The Course of Time: A Poem

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Charles D. Strong, 1852 - Всего страниц: 256

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Стр. 65 - The seasons came and went, and went and came, To teach men gratitude ; and as they passed, Gave warning of the lapse of time, that else Had stolen unheeded by. The gentle flowers Retired, and stooping o'er the wilderness, Talked of humility, and peace, and love. The dews came down unseen at evening-tide, And silently their bounties shed, to teach Mankind unostentatious charity. With arm in arm the forest rose on high, And lesson gave of brotherly regard.
Стр. 106 - Of love, before his country's voice had called The ardent youth to fields of honour far Beyond the wave ; and hither now repaired, Nightly, the maid, by God's all-seeing eye Seen only, while she sought this boon alone " Her lover's safety and his quick return.
Стр. 192 - Never was there a clearer case of "stealing the livery of the court of heaven to serve the devil in.
Стр. 106 - In silent contemplation, to adore Its Maker. Now and then, the aged leaf Fell from its fellows, rustling to the ground : And, as it fell, bade man think on his end.
Стр. 108 - But sweeter none than voice of faitiiful friend ; Sweet always, sweetest heard in loudest storm. Some I remember, and will ne'er forget; My early friends, friends of my evil day ; Friends in my mirth, friends in my misery too; Friends given by God in mercy and in love; My counsellors, my comforters, and guides...
Стр. 97 - To catch his eye, and stretched and swelled themselves To bursting nigh, to utter bulky words Of admiration vast ; and many, too, Many that aimed to imitate his flight, With weaker wing, unearthly fluttering made, And gave abundant sport to after days.
Стр. 59 - And roared around it with a thousand tongues. As changed the wind her organ, so she changed Perpetually ; and whom she praised to-day, Vexing his ear with acclamations loud, To-morrow blamed, and hissed him out of sight.
Стр. 35 - Prom first to last, this ray of sacred light, This lamp, from off the everlasting throne, Mercy took down, and in the night of Time Stood, casting on the dark her gracious bow ; And evermore beseeching men, with tears And earnest sighs, to read, believe, and live.
Стр. 97 - And seemed to mock the ruin he had wrought As some fierce comet, of tremendous size, To which the stars did reverence as it passed, So he through learning and through fancy took His flight sublime, and on the loftiest top Of Fame's dread mountain sat; not soiled and worn As if he from the earth had labored up ; But as some bird of heavenly plumage fair, He looked, which down from higher regions came. And perched it there, to see what lay beneath.
Стр. 95 - He touched his harp, and nations heard, entranced. As some vast river of unfailing source, Rapid, exhaustless, deep, his numbers flowed, And opened new fountains in the human heart. Where fancy halted, weary in her flight, In other men, his, fresh as morning, rose, And soared untrodden heights, and seemed at home Where angels bashful looked. Others...

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