History of Russia from the foundation of the empire by Rourick to the close of the Hungarian war, by A. Rabbe and J. Duncan

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Стр. 183 - ... in virtue of which it has at all times been prohibited for the ships of war of foreign Powers to enter the Straits of the Dardanelles and of the Bosphorus ; and that, so long as the Porte is at peace, His Majesty will admit no foreign ship of war into the said Straits.
Стр. 320 - Drawing Book (The Illustrated). Comprising a Complete Introduction to Drawing and Perspective ; with Instructions for Etching on Copper or Steel, &c. &c. By ROBERT SCOTT BURN. Illustrated with above 300 Subjects for Study in every branch of Art. Demy 8vo, cloth, *t.
Стр. 315 - The Planetary and Stellar Worlds: A Popular Exposition of the Great Discoveries and Theories of Modern Astronomy.
Стр. 318 - Nineveh and its Palaces. The Discoveries of Botta and Layard applied to the Elucidation of Holy Writ.
Стр. 144 - Akhilkillak, and the virtual possession of the islands formed by the mouths of the Danube ; stipulated for the destruction of the Turkish fortress of Georgiova, and the abandonment by Turkey of the right bank of the St.
Стр. 148 - Bussia are small, it must be admitted, in extent, although most important, in their character. They are commanding positions, far more valuable than the possession of barren provinces and depopulated towns, and better calculated to rivet the fetters by which the sultan is bound.
Стр. 315 - Boswell's Life of Dr. Johnson. Complete in Four Volumes. With numerous Portraits, Views, and Characteristic Designs, engraved from Authentic Sources.
Стр. 148 - Prominently advanced into the centre of Armenia, in the midst of a Christian population, Russia holds the keys both of the Persian and the Turkish provinces; and, whether she may be disposed to extend her conquests to the east or to the west, to Teheran or to Constantinople, no serious obstacle can arrest her progress.
Стр. 171 - Porte under the obligation of furnishing it, the Sublime Ottoman Porte, in place of the aid which it is bound to furnish in case of need, according to the principle of reciprocity of the Patent Treaty, shall confine its action in favour of the Imperial Court of Russia to closing the Strait of the Dardanelles, that is to say, to not allowing any Foreign Vessels of War to enter therein under any pretext whatsoever.
Стр. 248 - Porte promises to protect the Christian religion and the churches belonging to it; and it also permits the ministers of the Imperial Court of Russia to make, on all occasions, representations, as well in respect...

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