Migration, Prostitution, and Human Trafficking: The Voice of Chinese Women

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Transaction Publishers, 28 февр. 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 214
Migration, Prostitution, and Human Trafficking examines the nature, magnitude, and gravity of prostitution and sex traffickingâ and the relationship between themâ in contemporary China. By researching the backgrounds, circumstances, and other factors that drive Chinese women to migrate to Shenzhen, China, Liu hopes to shed light on the underlying reasons for their entry into the sex industry. She details Chinese legislation and governmental practices for dealing with human trafficking and prostitution. Liu argues that the Chinese government is not aware of the severity of this problem due to lack of information. The author begins by examining the historical roots of prostitution in China and provides the theoretical framework and historical background for the topic. She then explores the methodology of the study conductedâ in-depth interviews, statistics, government documents, and personal observation. Data collected examines the lives of individual women before they became involved in prostitution and after. And finally, she discusses prostitution laws in China and draws conclusions about motivations for human traffickingâ both from the perspective of the trafficker and the victim. This imaginative effort provides a comprehensive look at Chinese migrant women in Shenzhen, China, and how they have become involved in prostitution and human trafficking. It is the authorâ s hope that increased awareness will lead to legislation that will stop this kind of exploitation. Prostitution is a global issue; its special dimensions in an expanding, market-driven economy encased in a communist political system are explored with candor and understanding. Liu deals with inherited issues and current practices in an entirely unique manner.

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1 Economic Reform Migrationand Prostitution
2 Human Trafficking and Feminist Debates
3 Explanations of Prostitution and theRational Choice Perspective
4 PreProstitution Life
5 Paths to Prostitution
6 Life on the Job
7 Prostitution and Human TraffickingUnderlying Reasons
8 Legal Responses and Conclusions
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Min Liu earned her doctorate degree in the criminal justice program at Rutgers University-Newark. Currently, she is assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Delaware State University. Her research interests include migration and crime, human trafficking and smuggling, opportunity theories, and crime analysis and crime prevention.

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