transfers in northern China from the mid-1980s, where he remains involved. In addition to Doing Business with China, Mr. Reuvid is also the editor of the forthcoming updates of the Doing Business with⦠series covering the 10 new EU member states.

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