Two Minute Warning

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Xulon Press, 2007 - Всего страниц: 312
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Do you want to have the Prayer Life of Jesus? Do you seek the way to personal and corporate renewal and revival? Do you seek the way to combat depression, "affluenza" and sin according to the Bible? Do you seek the leadership style of God's General, Joshua? Do you wish to leave the type of Godly legacy, which gave us the greatest U.S. President Abraham Lincoln? If you do, this is your manual! Live like a 4th Quarter Christian in your teens or twenties! Live with laser-like focus! Live in peace, joy and contentment! Navigate the winds of spiritual warfare! Navigate the wilderness of suffering through His Prophetic Words! The Two Minute Warning can come at any time. Are you ready? NEW: FOUR PILLARS OF A WOMAN'S HEART! NEW:ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S RELATIVES FOUND! NEW: LINCOLN'S LINK TO THE PURITANS! NEW: MEET DOUG MAZZA! NEW:WHAT DID JESUS WRITE? Bernie Lutchman is a bondservant of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is married to Vicki. They have three children: Bernie III, Samuel Eli and Sarah Annalee. Bernie is the Communications Director of Business Men In Christ, a men's ministry based in Springfield, Illinois which has members across Central Illinois and all the way to Dennis Rainey's Family Life Ministry in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Lutchmans live in Chatham, Illinois and serve the Lord as Lutchman Family Ministries; a fledgling family group who ministers in song and the Word .

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